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Call Of Duty: Brotherhood #1 goes back to press - 8/06/2002
Due to a mainstream media blitz -- and responding to the hundreds of retailers who are reporting an instant sell-out -- Marvel is reprinting THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #1 in the affordable MARVEL MUST HAVE format.

THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #1 - THE MARVEL MUST HAVE will be a 96-page one-shot. The action-packed volume will reprint the entire 48-page story from THE BROTHERHOOD #1 (by writer Chuck Austen and penciler David Finch), and will also include DAREDEVIL #32 and DAREDEVIL #33 (in which writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev "out" Matt Murdock's costumed identity).

THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD is the first of three mini-series that spotlights "real" heroes - firefighters, police officers, and the EMS - who put their lives on the line to protect humanity. In addition to it's first issue sell-out, THE BROTHERHOOD was read by over 40,000 people online at as a free Marvel dotComic, an readership that is roughly double that of DC's Batman.

Sojourn Trade paperback reviewed - 6/06/2002
Greg McElhatton of IComics has posted a review of the first Sojourn trade paperback: From The Ashes.
Used to describe epic fantasies comprised of multiple volumes, each book extremely high in page-count, "the big fat fantasy" has been dominating best-seller lists with entries from such authors as Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin. With CrossGen's fantasy series Sojourn, I think comics have finally presented their answer to this publishing phenomenon.
CrossGen Comics, the publisher of this 192-page colour work, have been producing quality comics for a while now. With talent like writer Ron Marz, artist Greg Land and colourist Laura Depuy on their team, it looks like they're set to do so for some time yet.

Mage and Grendel movie news - 31/05/2002
Comics2Film is reporting that Matt Wagner's Grendel looks set to be transformed onto the big-screen. Hans Rodionoff, who wrote the Man-Thing script for Marvel, will pen the movie's script for Dark Horse and Arsenel Entertainment. The plot will focus on an early storyline where Grendel Christine Spar must rescue her kidnapped child from organ-bootleggers.
"The response has been very positive," Rodionoff told C2F. "More importantly, this is a story that Matt Wagner has signed off on and feels passionate about."
This is big news! While I'd rather see a Hunter Rose or Eppy Thatcher storyline, I've been reading the Grendel comic books for as long as I can remember, ever since I found some of the Pander Bros. Comico issues in a newsagent's mixed $2.00 bag.

In related news, Wagner's Mage is also expected hit theatres in 2003. Disney announced earlier today that the go-ahead has been given to SpyGlass Entertainment to develop the project.

Original Vader to return? - 29/05/2002
ZENtertainment is reporting that David Prowse, the man who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies, is determined to play the role again in Episode III.
"I should be fit and ready by next year. I have such a large following that if George Lucas offered the part to someone else, I'm sure fans would boycott the film."
But should the scourge of the Rebellion be played by a 66 year-old body builder with arthritis or by Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker), who is one-foot shorter than Prowse ever was as Darth Vader?

Scary Godmother TV Show - 27/05/2002
Writer/artist Jill Thompson has posted a message on the Scary Godmother forums detailing her progress on the Scary Godmother TV show. The show, a hour-long special, is currently in pre-production by Mainframe Entertainment the animators who brought us Action Man, Weird-Ohs and ReBoot.
"We've got finished models for Scary Godmother and Hannah and work['s] in progress for the rest of the monsters and Jimmy and his gang. They are lookin' swell. It's wild to see them in 3-d and movin' and flyin' and stuff."
Jill has been as involved as possible in the development of the show, co-writing the script with Heath Corson, working as art director on the sets and even helping out with the voice casting. The channel that the show will be running on has yet to be announced.

Once More With Feeling...again? - 24/05/2002
Aint It Cool has pulled a number of excepts from the UPN message boards where Buffy creator Joss Whedon talks about what is going to happen in the next season of the show. Most importantly? "We're easing back on the goats. There've been complaints".

In related Buffy news, James Marsters (Spike) was asked about there being further "special" episodes like 'Hush' or 'Once More, With Feeling' in a recent interview with SFX magazine. It seems that as far as he knows there won't be, however a new six-song musical which Marsters claims is "twice as good" is currently in development by Joss Whedon. The big revelation from the interview is that an episode next season will require the cast to learn to speak backwards, so that the film to be reversed part way through the story. Sounds interesting, although I liked it best in Twin Peaks and Red Dwarf...

Many Bothan spies died to bring you these plans.It's on! Galaxy wide the call has been sent.
Special arrangements have been made with The Mercury Hotel (23 Watt St. Newcastle) to bring you the official Star Wars Attack Of The Clones party - Jedi Night.
This Friday - 24th May - starting around 9pm, the music will be warming up, and Jawas will be scurrying to find their best robes. There will be prizes for those who come in costume, provided by us and the Mercury, and the night will have an all round scifi flavour.
For further details - check out and email this flyer to your friends.
Entry is free!
Mercury is open all night (til at least 2am) - so there's no excuse not to come on down and shake that booty intergalactically. See you there.

Tim Sale on Spider-Man: Blue - 21/05/2002
Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Spider-Man: Blue artist Tim Sale. Sale discusses his motivation for re-telling Gwen Stacy's tale, his childhood as a "Marvel zombie" and artistic vision for Spider-Man: Blue.
"The mid-to-late '60s is my favorite period, the period where the innovations created at the beginning of the '60s were maturing, and Stan was unbelievably writing 12 titles a month and relying on the best, most innovative artists in the business who were doing the work of their lives."
It's a great read, make sure you also check out Tim's artwork for the cover to Spider-Man: Blue #4.

Fantastic Four 9 adventure - 20/05/2002
Remember the days when a comic-book would only cost you 10 pennies? Me neither, but Marvel Comics sure does. Not to be outdone by the success of Batman's recent 10 adventure, Marvel has announced that Fantastic Four #60 will cost a measly 9 US. How's that for a bargain? Head over to Silver Bullet Comics for a sneak-peak at the cover of this self-contained 32-page adventure.

May Reading Madness - 14/05/2002
The Graphic Action Reading Room has been updated with five new titles for your online reading enjoyment. Take a look at:

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