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Complete Skinwalker In One Trade Paperback - 11/11/2002
Oni Press is pleased to announce the March release of the trade paperback collection of its acclaimed 2002 series, SKINWALKER. Written by comics newcomers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, and illustrated in an innovative pencils/digital graytones style by Brian Hurtt (QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED) and Eisner-nominee Arthur Dela Cruz (KISSING CHAOS), the four-issue miniseries follows an FBI agent, and a Native American reservation police officer on a cross-country manhunt, chasing a killer who doesn’t just slay his victims, but takes over their bodies, as well. (Read More)

Frank Miller Strikes Back! - 9/11/2002
Frank Miller, the writer/artist of the classic reinvention of Batman, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, has has been interviewed by Waldenbooks about his experiences revisiting the character in the long-awaited sequel THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK. The critically acclaimed three-issue series is now being collected in hardcover, as is a new hardcover edition of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. You can read the full interview with Miller in the DC Online Newsletter.

SLG Publisher Mr. Bob Interviewed in Sequential Tart - 8/11/2002
Slave Labor Graphics' very own Publisher, Bob Simpkins, has been interviewed in the November issue of Sequential Tart. Learn about the history of the company, and more! Click here to read the article:

Darkie's Mob - Back in Action - 7/11/2002
Following a huge resurgence of interest in classic British war comics of the 1970s, 2000AD Online has announced that the Judge Dredd Megazine has struck a deal with Egmont Magazines Ltd to republish the best of Battle Picture Weekly - beginning with the brutal and brilliant Darkie's Mob.

Written by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner and illustrated by the legendary Mike Western, Darkie's Mob tells the tale of the mysterious Captain Joe Darkie, who leads a rag-tag bunch of British soldiers behind Japanese lines in Burma in the Second World War, transforming them into a terrifying guerrilla force. First published in 1976-77, and unseen for over 20 years, Darkie's Mob returns in Judge Dredd Megazine 202, on sale in January 2003. (Read More)

New Dragonball Z Wallpaper - 5/11/2002
SHONEN JUMP is getting ready to power up with a 288 page (and 1/2 inch thick) first issue preparing to hit the streets in a few short weeks. In anticpation of the comic's impending release, a second Dragon Ball Z wallpaper is now ready for action on Goku and Gohan tip the 'scales' in a prehistoric adventure perfect
for your desktop pattern!

Battle Royale Novel in February - 4/11/2002
Viz Communications today announced its February 2003 release of Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. A brutal, high-octane thriller, the novel touched a nerve in Japan where, like post-Columbine America, senseless youth violence dominated headlines. As a result, Battle Royale became a runaway best seller and is now available for the first time in English from Viz as a 504-page novel for only $15.95 US.

Told in breathless, blow-by-blow fashion, Battle Royale—a cross between the Survivor reality TV show and Stephen King's The Running Man—starts with an irresistible premise: each year, a randomly selected class of high school students is taken to a deserted island, where each is given a map, food, water and a weapon. As part of a ruthless authoritarian program, the students are required to wear special collars, which will explode when they break a rule, and are then forced to fight each other to the death for three days until only one survivor remains. (Read More)

J. Torres and Scott Chantler Take You Back To Days Like This In Graphic Novel - 2/11/2002
This March, Oni Press will be bringing a graphic novel to the comics racks worthy of the name "original". Written by J. Torres (THE COPYBOOK TALES, X-MEN UNLIMITED) and illustrated by Scott Chantler, DAYS LIKE THIS is the fictionalized account of one woman’s ambitions in the music industry and the teenage girl group she creates.

Set circa 1962, it revolves around Harmony Plaza, a buzzing factory for pop music. Hits for bands all across the world are written there, and teenage heartthrobs like Dana Darling and Robbie Mann got their start in those musical hallways. So did Anna Solomon, now ex-wife of music mogul Abe Solomon. Anna is taking her divorce settlement and starting her own music label. Her first signing comes when she discovers Christina James and her two friends singing at their high school talent show—and Tina and the Tiaras are born. (Read More)

Mix Bag of Anime - 30/10/2002
Hiroshi Aro, the artist of Futaba-Kun Change! and You & Me has been interviewed on Animerica Mag. Aro discusses writing comedy, magazine editors and drawing manga left-handed.

Animerica are also looking for you to nominate your favourites for the 2002 Animerica Fan Awards! Voting will start soon so make sure you let them know who your all-time favourite anime characters, series and creators are.

Also up this week in the Shonen Jump downloads section is a new Naturo wallpaper for your desktop!

Hsu and Chan Come To SLG Publishing - 28/10/2002
Slave Labor Graphics have announced that Hsu and Chan Tanaka, the heroes of the popular Electronic Gaming Monthly strip by Norm Scott, will be debuting in a new, quarterly series featuring all-new material in January 2003, when SLG Publishing releases Hsu and Chan #1.

In their adventures, the brothers Hsu and Chan Tanaka design high-quality video games (with only the occasional cheap knock-off), try to pick up on girls, battle evil competitors, and peddle their wares at video game trade shows. Once in a while, they even fight supernatural forces that threaten their very existence. In issue one, "Curse of the Ancients", Hsu and Chan unwittingly come into possession of an ancient artifact that catapults them into a wild escapade featuring a giant dragon and action worthy of Kung Fu Theater. Also features a chipmunk. (Read More)

Oni Shoots New Crime Trade Your Way - 26/10/2002
This February, when the storm clouds will be gathering in the sky Oni Press is bringing you a little dose of gray morality grimmer than any winter weather. Crime novelist Gary Phillips (THE PERPETRATORS, SHOOTER'S POINT) and artist Brett Weldele (COUSCOUS EXPRESS) join creative forces for SHOT CALLERZ, a new trade paperback collecting last summer's hardboiled miniseries.

"Gary comes from the book trade and the skills he's developed in that medium shine throughout his comics," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "SHOT CALLERZ shares the kind of street-smart sensibilities found in all of Gary's books, and now it can share their spot on the bookshelf, too." (Read More)

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