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Madman to Distribute NewType USA - 3/10/2002
Madman Entertainment have just announced that they will be distributing anime magazine Newtype USA in Australia. Newtype USA is the official English-language version of Newtype, Japan's #1 source for information about anime and manga. Newtype USA includes all of the best Japanese content translated plus loads of original US material. Anime, manga, music, game, toy and model reviews, feature articles, director interviews, artist profiles, and regular columns by industry experts, tastemakers and deep-cover insiders. Every 300+ page issue of Newtype USA also includes free bonus gear: posters, a centerfold spread, postcards, a 16-page manga special and an exclusive DVD insert.

The first issue is expected to be available mid to late October.

Award winning author talks about Spidey sequel - 1/10/2002
Pultzer winning author Michael Chabon has spoken with Entertainment Weekly about why it is his destiny to rewrite the script for "The Amazing Spider-Man". "I'm completely the man for the job," said Chabon, who penned an early draft of 'X-Men' in the mid-'90s and recently adapted his 2000 comic-inspired saga, 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,' for Sydney Pollack. "It's my destiny."

Chabon will replace current scripters Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Spider-Man writer David Koepp, however elements from existings scripts will be thread into the story. Although under instructions not to reveal plot details, Chabon says he won't necessarily tone down the violence in the movie. "I don't feel that's my job,'' he says. ''That's not the audience [Columbia] wants to reach, and I don't blame them."

BadAzz MoFo #7 brings the funk to comics - 27/09/2002

BAMF was there keeping it real and taking it to the streets.

Now, BAMF is back, bigger and badder then ever with #7 of the magazine that if you ain't read yet, you ain't going to the right places. This 80 page magazine features BAMF's 2nd Film awards-reviewing the year in films, Blaxpoitation film reviews, BLACK SHAMPOO's John Daniels, comic legend Will Eisner, The (Black) Story of Rock 'n' Roll, Music, comic and book reviews and the brand spankin' new debut of the hip comic, Funkytown, with art by Jim Hill (CAFFEINE), Jim Mahfood (GRRL SCOUTS), Rusty Beach, Paul Guinan (HEARTBREAKERS) and Eric Kilkenny (ZOMBIE HITMAN). All this and more, are under a beautiful, full-color cover by comics legend Matt Haley (ELSEWORLD'S FINEST, THE ORDER) and colored by Matt Hollingsworth (PREACHER, CATWOMAN). (Read More)

New Fan Art Section - 25/09/2002
Graphic Action Comics are very pleased to announce that by popular request a Fan Art section has been added to our forums! The new section is designed as a place for our forum members to showcase their art, pictures of their favourite comic characters or simply for you to grab a new wallpaper for your desktop. The board is open to all ages and styles, so head over to the Graphic Action Fan Art Message Board and show everyone what the artist in you is capable of!

Gough Talks on Smallville, Spider-Man - 25/09/2002
Al Gough, producer of TV's Smallville, has spoken with Comics Continuum regarding the second series of the show.

"We were very happy with 'Vortex,'" Gough told The Continuum. "We felt that even though the tornado was over after the teaser, the story stayed interesting throughout, and we were able to set the table for Season 2. This is particularly true with the Lana/Clark dynamic and the Lex/Lionel dynamic. I hope what you will see this season is an even greater variety in the storytelling, and a deeper study of all of the characters and their well as some kick-ass action, and yes....some kryptonite."

Gough also mentioned his involvement in Amazing Spider-Man, the sequel to the Spider-Man movie. He and Smallville co-writer Miles Millar have joined the project after a first draft by David Koepp, who wrote the first Spider-Man movie. "Miles and I actually completed two drafts of Spider-Man 2. We came back on after David Koepp completed his draft in mid July," Gough said. "We had a wonderful experience working with Sam and (producers) Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad. They have now handed off our script to Michael Chabon, who is a terrific writer."

Head over to The Continuum for the full story and nine pictures from "Vortex" - the first episode in the new series of Smallville.

Pulp Mag: MANGA HELL - 23/09/2002
This week, Viz Comics are celebrating the final issue of PULP: The Manga Magazine, before sending it to meet its brethen in MANGA HELL! First off, Tomo Machiyama takes a look at Manga Hell's Best Untranslated Manga before Jason Thompson looks at the worst. Shohei Ohnishi writes on Movie-Adaptation Manga Hell and Dean Blackburn interviews Wounded Man co-creator Kazuo Koike (who also receives a tribute in this issue as one of the finest purveyors of Manga Hell ever).


Marvel's Universe Online - 20/09/2002
The pervasive Marvel Universe is about to go virtual thanks to a new deal with Vivendi Universal. The 10-year deal, which grants Vivendi the right to include the entire library of more than 4,700 Marvel characters in a virutal persistent universe, will have all the favorite Marvel heroes (such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and The X-Men) available for the first time in an Online Massively Multi-Player (OLMMP) format in 2005!

"We believe there are only a few franchises existing today that are compelling enough to be a leader in the massively multi-player games market and Marvel's universe of superheroes is clearly one of them," said Ken Cron, Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal Games. "Marvel's enduring characters and fantasy-based storylines appeal to millions of fans worldwide. Its audience spans several generations and includes legions of consumers devoted to its comic books, TV shows and blockbuster movies. The combination of Marvel's strong character franchises with VU Games' global development and marketing capabilities is good news for both companies and great news for gamers."

If that's not enough to get you chomping at the bit, VU Games has also obtained the rights to release titles in multiple languages across all existing and future platforms enabling OLMMP game play, including PCs and console-based systems. (Read More)

Weapon X #1 Preview - 18/09/2002
ZENtertainment has posted a great preview of the first issue of Marvel's new WEAPON X series. "WEAPON X launches on the strength of Frank Tieri's writing, continuing the same suspenseful, go-for-the-jugular style which has continually kept his WOLVERINE run on the top-seller list," said series editor Mike Marts. "Only this time, Frank does the unexpected and applies his skill of writing stories about heroes and spins it in a different direction -- toward the savage squad of evil agents that make up the Weapon X team!"

Check out a preview of the artwork from the WEAPON X series debut "Hunt For Sabretooth" here.

X2 News - 16/09/2002
Coming Attractions has posted the news that Beast (aka Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy) will be appearing in X-Men 2. Everyone's favourite furry blue mutant will be played by actor Steve Bacic who has appeared in a number of TV shows and feature films including The 6th Day, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files and Earth: Final Conflict.

While it is reported that Bacic's role will only be a cameo part in the film -- there's every indication he could reprise the character again in X-Men 3. Check out the CA article here (which also includes news of Nightcrawler's role in the film and a mention of a dogfight in the skies between the X-Jet and a squadron of F-16 fighter jets!)

Madman in Sydney for Comicfest! 2002 - 13/09/2002
Madman Entertainment is heading to Sydney for comicfest! 2002 at the Bankstown Town Hall, November 16 & 17.

Madman has a big role to play at this year's event as they will be hosting Kyle Hebert, the voice of Teen Gohan from DragonBall Z (amongst others), sponsoring the Madman Anime Theatre and the special COSPLAY competition, as well as hosting a special talk to answer questions about what goes on behind the scenes at an Australian anime distributor and what you can expect to see & hear from Madman in the upcoming months.

Other anime stuff to look forward to includes the Kamehameha Blast-Off comp hosted by Kyle (Teen Gohan) Hebert himself, an Anime Karaoke Session, SUGOI - An Introduction to the World of Anime panel, the launch of Vampire Hunter D on DVD as well as a How To Draw DragonBall Z for the artists in us all.

And that's just the DBZ and Madman anime stuff that has been organised so far! Make sure you check out for even more information.

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