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Marvel Movie Update - 3/05/2002
Comics Continuum has landed a promotional photo of Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada visiting the Daredevil movie set in Burbank Califonia. Quesada is pictured with director Mark Steven Johnson and Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige. I just loved Quesada's work on Marvel Knights Daredevil (especially the Echo saga) although a worthy replacement has definitely been found in Alex Maleev, who brings a new dimension to the title with his dark and gritty style.

In other related news, it is rumoured that the Hulk movie teaser (featuring Eric Bana) will be included before most showings of Spider-Man. Here's hoping that this also happens in Australian cinemas!

Tobey Maguire on Being Spider-Man - 23/04/2002
Comics2Film has posted an interview with Tobey Maguire, the actor who plays Spider-Man in the forthcoming (and much anticipated) movie of the same name. In the interview Maguire, discusses Peter Parker's love interest - Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), the physical demands of playing everyone's favourite wall-crawler and describes the fate of his stunt doubles. One of the most interesting parts is where Maguire describes the process of creating the Spider-Man suit, which involved taking a plaster cast of his body!

Huge 4 day sale! - 15/04/2002
Holy hand grenades Batman! It's a huge 4 day, in-store sale at Graphic Action Comics! From Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th April all back issues will be 40% off, all trade paperbacks 25% off and action figures and statues will be 25% off! Plus there will be heaps of daily specials! In-store only, doors open 10am!

Spriggan DVD reviewed - 15/04/2002
AnimeOnDVD has posted a full review of Spriggan, the new movie from director Hirotsugu Kawasaki and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) where a desperate battle erupts across the planet as two secret organizations race to recover Noah's Ark, a lost artifact that holds the potential to elevate its holder to the status of a god...or to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth!

Slave Labor's personal best Eisner nominations - 15/04/2002
Fans of Slave Labor Graphics will be happy to know that the comics publisher that brought us Johnny The Homicidal Maniac has received six Eisner nominations!

Three of the nominations were for Evan Dorkin's work in Dork #9, which was nominated for Best Writer/Artist--Humor, Best Humor Publication and Best Short Story ("The Intervention"). David Hahn's Private Beach was nominated for Best New Series, Scott Roberts' Patty Cake and Friends for Best Title for a Younger Audience, and my personal favourite, Roman Dirge's Lenore Lunch Box for the Best Comics-Related Item.

The Periodic Table - 9/04/2002
From comes this link to the Comic Book Period Table of Elements. Just what's needed when you're cramming for a chemistry test on seaborgium, francium and germanium-phosphorous.

But what, no adamantium? (Or is that an alloy?)

Reading Room Updated - 26/03/2002
The Graphic Action Reading Room has been updated with a bunch of new titles. The latest comics that have been added are:Enjoy!

Crocodile Hunter Movie Trailer - 25/03/2002
Well, it had to happen. Australia's own outback mud-wresting superfiend, Steve Irwin, is appearing in his own film. Check out the Crocodile Hunter movie trailer on

Online Elektra Art Gallery - 25/03/2002
WordsAndPictures have launched their premiere online comics and sequential art gallery featuring pages from Bill Sienkiewicz's and Frank Miller's Elektra: Assassin. The gallery contains high-res scans of both Sienkiewicz artwork and the final printed comic pages. A must visit for all true Elektra fans. Check it out!

X-Men2 News - 25/03/2002
ZENtertainment has posted the latest details on the X-Men 2 movie discussing progress on the film's script.

"Two separate X2 screenplays were written, one by David Hayter (X-Men), the other by Zak Penn (Osmosis Jones, Last Action Hero). However, both scripts are being rewritten by different screenwriters and have not yet been merged into a single script."

The article also mentions some of the scenes, new characters and familiar faces we may get to see in X2. **Spoiler warning** proceed at your own risk.

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