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Marvel's Universe Online - 20/09/2002
The pervasive Marvel Universe is about to go virtual thanks to a new deal with Vivendi Universal. The 10-year deal, which grants Vivendi the right to include the entire library of more than 4,700 Marvel characters in a virutal persistent universe, will have all the favorite Marvel heroes (such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and The X-Men) available for the first time in an Online Massively Multi-Player (OLMMP) format in 2005!

"We believe there are only a few franchises existing today that are compelling enough to be a leader in the massively multi-player games market and Marvel's universe of superheroes is clearly one of them," said Ken Cron, Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal Games. "Marvel's enduring characters and fantasy-based storylines appeal to millions of fans worldwide. Its audience spans several generations and includes legions of consumers devoted to its comic books, TV shows and blockbuster movies. The combination of Marvel's strong character franchises with VU Games' global development and marketing capabilities is good news for both companies and great news for gamers."

If that's not enough to get you chomping at the bit, VU Games has also obtained the rights to release titles in multiple languages across all existing and future platforms enabling OLMMP game play, including PCs and console-based systems. (Read More)

Weapon X #1 Preview - 18/09/2002
ZENtertainment has posted a great preview of the first issue of Marvel's new WEAPON X series. "WEAPON X launches on the strength of Frank Tieri's writing, continuing the same suspenseful, go-for-the-jugular style which has continually kept his WOLVERINE run on the top-seller list," said series editor Mike Marts. "Only this time, Frank does the unexpected and applies his skill of writing stories about heroes and spins it in a different direction -- toward the savage squad of evil agents that make up the Weapon X team!"

Check out a preview of the artwork from the WEAPON X series debut "Hunt For Sabretooth" here.

X2 News - 16/09/2002
Coming Attractions has posted the news that Beast (aka Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy) will be appearing in X-Men 2. Everyone's favourite furry blue mutant will be played by actor Steve Bacic who has appeared in a number of TV shows and feature films including The 6th Day, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files and Earth: Final Conflict.

While it is reported that Bacic's role will only be a cameo part in the film -- there's every indication he could reprise the character again in X-Men 3. Check out the CA article here (which also includes news of Nightcrawler's role in the film and a mention of a dogfight in the skies between the X-Jet and a squadron of F-16 fighter jets!)

Madman in Sydney for Comicfest! 2002 - 13/09/2002
Madman Entertainment is heading to Sydney for comicfest! 2002 at the Bankstown Town Hall, November 16 & 17.

Madman has a big role to play at this year's event as they will be hosting Kyle Hebert, the voice of Teen Gohan from DragonBall Z (amongst others), sponsoring the Madman Anime Theatre and the special COSPLAY competition, as well as hosting a special talk to answer questions about what goes on behind the scenes at an Australian anime distributor and what you can expect to see & hear from Madman in the upcoming months.

Other anime stuff to look forward to includes the Kamehameha Blast-Off comp hosted by Kyle (Teen Gohan) Hebert himself, an Anime Karaoke Session, SUGOI - An Introduction to the World of Anime panel, the launch of Vampire Hunter D on DVD as well as a How To Draw DragonBall Z for the artists in us all.

And that's just the DBZ and Madman anime stuff that has been organised so far! Make sure you check out for even more information.

Crossgen to Lower Price, Reformat Compendia Series - 13/09/2002
In a recent press-release, CrossGen Comics have announced that they will be reformatting and lowering the price of upcoming volumes of their Compendia Series starting with Forge #9 and Edge #9. Going forward, all Compendia will be printed at 5 3/8" x 8 3/16", contain approximately 192 pages, and cost $7.95 US.
"This smaller trim size and lower price," said Ian M. Feller, Crossgen's media and press consultant, "compares favorably to a standard paperback, provides significantly more value than a standard graphic novel and is a comfortable purchase for mainstream readers."
Crossgen's Compendia series enables regular readers to get the equivalent of seven to eight single issues for the price of less than three of the single issue format. The new smaller size should also make carrying, transporting, and displaying both Forge and Edge easier, and still be more durable than a single-issue comic. (Read More)

Birds of Prey Publicity Shots - 11/09/2002
Superhero Hype has posted a tonne of great publicity pictures from the Birds of Prey series. Included in the set are new pictures of the blonde Mia Sara as Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Ian Abercrombie as Alfred, and of course the beautiful lead stars.

While we're on the subject of comics on film, you might also want to take a look at 11 more extraordinary pictures from the filming of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This time the pictures were taken on location in Malta and include a first glimpse and Nemo's formidable Nautilus!

What's The Frequency Warren? - 9/09/2002
Have you been wondering what writer Warren Ellis has been up to since his works on hits like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, THE AUTHORITY and PLANETARY? Well, wonder no longer. DC Comics has announced that in coming months Wildstorm Productions will be bringing us two new Ellis mini-series: GLOBAL FREQUENCY and MEK.
"I don't think 'excited' even begins to cover our feelings about having two new Warren Ellis projects on tap," says WildStorm Group Editor Scott Dunbier. "Warren's one of the best writers to hit comics in a long time. His take on whatever genre he touches, from super heroes to horror to science fiction has really raised the industry's bars on creativity and originality."
(Read More)

Little Gloomy Disney Adventures To Be Collected - 7/09/2002
Slave Labor Graphics have announced that they will be collecting the popular Little Gloomy series, which appeared with several serialized, color stories in Disney Adventures Magazine. Little Gloomy Adventures will be a 24-page FULL-COLOR comic reprinting the Disney Adventures tales at full comic size and in vibrant colors by Michael "Rusty" Drake.

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Shots - 4/09/2002
IGN Filmforce has reported that shots from the production of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN movie have appeared on Max Ryan's official website. Point your browser this way to get a first glimpse of Naseeruddin Shah as Captain Nemo, Sean Connery as Allan Quartermain, and Max Ryan in uniform as the Fantom's villainous henchman Dante.

Gloom Cookie Creators Plan Colour Special - 2/09/2002
GloomCookie writer Serena Valentino and new artist Breehn Burns have announced plans to release a special 32-page FULL-COLOUR issue this December. The story, titled "A Monster's Christmas", follows a lonely Christmas night with the Monster, who decorates his roof in hope of attracting Santa's attention. This issue will be in a story-book format, and contain a back-up story featuring Lex. Look for a preview of this special issue in the months to come on the SLG website.

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