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Australia Day weekend! - 25/01/2014
Just a lil' post to let you know that we'll be closed Sunday 26th January (Australia Day) - and open on Monday 27th January 10.30am - 4pm! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Last Issue Of 2013 - First Issue of 2014 Incoming! - 31/12/2013
Happy New Year! We'll be open til 5pm today - then recovering tomorrow (New Years Day) from all the excitement of changing our calendars over. But we'll be back bright and early and open at 10.30 (well, kinda early!) on Friday 2nd January for our first comic selling day of 2014! From all 3 of us - Cheers for the N'Years!

Christmas Times! - 24/12/2013
Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa - and any others I've forgotten - to all of you, from all of us!

We'll be closed Christmas and Boxing Day - but open again on Friday 27th December for all your post-Christmas goodness!

Graphic Action - A West End Adventure! - 7/08/2013
The funky WordPress site West End Adventures has visited our store and put up a little piece about our store - and their visit!

Check it out here -

And have a look at some of the other cool nearby places they've visited. There may well be some places to add to your checklist of places to check out (that's a lot of checking and placing!) before or after visiting Graphic Action Comics.

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday May 4th! - 1/05/2013
May the 4th be free comic book day for you!

Yes - it's that time of year again - FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

No - you don't get to choose any comic in the store for free, but you can choose one free comics from a wide selection of Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Archie - and many more!

This will be for one day only - Saturday 4th May - so drop by (we're open 10.30am - 5.30pm)- and make your choice and take your comic!

You may even want to check out some of this week's latest releases from this weeks What's New list.

Anzac Day - 24/04/2013
Just a quick note to let you all know we'll be closed this Thursday 25th April for ANZAC Day.

Our respects to the diggers - and all the armed forces that have served our country.

We'll be back on Friday with all the new stuffs!

Happy Easter (Hours)! - 27/03/2013
There will be chocolate. There will be resurrection. There will be rocks rolling away from tombstones, and bunnies.

And there will be Graphic Action Comics!

Firstly - we hope to have new comics over the weekend - hopefully we'll get them Thursday - but if not - I'll update this post!

Secondly - We're open - just not for Good Friday!


THURSDAY 28/3/12 - OPEN 10.30 am - 6pm
SATURDAY 30/3/13 - OPEN - 10.30am - 5pm
(EASTER) SUNDAY 31/3/13 - OPEN - 10.30am - 3.30pm
(EASTER) MONDAY 1st April 2103 - Open - 10.30am - 4pm

Hope Easter is wonderful for all!

Australian All Day! - 22/01/2013
With Australia Day falling on a Saturday - and us being patriots and all, we'd like to let you know we'll be closed on Saturday 26th January. We'll be open regular times on Sunday (10.30-3.30) and holiday times on Monday (10.30 - 4) - but apart from that - business as usual!

And we will have new stuff in time for Australia Day weekend!

We thought about opening on Australia Day - but that's plain unpatriotic!

Christmas and New Year 2012! - 23/12/2012
Happy Christmas/Festivus/FestiveSeason - Whichever festival you celebrate!

We're looking forward to a hearty stack of Graphic Goodness under our tree on the 25th December. Such a hearty stack that we'll be reading all day on 26th December too.

We'll come back, get some new cool stuff in the store - then start the first day of 2013 with a holiday - then kick it along until we feel patriotic enough for another holiday off!

Merry Festives To All from all of us at Graphic Action Comics!

TLDR Version (Too Long Didn't Read Version)


Monday 24th December
(Christmas Eve) - OPEN - 10.30am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 25th December
(Christmas Day - CLOSED - ALL DAY LONG!

Wednesday 26th December

Thursday 27th December - Monday 31st December

Tuesday 1st January 2013 - CLOSED
(New Years Day)

Wednesday 2nd January 2013 - and beyond! All back to normal!

(except for Australia Day, when it would be plain unpatriotic to sell comics!)

Site Repair! - 20/11/2012
We'd received a lot of reports about problems accessing our site, problems checking out, and problems with pages loading. It seems for a couple of weeks in early November - site orders weren't getting through to us.

This was due to our host migrating to a new server - but we got our Top Man onto the job - and it all appears to be working fine!

If you have any problems - feel free to drop us an email at either - or alternatively - - or call on 0249295717 - and we'll sort it out!

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