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Bendis Continues to Make His Marvel! - 4/08/2005
In a relatively short time, writer Brian Michael Bendis has conquered the universe...the Marvel Universe, that is. Now he’s extended his exclusive arrangement with the House of Ideas and plans to conquer all time and space combined.

His books rest comfortably at the top of the sales charts each month and the stories he weaves in them get the fans talking! The current list of Marvel projects Bendis is involved with and the creators he is collaborating with is weighty and far-flung: HOUSE OF M with Olivier Coipel, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN with Mark Bagley, DAREDEVIL with Alex Maleev, NEW AVENGERS with David Finch, SECRET WAR with Gabriele Dell’Otto, and of course, his very own special masterpiece, POWERS with Michael Avon Oeming.

One might wonder what these characters and situations have come to mean to Bendis, and which of them he’s grown closest to. (Read More)

Sold out House: House of M Tie-Ins Go Back To Press - 30/07/2005
House of M is proving to be just as hot at the current real estate market! Iron Man: House of M #1, Fantastic Four: House of M #1, Mutopia X #1, Incredible Hulk #83, Uncanny X-Men #462, and Secrets of the House of M are certified hits.

Thanks to incredible retailer and fan response, these early House of M issues have completely sold out. But, Marvel is making sure that everyone still has a chance to get these amazing tie-ins. Iron Man: House of M #1, Fantastic Four: House of M #1, Mutopia X #1, and Incredible Hulk #83 are all going back to press to be released with limited edition covers.

“We’re overwhelmed by the reaction the comics community has had to the House of M event as a whole,” says Publisher Dan Buckley. “This is the biggest thing Marvel has done in 10 years, and knowing where the story is going, I’m sure people will be talking about it for at least the next 10 years!”

“The response to these issues from readers and retailers has been very positive,” says Marvel’s Director of Sales David Gabriel. “Retailers should place orders on the new printings as soon as possible, as well as increase orders on upcoming issues. Thanks to everyone for making this event such a success!”

The first wave of House of M tie-ins sold out quickly, so be sure that this time you’re not left out in the cold and locked out of the House!

Captain Britain Story Released for First Time in US - 28/07/2005
For the first time in the United States, a story featuring the original Captain Britain, Brian Braddock, will be released in Marvel Milestones: Captain Britain, Psylocke, and Golden Age Sub-Mariner.

Originally released in the United Kingdom, the Captain Britain story was a part of a UK Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine and now it is finally reaching the US. The story finds Captain Britain teaming up with Spider-Man to take on the Red Skull, who is in possession of the cosmic cube with destruction on his mind.

"We listened to the fans on this one. You demanded it, you got it. And some folks said it couldn't be done," said Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel.

This story marked the first time in 13 years that Captain Britain appeared in an original British comic strip and now it is being presented for American audiences to enjoy.

“There’s been a great deal of demand for this story, which was previously available only in the U.K., and we’re happy to give fans in the U.S. an opportunity to enjoy it,” says Special Projects Senior Editor Jeff Youngquist.

Brian isn’t the only Braddock appearing in this Marvel Milestone, though. A story about his sister Betsy, better known as the X-Man Psylocke, also appears. In Uncanny X-Men #213, Psylocke finds herself all alone against Sabretooth in an event that took place during the Mutant Massacre crossover. A third story is also included featuring a Golden Age Sub-Mariner invading New York in Human Torch #2, which was originally released in 1941.

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual Brings New Love - 28/07/2005
Ultimate Annuals are making a big splash in their debut year, and Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 is no exception. When Marvel decided to bring back the Annuals, Joe Quesada gave the one condition that they “count,” and Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 delivers.

“I’m thrilled at the story possibilities that have now opened up because of this Annual! And you better believe those possibilities will be played out!!”

Quesada can’t say too much because of the unique story twist in the Annual. It is known that Spider-Man gets a new girlfriend, now that Mary Jane and Peter have broken up, but the identity of his new-found love remains shrouded in mystery. The cover has been shown, but the female figure has been blacked out. Don’t expect anyone to spill the beans on this character’s identity, either.

“Comics need an element of surprise,” says Marvel’s Director of Marketing, John Dokes, “and we’re just happy surprises can still be pulled off. It adds an excitement to the books, and people will surely be excited when they see this!”

Klaus Janson Signs Exclusive with Marvel - 26/07/2005
Born in Germany and having transplanted himself to the US in the late 50s, artist Klaus Janson may never have truly realized the extent to which a career in comic books would take him. His list of projects tackled, creators collaborated with, and characters creatively captured is one that few other four-color illustrators could ever hope to compile.

And now the distinctive inker and penciller has sketched up an exclusive deal with the House of Ideas, Marvel Comics.

Janson first worked for Marvel in 1973 on Black Panther, moving from there onto inks over Sal Buscema on THE DEFENDERS. His professional path from that point on diverged into many diverse and creative courses. When asked what he himself considers his past work that he’s most proud of, Janson promptly responded with “GOTHIC with Grant Morrison, BATMAN BLACK & WHITE, DAREDEVIL with Frank Miller, BATMAN: DEATH & THE MAIDENS, PUNISHER, and any job with John Romita, Jr.”

He may be most well-known for inking the award-winning BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS in 1986. (Read More)

Ultimate Annuals Rock the Marvel Universe - 24/07/2005
Annuals have made their way back to Marvel, and they have found their way to the Ultimate Universe. In August, all of the core Ultimate books will be offering annuals, including Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and the Ultimates.

The Ultimate Annuals are stand-alone stories, which bolster the ongoing storylines of each of the regular titles at the same time. They also serve as landmark points in the history of the Ultimate Universe as Spider-Man gets a new girlfriend, Ultimate Crystal is introduced (and woos the Human Torch), Ultimate Juggernaut returns, and the next wave of Ultimates are brought together by Nick Fury.

“It was important that, although these annuals are stand alone stories, they tie into the events in the monthly Ultimate titles,” said editor Ralph Macchio.

“We wanted our annuals to count. And they do. And while I felt it was important for them to be written by their monthly scribes, this was a great opportunity to get pencilers on them who have done little so far in the Ultimate Universe. And we got a fantastic lineup including Tom Raney on Ultimate X-Men; Steve Dillon on Ultimates; Mark Brooks on Ultimate Spider-Man; and Jae Lee on Ultimate Fantastic Four,” added Macchio.

Once a yearly tradition for all Marvel books, annuals are being brought back to add onto the foundation of the Ultimate Universe through awe-inspiring stand-alone stories. Don’t miss Ultimate history in the making!

Joe Quesada inks new deal with Marvel - 20/07/2005
Marvel Enterprises, Inc. announced today that it has extended its contract agreement with Joe Quesada, Editor-In-Chief of the company’s Marvel Comics division. As part of the new deal, Mr. Quesada will also take on the added role as the Chief Creative Officer, Publishing.

Widely considered one of the comic book industry’s most recognizable and acclaimed talents, Mr. Quesada has helped spearhead a new golden age for Marvel Comics and solidified its leadership position in the comic book arena. “I’m thrilled to have Joe as a partner in this resurgence of interest in the comic book market,” says Dan Buckley, COO and Publisher of Marvel. “Joe has been invaluable in taking Marvel Comics into new and inventive creative directions, and the fans are responding to that. Thanks in part to his efforts, Marvel Comics has seen four straight years of revenue growth.”

During Mr. Quesada’s tenure, Marvel Comics has experienced a revitalization of the company’s most-renowned comic franchises, and has also attracted the best and brightest writers and illustrators from all fields including the literary, film, television and – of course- comic books.

“Over the next couple of years, my ultimate goals will remain further growing Marvel Comics’ leadership position and expanding our mainstream presence. I want comics to have the same consumer prominence as movies, TV and novels and in doing so continue to grow Marvel Comics as among America’s premiere storytellers,” said Mr. Quesada. “The success we have had is truly a team effort. The company’s senior management, including Avi Arad and Alan Fine, has provided me and our publisher Dan Buckley with the opportunity to build Marvel Comics into more than just a comic book publisher. With their continued support, and the hard working editors, creators and staff, I am confident that Marvel Comics will continue to flourish as one of the most innovative and exciting literary outlets.”

Moon Knight is Back - 19/07/2005
Moon Knight, the dark and mysterious Super Hero first introduced by Marvel in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975, will be reintroduced in February 2006 in a spectacular new series by acclaimed author, Charlie Huston, best known for Caught Stealing and Bad Things in his Hank Thompson trilogy, and the highly anticipated vampire novel, Already Dead.

Huston, an avid comic book reader growing up with a penchant for darker material, will create a six-issue limited series entitled Moon Knight: The Bottom. The initial storyline centers on Marc Spector facing the idea that his time as a hero may be up. His knees are hamburger, his personal relationships are self-inflicted wreckage, and his god has abandoned him. But Moon Knight soon realizes he has a lot of unfinished business. Someone is gonna get their teeth kicked in.

Top 10 Artist David Finch, who helped catapult the New Avengers into the top spot of the sales chart since its debut, will illustrate the series! A member of Marvel’s “Young Guns,” Finch is one of the most sought-after artists in the market today, and working on Moon Knight is a dream come true for him.

“Moon Knight is a true cult favorite among Marvel fans,” said Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. “We are thrilled to reintroduce the series into the Marvel Universe. With Charlie’s powerful storytelling and love of the original story, the new run not only will entertain long time Moon Knight fans, but also create a whole new audience of comic book readers.”

Charlie Huston added, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Doug Moench’s original Moon Knight series. His dark themes tackled complicated issues and served up moral quandaries for the men and women in tights. I don’t think it can be done any better than it was by Moench, but I will certainly try to do Moon Knight justice. One thing I will promise fans – it will be dark!”

Moon Knight has been one of the Marvel Universe’s most unique heroes. Faced with certain death, the mercenary Marc Spector collapsed before a statue of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. In exchange for saving his life, Khonshu conscripted Spector as his instrument of vengeance on Earth. As Moon Knight, Spector employs multiple personalities and a violent, sometimes deadly, brand of vigilante justice in the darkest corners of New York City.

Oni Takes Over the World with Armageddon & Son - 18/07/2005
Super villains and spies take over Oni Press this October with the release of ARMAGEDDON & SON, a new 96 page original graphic novel by John Layman (PUFFED) and Dave Dumeer. ARMAGEDDON & SON is a deconstruction of the spy genre that’s one part high-octane summer blockbuster, and one part twisted black humor.

ARMAGEDDON & SON is the story of Alphonse Feeney, a James Bond style evil villain, who, after a lifetime of planning to destroy the world, is having a serious run of bad luck. His henchmen, who he’s treated in normal super villain style- namely killing them when they get mouthy- have shown an uncanny talent for surviving, and they’ve teamed up against him to get revenge and destroy the world- with Feeney’s own plan! Feeney is forced to team up with his nemesis, the super agent known as The Falcon, to stop his own assassination and save the world, but will he be able to overcome his own tendency for destruction to do it?

“I’d watch these action movies and see the villain ruthlessly dispose of one of his henchmen after being disappointed by him, or take one out so he wouldn’t have to share any of the glory—or profits, and I kept thinking, why would anybody possibly work for a guy like that?” commented Layman.

He continued, “We have these stereotypes of the megalomaniacal super villain, the suave super agent, the loyal henchmen; they show up in every spy movie and we never really think twice about them. It was fun to play with those, shake them around a little.”

Joining the unlikely alliance of Alphonse Feeney and The Falcon is Feeney’s son, Doon, a slacker screw-up who is reunited with the evil spy dad he never knew he had. As he gets swept into the world of international intrigue, the question remains: does the global destruction gene run in their family? If it does he’ll have to push it to the side; there’s a world to save! (Read More)

Hawkeye Returns in House of M - 18/07/2005
He’s back! He’s angry! He’s out for blood! Hawkeye makes his long-awaited return in House of M #3 as Marvel’s event of the summer kicks into high gear.

Brian Michael Bendis could not wait until comic fans glimpsed the truimphant return of the long-time Avenger. Now, he can’t stop talking about it.

“I know no one believed me at the time but, as I said when we first started on Avengers, Hawkeye is one of my all-time favorite characters,” says Bendis. “As soon as he died, we started cooking a way to bring him back and I could not wait for this day. He's back, he's got a fist full of arrows and he is not happy.”

With his dramatic return revealed, the House of M #4 covers, as well as the cover to The Pulse #10, can finally be shown. These covers were under tight wraps, so as not to spoil the return of Hawkeye. The art by Esad Ribic, Brandon Peterson, and Mike Mayhew, show the Avenging Archer aiming to find out who is responsible for his untimely demise.

The twists and turns of House of M do not end with Hawkeye’s return. House of M #4 also introduces an important mutant in the House of M named Layla Miller. But what will this newcomer’s role be when the fate of the House of M is decided? How will the Marvel heroes react when they discover the truth? Will the combined forces be able to set the world right? What lengths will Wolverine go to to make those repsonsible for the House of M pay for their actions? Only Bendis knows and he’s not talking yet.

More revelations and more questions arise in The Pulse #10 as another shocking installment of the House of M event unfolds. Picking up on the events in House of M #4 and #5, Hawkeye sets out on a mission of vengence and validation. No Avengers fan, new or old, can afford to miss this issue.

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