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Reading Room Updated - 26/03/2002
The Graphic Action Reading Room has been updated with a bunch of new titles. The latest comics that have been added are:Enjoy!

Crocodile Hunter Movie Trailer - 25/03/2002
Well, it had to happen. Australia's own outback mud-wresting superfiend, Steve Irwin, is appearing in his own film. Check out the Crocodile Hunter movie trailer on

Online Elektra Art Gallery - 25/03/2002
WordsAndPictures have launched their premiere online comics and sequential art gallery featuring pages from Bill Sienkiewicz's and Frank Miller's Elektra: Assassin. The gallery contains high-res scans of both Sienkiewicz artwork and the final printed comic pages. A must visit for all true Elektra fans. Check it out!

X-Men2 News - 25/03/2002
ZENtertainment has posted the latest details on the X-Men 2 movie discussing progress on the film's script.

"Two separate X2 screenplays were written, one by David Hayter (X-Men), the other by Zak Penn (Osmosis Jones, Last Action Hero). However, both scripts are being rewritten by different screenwriters and have not yet been merged into a single script."

The article also mentions some of the scenes, new characters and familiar faces we may get to see in X2. **Spoiler warning** proceed at your own risk.

Mark Steven Johnson on Daredevil movie - 21/03/2002 has posted an interview with Mark Steven Johnson, the writer and director for the upcoming Daredevil movie! Johnson discusses his plans for the movie, casting choices and which comics he still likes to read.
Shooting on the movie, which will feature such favourites from DD's world as Bullseye, Elektra and Kingpin, commences this week.

Chimera by Brandon Peterson - 21/03/2002
Brandon Peterson, artist on Crossgen's Mystic, has announced he will be teaming up with Ron Marz to create a new, four-issue mini-series named Chimera. Expected late in 2002, the entire mini-series will be fully digitally painted by Peterson himself.

"This book is the culmination of my dozen years learning what I could about comics," Peterson said. "With it, I'm taking what I've learned about penciling, inking, and coloring and seamlessly blending them together to create something incredibly unique and different than anything ever seen in my past."

If you're into hard science-fiction and powerful villains, vast space armadas and the awakening of a dead alien civilization sounds like your sort of thing then take a look at the full story on

Captain America #1 Sneak Peek - 20/03/2002
ZENtertainment has managed to bag a sneak-peek at the new Captain America series by John Cassaday (Planetary) and John Ney Rieber (Books of Magic)! In this new, ongoing Marvel Knights title, Cap must deal with the way America - and the world - has changed in the aftermath of 9/11. Look for it around the end of April!

Eagle Award Winners Announced - 18/03/2002
The winners of the 2002 Eagle Awards have been announced. With votes from 30 countries, the winners of this year's coveted awards include:
  • Favourite Colour Comicbook: JSA
  • Favourite New Comicbook of 2000: Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Favourite Comics Writer: Alan Moore
  • Favourite Comics Editor: Andy Diggle (Mighty Tharg: 2000 AD)
  • Favourite Manga Comic: Lone Wolf and Cub
Head over to Silverbullet Comics for a full list of this year's Eagle Award Winners.

Elektra Overload! - 7/03/2002
Elektra fans rejoice! Marvel Comics has announced the imminent release of a new Elektra four-issue mini-series this July. Written and fully painted by Scott Morse (Ancient Joe, Soulwind and Magic Pickle) ELEKTRA: GLIMPSE AND ECHO is a moody tale that sees Elektra investigating an ancient ninja menace from beyond the grave!

In related news, the Elektra regular series will be revamped this June courtesy of a new art team featuring Carlo Pagulayan (penciler) and ace inker Danny Miki (GHOST RIDER, Spawn). They will join regular writer Greg Rucka who has been signed on for another 12 issues. For even more Elektra goodness, take a look at this awesome interview with Rucka on

X-Force to mutate? - 4/03/2002
Hero Realm has the scoop. X-Force writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred have shaken up comics fandom by releasing a mock-up vision of things to come for their X-team. Is it a glimpse of the future or just wishful thinking? See for yourself.

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