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Director of Superman vs Batman Interviewed - 12/07/2002
Wolfgang Peterson, the producer and director of the recently announced Superman vs Batman movie, has been interviewed by Ryan J. Downey on MTV News. Here's an excerpt:
"The plot is structured in a way that these two very different sides basically of the same coin have to clash at some point because they handle situations totally differently," Petersen told Downey. "For a large portion of the thing they are at each other's throats. But then, of course, because they are both crime fighters, they join forces again and fight evil."
You can read a transcript of the interview here.

Fables #1 E-Comic Available - 12/07/2002
Due to the overwhelming response to Bill Willingham's new series, FABLES, DC Comics have made issue one available online for free! You can download the 5MB e-comic from DC's website here. You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to read it. FABLES is suggested for mature readers.

2000AD Summer Assault - 10/07/2002
2000 AD Prog 1300 - arriving in store soon - marks the start of the 2000 AD Summer Assault, with a line-up of stories guaranteed to excite new and long-term readers alike. 2000 AD’s new stories have a definite ‘retro’ feel, with the return of three strips which have long become classics in the history of the Galaxy’s Greatest such as Strontium Dog, The VC's and the original Rogue Trooper. (Read More)

Wood & Rolston Pound Comic Shops With New Trade Paperback - 8/07/2002
Oni Press has announced the October publication of the collected version of the hit miniseries by Brian Wood & Steve Rolston, POUNDED. Featuring a new cover by Rolston (QUEEN & COUNTRY, MEK), the trade paperback will also have the added bonus of an introduction by Kieron Dwyer (LCD, THE AVENGERS), selections from both Wood and Rolston’s sketchbooks, the online strips featured at, and a gallery of pin-ups by such punk rock punks as Jimmy Palmiotti, Eric Canete, and more. (Read More)

New Swamp Thing Movie - 6/07/2002
Coming Attractions is reporting that a new movie of DC Vertigo's series SWAMP THING is in development.
Comic book writer Steven Grant let the cat out of the bag today, letting fans know in his latest Comic Book Resources column that a new Swamp Thing movie is now in development at Warner Bros. What should get comic book fans really excited is that writer Len Wein, one of the original creators of the comic book character, has been hired to write the screenplay and that Joel Silver (The Matrix) is producing the new film.
The film, which will be the third SWAMP THING movie to be made (the first in 1982 by Wes Craven and the second in 1989), should see a return to Swamp Thing's roots in dark horror as it is reported that Wein's script will be faithful to the DC series continuity.

2000 AD artwork signed by Pitchshifter auctioned on Ebay - 3/07/2002
Eagle-eyed 2000 AD readers may have noticed that Pitchshifter, techno-metal heroes and headliners of the recent 2000 AD 25th Anniversary party at Ministry of Sound, also appeared in the special 25th Anniversary comic strip in the magazine.

Now the band have agreed to sign the original artwork page from the comic, and also a copy of the magazine it appeared in (Prog 1280, fact fans), and the whole lot will be auctioned on Ebay ( All proceeds from the auction will be going to Amnesty International, who were the charity of choice for the 25th Anniversary event, so the final buyer of the art will be helping a good cause as well as getting their hands on a unique piece of memorabilia. (Read More)

Ariel Schrag's New Series To Debut - 1/07/2002
After a long delay, Ariel Schrag returns to comics with her new series, LIKEWISE. Similar to her acclaimed books AWKWARD, DEFINITION, and POTENTIAL, LIKEWISE chronicles her high school years in unflinching detail. This time, it's her senior year that gets placed under Ariel's microscope, as she dwells on her infatuation with another girl and her friends attempt to define the elusive quality known only as "it" - the thing some people have and others don't. LIKEWISE retains the format of POTENTIAL, and will appear as several magazine-sized issues of varying lengths. Issue #1 is 40 pages, with a cover price of $4.95 US and available through Slave Labor Graphics. Issue #2 will appear in early 2003.

Kissing Chaos Gears Up For Non-Stop Beauty - 28/06/2002
This October, Oni Press is pleased to unveil the second KISSING CHAOS series. NONSTOP BEAUTY is the sequel to last year’s award-nominated debut by Arthur Dela Cruz. It detailed three troubled teens’ flight from the law, and Dela Cruz introduced clues of a larger story at work. Now, the conspiracy becomes even more clear, as readers meet Ashley, a member of an underground art collective devoted to sewing the seeds of anarchy. When her friend Angela sends her a top secret computer document via e-mail, Ashley suddenly discovers herself at the center of a very real and dangerous situation—something her art pals would never even dream really existed. (Read More)

The Two Towers teaser online - 26/06/2002
The teaser for the second installment of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Two Towers, has been released! Check out Ain't It Cool News for a list of mirrors.

Nightmares and Fairy Tales' Annabelle Doll Coming Soon - 22/06/2002
The strong initial response to Slave Labor's NIGHTMARES AND FAIRY TALES, the new series by GloomCookie writer Serena Valentino and artist FSc (Foo Swee Chin) has spawned a new addition to the Monkey Fun Toys product line: an Annabelle Doll. Annabelle is the central figure in the new series - a doll who acts as narrator, telling the stories of her owners as she is passed from person to person. Annabelle will be approximately 18" in length, and come packaged in a coffin with a window. An on-line preview of the Annabelle Doll will be available on the Slave Labor website shortly, with an expected release in November 2002.

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