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Woods wins Spectrum Awards - 2/03/2002
Australian born artist Ashley Wood, whose portifolio includes work on movies, video games, the rare Cyclone Comics Quarterly and Todd McFarlane's Hellspawn , has won two GOLD Spectum Awards. The awards, in the advertising category, are for his work on Popbot and Luwona Angry. Its great to see this awesome, homegrown artist getting the recognition he deserves.

Tom Lyle on Breaking In - 1/03/2002
Tom Lyle (artist for MUTANT X, Robin and the WARLOCK mini-series) has written an article for Silver Bullet Comics detailing his experiences breaking into the industry. He writes about taking sample pages to as many editors as he could, learning from mistakes and an incident in which Lama Hama advises him to "quit drawing". A good read for anyone considering a career in the field. Check it out.

Hopeless Savages Trade-paperback - 1/03/2002
Onipress has announced that the first HOPELESS SAVAGES mini-series will be released in trade-paperback format in June 2002.
"HOPELESS SAVAGES is one of those homegrown Oni projects. Jen Van Meter, the series creator, began developing it with us, she debuted the characters in our first COLOR SPECIAL, and it has only gotten bigger from there. And everyone involved has been an Oni perennial."
Along with the four issue mini-series, the trade-paperback will also feature a 16-page color section with the stories from the two COLOR SPECIALs and the online comic strips.To coincide with the release, Oni will also be debuting the second full-length HOPELESS SAVAGES miniseries subtitled GROUND ZERO.

Also coming from Oni this May will be the release of Dan Brereton’s fully painted NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER and THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN, BOY GENIUS 4: GORILLA WARFARE, featuring the second half of Judd Winick’s recent MONKEY TALES miniseries.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie - 23/02/2002
20th Century Fox has closed a deal with Sean Connery to appear in the Steve Norrington-directed movie of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil's 'League of Extraordinary Gentelmen'. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story.

Dustin Nguyen to pencil Wildcats relaunch - 23/02/2002 has announced that Dustin Nguyen, known for his work on n THE AUTHORITY #23-27 and the miniseries JET, will be the penciller for the the mature readers relaunch of WILDCATS.
"I want to put all my time into WILDCATS," Nguyen says. "I love reading the book as much as I love I drawing it, so being involved in the relaunch is a real thrill for me."
The new series of WILDCATS, written by Joe Casey and inked by Richard Friend, will make a welcome return with a tentative release date scheduled for late August.

More online reading - 6/02/2002
We've just added five new titles have to the Graphic Action Reading Room for your online reading enjoyment. Feast your eyes on:

Visit the Reading Room - 18/12/2001
The first 10 titles have been added to the Graphic Action reading room for you to read online. They include:Check out the reading room for these and more trade paperbacks for your reading enjoyment.

DK2 reviewed - 17/12/2001
Mike McCaffrey has reviewed Dark Knight Strikes Again for The National Review Online. He writes, "By broadening the scope of the action, defining the moral dilemma facing the world and our heroes, and reuniting in sometimes shocking ways the Rat Pack of the cape-and-tights set, Miller is off to a great start in THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN."

Jim Shooter to write Avengers mini-series - 17/12/2001
Jim Shooter is set to return to Marvel to write an eight-issue Avengers miniseries featuring Korvac, the man who would be a god.

"An iteration of Korvac, which was not destroyed the last time Korvac was destroyed, returns to the 20th century to recruit his son, and a lot of stuff precipitates from that..."

Newsarama has the full story.

X-Men 2 release date 2003 - 17/12/2001
Silver Bullet Comics is reporting that the X-Men 2 movie release date has been officially announced by 20th Century Fox.

Chris Gardner reports, "As the competition for primo summer 2003 release dates heats up, 20th Century Fox has staked its claim to May 2 as the rollout date for the sequel to its Marvel comics sci-fi actioner X-Men."

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