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Planet Hulk is a Smash! - 12/02/2006
Retailers and fans agree, PLANET HULK is a hit. After just one issue, this epic story destined to return Hulk to greatness, is being hailed as an instant classic, a legendary storyline that comic fans will be talking about for years to come! Echoing those feelings, the first issue of this epic – Incredible Hulk #92 – has sold out at Diamond!

This is the biggest Hulk story to come about in years, and it looks like it’s exactly what the fans and retailers wanted! Don’t take our word for it, here’s but a few examples of the universal praise this story is earning:

"PLANET HULK is the first great ‘Hulk Smash’ epic of the 21st Century!" - Carr D'Angelo, Earth-2 Comics

"Customers can't get enough of this tale, which brings mystery, suspense and action back to Banner's alter-ego. It's like a Gamma Bomb to our racks, the way stacks of this comic are being decimated." - W. Alan, Silver Bullet Comics

"I've been looking forward to this since it was first announced. Apparently, our customers have been, too, as it's already selling well ahead of our projections!" - Chris Powell, GM of Lone Star Comics /

"Believe the hype! I admit I was a hard sell myself but our customers have spoken with authority and with only one day on the racks, Planet Hulk has already outsold every other Hulk issue from the last six months. Thanks Marvel." - Robert Scott, Owner Comickaze Comics Books and More

"The Hulk is finally good again! Fan-HULKING-tastic! This is the new, fresh Hulk story I have been waiting on for years. Must Have!"- Hilary Goldstein, IGN

"HULK SMASH PUNY COMIC WORLD! ‘Nuff said!" -Steven Olsen, Little Shop of Comics

This is one series you don’t want to miss! There are no plans at this time to go back to press on the first issue, and this epic event will not be collected until the last issue has been released, and that is a long time to wait! So, be sure to add this title to your monthly pull list. Don’t be left out! In other words:

"This is gonna be fun!" – Hulk, Incredible Hulk #92

Colour Patty-Cake Trade in March - 14/01/2006
In March 2006, SLG Publishing will bring the humor and fun of Scott Roberts's beloved comic book Patty-Cake and Friends to readers in full color, with the publication of the Patty-Cake and Friends Color Collection. This 96-page trade paperback will reprint stories from Patty-Cake's early years in full color.

SLG Publishing began publishing Patty-Cake and Friends in 1997, and now the series about a rambunctious little girl and her friends at school and in her neighborhood is the longest-running title in SLG's all-ages Amaze Ink Comics imprint. Always light-hearted, fun and smart, Patty-Cake and Friends is a comic in which creator Scott Roberts strives to show life from the point of view of a seven-year-old.

"It's as honest and uncensored as I can make it," Roberts said. "It has a rubbery art style, and swings between broad humor and occasional sentimentality but always strives for the truth. Childhood, warts and all." (Read More)

SLG Publishing Announces 2006 Toy and Collectible Releases - 9/01/2006
In celebration of five years in the toy business, SLG Publishing announced an ambitious toy program for the first half of 2006 for its division Monkey Fun Toys. Products range from vinyl and plastic toys, plush toys and limited edition statues, most based SLG Publishing titles and characters.

March of 2006 will see the release of Mummy, a vinyl and plastic toy based on the Mummy character from the SLG comic book The Super Scary Monster Show featuring Little Gloomy. Not the disease-ridden, shambling bunch of bandages of most pop-culture depictions, the Mummy figure is playing his bass guitar and generally having fun. The Mummy comes complete with bass guitar, spooky bass amp and his own faux-stone platform. Designed by Little Gloomy artist Eric Jones and sculpted by Mitch Martinez, the Mummy is the perfect accompaniment to our popular Carl Cthulhu figure. Packaged in a four color window box. Suggested retail price will be $29.95 US. (Read More)

Shipment Update - 6/01/2006
The New Year's public holiday has delayed the importation of this week's comics and cool stuff. (The shipment originally due on 6th January, and currently displayed in our site's What's New section).
They will be arriving on Monday 9th January - and of this I am sure. Unless our courier's van explodes or something.
Like if our courier's warehouse is erased in some post-crisis-zero-hour-one year later reality correction.
But that seems highly unlikely.

Marvel Announces Creative Team for New Wolverine Ongoing - 5/01/2006
Hot on the heels of Marvel Comics' announcement of their newest ongoing series, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, the industry giant unveils the creative team who'll tackle the new adventures of the feisty Canadian mutant.

Writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon, known for BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS, PUNISHER VS BULLSEYE, and SUPREME POWER: NIGHTHAWK, will reunite for WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1...and beyond.

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, premiering this April, will detail Logan/Wolverine's quest to set his past into order and fulfill a list of personal priorities. In the aftermath of HOUSE OF M, he knows his origins completely but wants to explore that history and perhaps relive some of it. The new series promises revenge, validation, passion, and not a little globe-trotting.

Daniel Way, one of Marvel's Ten Terrific writers, had a strong reaction when first offered the book. "When it was decided that I would be allowed to continue my story of Logan's past and future in a brand-new series, free from any entanglements with the various upcoming crossovers, I...well, as geeky as it sounds, I was honored. This is one of Marvel's top two characters, so getting the green light to go ahead meant a great deal to me. I'm confident, however, that I'll nail this one-I've been laying out the story for over a year now, cross-checking facts, keeping an eye on continuity, networking with other short, I've done my homework. To tell you the truth, I feel like the cat that ate the canary because only I and three other people on the planet know where this is all going...but only I know how it's going to get there." (Read More)

Marvel Unleashes Snarling new Wolverine Ongoing Series - 5/01/2006
Industry-leader Marvel Comics is exceedingly proud to announce that its popular and long-running WOLVERINE series will be joined by a fresh new sibling, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS.

This March will see a shocking cliffhanger in WOLVERINE #40 that leads directly and pointedly in to April's WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1, the newest Marvel ongoing series. Fans of Logan, the tenacious Canadian mutant hero, will witness a twist in Wolverine's world that will eternally alter the rules he lives by day-to-day.

How does WOLVERINE: ORIGINS differ from Logan's current series? Marvel Editor Axel Alonso chomps at the bit to spill his guts to curious readers: "Well, as we all know, in the aftermath of HOUSE OF M, Logan has regained his memory. He knows his past -- all of it. Armed with a clearer sense of who he is, why he is, and who done him wrong, Logan's got a whole new set of priorities. WOLVERINE: ORIGINS will see Logan don his brown costume and embark on a private mission to set wrongs right, get some revenge, deal with some demons, rekindle some lost relationships, and come to terms with major revelations about the complicated tapestry of his origin...and the patterns he seems doomed to repeat."

"In short, fans should expect major revelations about Wolverine's past." (Read More)

Another Friendly Neighborhood Sell-Out! - 13/12/2005
The first issue of J. Michael Straczynski’s Act Three of Spider-Man: The Other, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, has sold out at Diamond. In response, Marvel is going back to press with a new second printing variant cover by Mike Wieringo featuring Captain Universe Spider-Man.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3 is the seventh part of Spider-Man: The Other and its sell-out continues the streak at seven in a row for this Spider-Man event. The Captain Universe Spider-Man Second Printing Variant will follow the same theme of the previous ones, all illustrated by Mike Wieringo.

The reviews of The Other have been great, with calling the previous chapter, Amazing Spider-Man #526, an A+. If you were wanting to see something BIG and life changing in Spider-Man’s MUST NOT miss this.

Be sure to pick up part 8 of Spider-Man: The Other written by J. Michael Straczynski in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #21 on sale this Wednesday.

You Choose Chris Claremont's Next Project - 24/11/2005
Its Uncanny: Fans to Choose Claremont’s Next X-Project

In a bold and exciting move, Marvel is giving its fans the chance to determine what Chris Claremont’s next X-project will be.

“We’re putting this in the hands of the fans and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities,” says editor Mark Paniccia. “These four options all sound cool enough to support their own mini-series but only one can win. Chris and I are on the edge of our seats!”

By voting on, fans will have a chance to determine what 6-issue X-Men mini-series Claremont will tackle after X-Men: The End.

“X-Men fans are some of the most vocal out there,” says Paniccia. “We’re taking advantage of that voice and putting them in the driver’s seat. By next week, we’ll have a new X-Men book in the works from one of the industry’s most influential authors.”

All four of the possible title choices take place outside of current continuity, including stories from previously visited alternate universes as well as an entirely new X-Men universe.

And the four choices are:

Days of Future Past – This series would pick up the moment after Kitty Pryde sent Rachel Grey into the past from the original story. The world is under the rule of Sentinels, most mutants are either killed or in camps, and only a strange alliance of outlaws stand a chance at changing this dark future.

Asgardian War Stories – During the Asgardian War, the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the New Mutants all fought alongside the Norse Gods. But what would have happened if they never returned to Earth and stayed in Asgard?

NEXT – Witness today’s generation of X-Men if the Marvel Universe aged in real-time. Both the first and second teams of X-Men are approaching 50 and the New Mutants are now in their thirties. This series will follow this new generation of X-Men and the new reality they find themselves in.

What If? X-Men - Continuing from 2004’s What If Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together?, this series would be a re-imagining of the X-Men in contemporary times from an entirely all-new perspective. Because of Magneto helping found the X-Men, not only has the history of the X-Men changed, but that of the entire world. Every character’s life and future is up for grabs here.

What If? Is Back... With a Twist! - 8/11/2005
Thanks to the overwhelming success of last year’s What If? event, Marvel is bringing it back this December with all new one-shots featuring your favorite Marvel characters including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Wolverine, Daredevil, and the Sub-Mariner.

December’s What If? event kicks off with What If: Captain America, which sees a different Captain America origin for Union Army Captain Steve Rogers. Through mystical intervention and a strange twist of fate, Rogers is transformed into Captain America to help change the tide of the Civil War. Unfortunately, a similar twist of fate also happened to empower his greatest enemy: the White Skull.

See what would have happened if Steve Rogers became Captain America during the Civil War instead of World War II. You think you know Captain America but this is Captain America like you have never seen him before. Just check out these preview pages for proof.

Traditionally, each What If? tale took place in its own universe. But for the first time, this year’s 6 What If? one-shots will all take place in the same universe: the newly introduced Earth 717.

Last year’s What If? one-shots sold out almost immediately from Diamond. Be sure that you don’t miss out on this year’s sure-to-be monumental event starting with What If: Captain America. And relieve the memories of your favorite classic What If? tales in What If? Classic Vol.2 TPB featuring tales by Jack Kirby and other Marvel legends.
(Read More)

Captain Universe Returns - 6/10/2005
During times of great crisis, the Uni-Power has been known to grant people the spectacular powers of Captain Universe. But when the Uni-Power is malfunctioning, it must bond with some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes in order to prevent a disaster of galactic proportions in Captain Universe Event Month.

“Captain Universe has always been a bit of an enigma in the Marvel Universe,” says editor Mark Paniccia. “There’s no origin, no back-story, no home world. Amazing Fantasy #13 and #14 begin to unravel that enigma, kicking off the Captain Universe Event Month which-in turn-leads to a cosmic quest that will answer all the questions that even the Uni-Power doesn’t know.”

After the return of Captain Universe in the 8-page bonus stories of Amazing Fantasy #13 and #14, the 5th week Captain Universe event kicks into high gear with five one-shots, where the Uni-Power bestows Hulk, Daredevil, X-23, Invisible Woman, and Silver Surfer with the cosmic might of Captain Universe.

Captain Universe/Hulk, Captain Universe/Daredevil, Captain Universe/X-23, Captain Universe/Invisible Woman, and Captain Universe/Silver Surfer make up the 5-part reintroduction of Captain Universe as one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel history. And if those five legendary heroes weren’t enough, the head of the Imperial Guard, Gladiator, and the all-new Scorpion also make guest-appearances.

Cosmic-wide implications are guaranteed as the conclusion of the Captain Universe event leads into an all-new, upcoming Captain Universe limited series.

And what is a Captain Universe Event Month without a classic trade paperback of the hero’s greatest adventures? In Captain Universe: Power Unimaginable TPB, watch the Uni-Power grant powers to ordinary people and super-heroes alike, including the Amazing Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk.

Marvel’s previous 5th week events, Age of Apocalypse and Last Hero Standing, have been major hits with both fans and retailers. Captain Universe Event Month is sure to be an instant classic as the event sets up future Marvel cosmic storylines and reestablishes Captain Universe as the hero that could be you. (Read More)

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