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OniPress Prepares New Helping Of Sunday Comics - 30/08/2002
Tired of Marmaduke? Would rather claw your eyes out than read another Bristow strip? Or maybe you just can't afford the Sunday paper (a buck-fifty is half the price of an Oni comic, after all). Well, Oni Press has the answer to your prayers!, the official website of the lauded indy publisher, is bringing back its weekly Sunday Comics feature in a big way!

"The Sunday Comics have always been one of my favorite of our online features," said Oni Press editor and Sunday Comics curator James Lucas Jones. "These comics provide an excellent opportunity to debut both new properties and creators. The shorts give retailers and fans a chance to give series a break before they're on stands and it gives the creators a rare chance to play with shorter form comics." (Read More)

Vikings Meet Mayans in New Mini-Series - 28/08/2002
Not content to sit on their laurels with this month's release of Jhonen Vasquez's new title EVERYTHING CAN BE BEATEN SLG Publishing has announced the November 2002 publication of the first issue of SKAGGY THE LOST, a new comic book mini-series by Igor Baranko. Baranko is also the writer and artist of PIFITOS: NEWLY FOUND UNKNOWN POEM OF HOMER, a humorous graphic novel about a slightly incompetent Greek hero, published by SLG Publishing in 2001.

Using his distinctive art style, hilarious characterization, and a playfully pseudo-historical perspective, Baranko tells the tale of another untraditional hero in the four-issue series SKAGGY THE LOST. Skaggy is a confident, intrepid 11th century Viking who is prone to going berserk. On a mission of exploration and conquest, his ship comes aground in Mayan Central America. (Read More)

Vampire Hunter D for Dendy - 26/08/2002
Madman Entertainment, fine publishers of Japanese animation in Australia, have announced that Yoshiaki Kawajiri's VAMPIRE HUNTER D will be playing for a strictly limited season at the Dendy cinema in Martin Place. Fresh from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival, VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST is Kawajiri's (Ninja Scroll, Demon City Shinjuku) latest work. The story takes takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where vampires and bounty hunters roam Earth's empty plains and legendary vampire hunter, D, has been hired to track down Meier Link, a notoriously powerful vampire who has abducted a human woman.

The Australian screening of this films leaves us asking the question if the long-awaited and much-anticipated Australian VHS and DVD release of D has finally arrived? Only time will tell.

Check the Dendy website for VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST session times.

Supergirl vs Supergirl? - 24/08/2002
Mike McAvennie, editor of DC's Supergirl, has revealed a bizarre new plot-twist involving the one and only Maid of Might in an interview with the DC Online Newsletter.
"As SUPERGIRL #75 opens, Linda Danvers has finished her quests, fought her demons and won. As the sole holder of the Supergirl name, she’s ready to head on home to Leesburg and resume her life. But, somewhere along the way, she comes across a crash-landed rocket from another planet...A rocket," he continues, under prodding from us, "carrying the one and only...Supergirl!"
And so begins a mystery that has Linda questioning a mysterious being with powers and abilities far beyond even hers. Peter David's storyline featuring the original Girl of Steel (introduced in ACTION COMICS #252, May, 1959) will run over six months and be complimented by the art of new team Ed Benes and Alex Lei. You can take a sneak-peak of their work on Supergirl #75 here.

Naifeh and Oni Bring On The Winter Chills - 23/08/2002
Following up the success of last spring’s popular miniseries, Oni Press and Ted Naifeh are happy to announce December 2002 as COURTNEY CRUMRIN Month! Getting the party started is the new trade paperback reprinting the first four frightening issues of Naifeh’s grumpy gal in COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS. Following hot on the heels of that creepy collection, COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE COVEN OF MYSTICS #1 starts Courtney on a new adventure filled with hobgoblins, evil mages, and a council of the town’s most powerful witches and warlocks! (Read More)

Franco goes bad in Spidey 2? - 21/08/2002
James Franco, who played Harry Osborn in this year's hit film Spider-Man, has told SCI FI Wire that he expects his character to become a full-fledged villain in the upcoming sequel.
"All I can say is the first film was pretty loyal to the storyline in the comic book, and I assume that the second will be, and that Harry does take a turn for the dark side..."
Head over to SCI FI Wire for the full-story including Franco's speculations regarding his character's drug-usage during the 60s and 70s.

Anime Parody Excels - 19/08/2002
Anime/Manga journalist Takashi Oshiguchi has taken a light-hearted look at Japanese action TV and anime parodies in his latest column on Animerica.
Here's a typical scene from the tokusatsu (special effects) TV shows that have been around for so long: Shocker, an evil organization with plans to conquer the world, hijacks a school bus full of kindergarteners! Or maybe this one's better: The first step in their evil plans to conquer the world is to rid the world of children's favorite snacks!
With cheezy stories like this being around for over 30 years, its not surprising that comic creators occasionally take the opportunity to make a bit of fun of them. In this article, Oshiguchi pays special attention to Rikudo Koshi's Excel Saga - a parody which focuses on the diabolic efforts of a leader and his female agent to take over a single town. But agent Excel can't even hold down a part-time job much less take over an entire town! It's a great read for all lovers of good anime and humour.

Jamie S. Rich Interviewed On Ninth Art - 15/08/2002
Ninth Art have posted the second-half of their interview with Jamie S. Rich (the current reigning editor-in-chief of Oni Press). Rich talks about why he likes Leandro Fernandez's controversial artwork on Oni's flagship title QUEEN AND COUNTRY, why he wouldn't like to see Oni titles like BLUE MONDAY caught up in the Hollywood movie-machine and his ideas for the company's immediate future.
"I think the Spider-Man film is actually probably going to contribute to [the shakiness of the industry] a lot," says Rich, "and I think it's going to trigger another Hollywood feeding frenzy that is going to be just like previous ones, where lots of people get caught up in this great big machine just to get ground up and dropped behind, so I'm hoping that people will be a little cautious and I'm hoping that as an industry we'll be able to build around what's going on, in an attempt to strengthen the industry and not just get caught up in the bright colours and the quick cash."
You can also read the first part of the interview with Jamie S. Rich and Chynna Clugston-Major here.

Perlman on Hellboy - 13/08/2002
Sci Fi Wire is reporting that Ron Perlman, who will play Hellboy in Revolution Studios' adaption of Mike Mignola's comic, has told fans of the series at San Diego Comic-con International that the demonic hero is probably "the world's biggest underachiever".
"He has this incredible physical presence and ability. He has a huge heart, which can be molded either for the use of good or evil. And he also has this mischievous, devilish kind of circuitry that underlines all of this. Those are always in conflict with one another. The fun is going to be in finding the balance. Everything that he does is epic."
Incarnated on Earth since World War II, Hellboy is a demon and paranormal investigator employed by the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). With a stone-cast right-hand that is better in a fight that a sledge-hammer, Perlman better be careful who he's really calling a slacker!

Pack Your Bags For Three Days In Europe - 7/08/2002
This November, Oni Press is taking a holiday across the Atlantic and you’re all invited! No, there’s no need to dust off your luggage or start packing an overnight bag. Oni’s THREE DAYS IN EUROPE isn’t a whirlwind tour of the continent; it’s a new five-issue miniseries starring two New York City lovers whose relationship is put to the test on a getaway that is anything but typical. Written by award-winning novelist Antony Johnston (FRIGHTEN CURVES) and illustrated by breakout talent Mike Hawthorne (GRENDEL: RED, WHITE, & BLACK), THREE DAYS IN EUROPE brings a dose of romantic comedy to Graphic Action. (Read More)

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