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J. Torres and Scott Chantler Take You Back To Days Like This In Graphic Novel - 2/11/2002
This March, Oni Press will be bringing a graphic novel to the comics racks worthy of the name "original". Written by J. Torres (THE COPYBOOK TALES, X-MEN UNLIMITED) and illustrated by Scott Chantler, DAYS LIKE THIS is the fictionalized account of one woman’s ambitions in the music industry and the teenage girl group she creates.

Set circa 1962, it revolves around Harmony Plaza, a buzzing factory for pop music. Hits for bands all across the world are written there, and teenage heartthrobs like Dana Darling and Robbie Mann got their start in those musical hallways. So did Anna Solomon, now ex-wife of music mogul Abe Solomon. Anna is taking her divorce settlement and starting her own music label. Her first signing comes when she discovers Christina James and her two friends singing at their high school talent show—and Tina and the Tiaras are born. (Read More)

Mix Bag of Anime - 30/10/2002
Hiroshi Aro, the artist of Futaba-Kun Change! and You & Me has been interviewed on Animerica Mag. Aro discusses writing comedy, magazine editors and drawing manga left-handed.

Animerica are also looking for you to nominate your favourites for the 2002 Animerica Fan Awards! Voting will start soon so make sure you let them know who your all-time favourite anime characters, series and creators are.

Also up this week in the Shonen Jump downloads section is a new Naturo wallpaper for your desktop!

Hsu and Chan Come To SLG Publishing - 28/10/2002
Slave Labor Graphics have announced that Hsu and Chan Tanaka, the heroes of the popular Electronic Gaming Monthly strip by Norm Scott, will be debuting in a new, quarterly series featuring all-new material in January 2003, when SLG Publishing releases Hsu and Chan #1.

In their adventures, the brothers Hsu and Chan Tanaka design high-quality video games (with only the occasional cheap knock-off), try to pick up on girls, battle evil competitors, and peddle their wares at video game trade shows. Once in a while, they even fight supernatural forces that threaten their very existence. In issue one, "Curse of the Ancients", Hsu and Chan unwittingly come into possession of an ancient artifact that catapults them into a wild escapade featuring a giant dragon and action worthy of Kung Fu Theater. Also features a chipmunk. (Read More)

Oni Shoots New Crime Trade Your Way - 26/10/2002
This February, when the storm clouds will be gathering in the sky Oni Press is bringing you a little dose of gray morality grimmer than any winter weather. Crime novelist Gary Phillips (THE PERPETRATORS, SHOOTER'S POINT) and artist Brett Weldele (COUSCOUS EXPRESS) join creative forces for SHOT CALLERZ, a new trade paperback collecting last summer's hardboiled miniseries.

"Gary comes from the book trade and the skills he's developed in that medium shine throughout his comics," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "SHOT CALLERZ shares the kind of street-smart sensibilities found in all of Gary's books, and now it can share their spot on the bookshelf, too." (Read More)

Sex Cels: The Sensual Appeal of Anime Characters - 23/10/2002
What is sexy? How is it defined? And how can the word "sexy" be applied to a bunch of made-up cartoon and comic book characters?

To answer these and other important questions, Animerica Mag have posted an online contemplation of the sensual appeal of anime characters. Including a guide to the sensual appeal of anime archetypes, an introduction to today's top 10 sexiest manga artists and character designers and a definitive listing of the top 100 sexiest anime characters ever this collection of articles is a must read for all connoisseurs of fine anime!

Also up this week in the Shonen Jump downloads section is a new SandLand wallpaper that has been scientifically formulated to leave you 'thirsty' to learn more about Akira Toriyama's fantastic desert adventure!

Get the Third Blue Monday Special and Be Nobody's Fool - 21/10/2002
Oni Press have announced all the spicy details for the final installment of the recent run of holiday-themed BLUE MONDAY one-shots. Series creator Chynna Clugston-Major will team with the publisher to release NOBODY’S FOOL in February. The regular-sized comic will be broken into two stories, one for Saint Patrick’s Day and one for April Fool’s Day.

"We went round and round on what to do for the final special," commented Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "There was talk of Easter, to see what Chynna would do to the Easter bunny and the holiest of holidays, but our two favorite choices were St. Patty’s and April Fool’s. Finally, we decided to just do both." (Read More)

William Gaines: Tales From Beyond The Crypt - 19/10/2002
In this month's edition of THE COMICS JOURNAL Audio Archive comics publisher Fantagraphics is paying a posthumous call on legendary EC Comics publisher WILLIAM GAINES. Gaines is reported to be one of publishers responsible for perhaps the first genuine renaissance in the comic book field, and later served as an inspiration for much of the underground comix movement. In these MP3s, the genial Mr. Gaines discusses horror comics, his testimony before the 1950s Senate Subcommittee hearings on "Comics and Juvenile Delinquency," the creation of the much-reviled Comics Code Authority, Harvey Kurtzman, MAD Magazine, and much more. Check them at

Limited Edition Arwyn Statue By Vincenzo Cucca and Ciro Vignef - 17/10/2002
The beautiful archer Arwyn, and her faithful dog Kreeg, from the hit CrossGen Comics title Sojourn, has been brought to life in the first CrossGen statue by Dynamic Forces! Standing at 7 1/2" tall on a 4" wide base, the beautiful Arwyn has been modelled in meticulous detail in a high-quality, limited edition statue. The painting, done by Dan Lane, complements the CrossGen sculpts done by Vincenzo Cucca and Ciro Vignes as Arwyn stands surveying the countryside for the evil Mordath. An Ashleigh statue is also on the way.

Christine Norrie's Cheat Marks Second Original Graphic Novel - 16/10/2002
In April 2002, Oni Press published their first original graphic novel—DUMPED by Andi Watson. The bittersweet tale of relationships that rise and fall and the broken people caught on the waves of romance was an instant hit with comics readers, and continues to be one of Oni’s best back catalogue titles. Now, nearly a year later, Oni is looking to repeat that success with CHEAT, the first full-length work by writer/artist Christine Norrie (HOPELESS SAVAGES).

CHEAT is the story of Janey and Marc, a married couple in modern-day NYC. When Marc is forced to go on another in a long line of business trips, a lonely Janey ends up spending time with Davis—whose wife is, coincidentally, also out of town. One thing leads to another, and they end up spending the night together. What follows are Janey’s attempts to resume her normal life, as she struggles with the decision to tell her husband what she has done and considers the long-term ramifications adultery can have on a relationship. (Read More)

Lawerence to Direct Hellblazer Movie - 14/10/2002
From Sci Fi Wire comes the news that Francis Lawerence, who has directed video clips for prestigous groups and artists such as Aerosmith, Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Will Smith and Britney Spears, is in talks to make his feature directorial debut on Constantine, a film adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comic book Hellblazer, with no less than Matrix star Keanu Reeves in the title role.

Reeves will star as John Constantine, a man who dabbles in the occult and teams with a female police officer to fight evil forces, the trade paper reported. Kevin Brodbin (The Glimmer Man) wrote the original script, with a rewrite by Mark Bomback and Frank Cappello.

Unfortunately for Constantine fans, a draft of the script (which adapts Garth Ennis' famous "Dangerous Habits" story-line) has already received a critical review on Follow the link above for the full, spoiler-packed review.

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