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New Site Feature : Coming Soon - 2/12/2002
Ever wanted to know what's going to happen in future issues of a comic but haven't your own copy of Previews around? Graphic Action Comics are here to solve that problem!

The newest addition to our website is a treasure-chest of teasers and synopses for a huge list of comics -- available months in advance to their release date! Not only do we have plot synopses from the big companies, Marvel and DC, but also for smaller and independent comic publishers - like Crossgen, Slave Labor and Oni Press. You can find this new section by following the "Coming Soon" link in the site's navbar. We'll be keeping the list of new titles up to date each month, so check back regularly to find out what's in store for all your favourite characters and comics!

Be Spirited Away in Cinemas This December - 29/11/2002
This year the work of great Japanase animator Hayao Miyazaki will be presented to the wider audience that it deserves with the release of his new film SPIRITED AWAY on December 12th in 35 cinemas around Australia. Presented primarily in dubbed format in Hoyts & Village multiplexes, 2 cinemas will also be running the subtitled version - the Nova Cinema, Melbourne and & Chauvel Cinema, Sydney.

SPIRITED AWAY follows the fanciful adventures of a ten-year old girl named Chihro, who discovers a secret world when she and her parents get lost and venture through a hillside tunnel.

After her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, Chihro must fend for herself as she encounters strange spirits, assorted creatures and a grumpy sorceress who seeks to prevent her from returning to the human world.

The whole season of SPIRITED AWAY will run an expected 5 - 8 weeks; so the troops will need to get in early. As the cinemas showing the movie are confirmed they will be published on the site.

The Truth Wants To Be Free - 28/11/2002
The TRUTH is everywhere. In Entertainment Weekly, The Sydney Herald, Spin, The Source, the Associated Press, The Post, the Daily News and the Inquirer.

Marvel's TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK, the six-issue mini-series revealing the controversial secret origin of Captain America, is this year's crossover comic book event, with more mainstream press still on the horizon. So for readers who might have missed out on the rapidly selling-out first issue or this week's MARVEL MUST HAVE edition, has published a special full DOTCOMIC edition of TRUTH #1 - all 23 pages, absolutely free.

Second Hopeless Savages Outing Grounded As One Trade - 26/11/2002
This March, the Hopeless-Savage family will muscle its way into yet another slot on the bookshelves with their second trade paperback collection, HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO (click here for a four page preview). Written by Jen Van Meter (BATMAN: GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM) and illustrated by Bryan O’Malley (ONI PRESS COLOR SPECIAL 2002), this four-part series focuses on the travails of the youngest daughter, Zero, as her first crush runs headlong into a string of bad luck that gets her grounded.

“Zero kind of stepped to the forefront of the book by narrating the first story line,” Van Meter commented, “and I liked her perspective so much, I wanted to stick with it. Plus, she’s the sibling that, as far as the present time is concerned, is the one growing and developing as a person. This allows us to focus on a main story about her learning experiences, and then draw on the pasts of the other characters to provide object lessons about what she is going through.” (Read More)

Austen & Asamiya Show Their Dominance - 24/11/2002
UNCANNY X-MEN's new regular creative team of writer Chuck Austen and manga superstar artist Kia Asamiya begin their first story arc together this January in "Dominant Species".

The storyline not only gives readers a look at new team recruits Northstar and Husk in action for the first time, but it also introduces a powerful new force to the X-Men Universe.

"DOMINANT SPECIES introduces a new breed of mutants bent on destroying humankind, along with any mutant who would stand with humanity," explains editor Mike Marts. "Of course this leads them into direct conflict with the Uncanny X-Men. And the cost of this conflict WILL be enormously high."

The story kicks off in UNCANNY X-MEN #417 and continues later that month in UNCANNY X-MEN #418. A preview DotComic of the action is online right now at, and to wet the appetite, here's a look at the first two pages. (Read More)

The Clock Ticks On Wolverine & The Hulk - 21/11/2002
Forget Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Move over Tom Cruise and Will Smith. Two of 2003's biggest box-office giants are The House of Marvel's own Wolverine and the Hulk, and early next year the two stars team up in a Marvel-style 'buddy flick' ... only these buddies fight. HULK/WOLVERINE: 6 HOURS debuts this January with the release of the first two issues of this new four-issue limited series.

Featuring art by Scott Kolins and covers by Simon Bisley, 6 HOURS is written by Bruce Jones, the critic and fan-favorite writer of INCREDIBLE HULK. Covering just six hours in 'real time', the series pits the Hulk and Wolverine in a race against a ticking clock and on-the-run drug dealers to save the life of a young boy. Read on for a sneak-peak of the cover and first two pages from this monstrous beat-up. (Read More)

Oni Brings Out The Midnight Mover - 20/11/2002
Forget U-Haul. This March, the only mover you need is MIDNIGHT MOVER, a four-issue miniseries by crime maestro Gary Phillips and his accomplices, artists Jeremy Love and Jeff Wasson. Featuring covers by HARLEY QUINN artist Mike Huddleston (THE COFFIN), this tale of sex and murder features the seedy world of the Los Angeles porn industry more commonly found on late night pay cable than in comic books.

“Gary Phillips isn’t like other comic writers,” said series editor James Lucas Jones. “He brings a different kind of wit, experience, and point-of-view to a North American comic scene that often seems stagnant. SHOT CALLERZ, his first comics work, brought the intensity and street-level brutality of his prose to a whole new audience. MIDNIGHT MOVER promises the same urban thrills and even crazier characters.” (Read More)

Hoshi No Koe Reviewed - 18/11/2002
Animerica Mag has posted an excellent review of Makoto Shinkai's ground-breaking independent film "Hoshi no Koe".
"The story of Hoshi no Koe takes place in the near future. A girl has been selected to become a pilot for a battle robot, and she is sent to travel far away from the solar system. Her boyfriend is left behind on Earth, and their innocent relationship develops by writing to each other via a type of e-mail. The film's gimmick is that the farther away the girl travels, the longer it takes for the mail to arrive. At first, the mail can be exchanged almost instantly. But then, it takes several days to arrive, then weeks, then months and eventually even years. The time lag begins to come between their understanding of the two characters."
Hoshi no Koe has been licensed for U.S. release through ADV Films under the title "The Voices of a Distant Star". For a sneak peek at the upcoming release, see the trailer on the (Japanese only) website:

Comicfest! This Weekend - 14/11/2002
A reminder to all anime and Dragonball Z fans out there: Comicfest! is upon us once again, and is taking place this Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of November at the Bankstown Town Hall, Bankstown. Make sure you're there to catch all the exciting action:
  • Meet the voice of Teen Gohan, Kyle Hebert, and get your fave stuff signed by him
  • Listen to Kyle's behind the scenes info about voicing DBZ during his talk on Saturday.
  • Watch all new and exclusive screenings of Madman's upcoming titles on the big screen all day in Madman Anime Theatre including screenings of DragonBall Z season 5 and the exclusive Australian premiere of Fruits Basket with thanks to FUNimation.
  • Enter the Kamehameha Blast-Off comp judged by Teen Gohan himself
  • Attend daily How To Draw DragonBall Z clinics run by comicfest!'s own artist, Tim McEwen
Comicfest! attendees are also invited to dress up as their favourite anime, manga or Japanese themed character and enter the Madman Cosplay Contest for a chance to win great prizes, while no self-respecting anime fan would want to miss out on their chance to sing their favourite anime theme song in the Anime Karaoke Session!

Tickets are $8.00 each daily. Available at the door.

New Jhonen Vasquez Artwork in Too Much Coffee Man - 13/11/2002
Issues #15 and #16 of Shannon Wheeler's magazine Too Much Coffee Man each have a new strip by Invader Zim creator and all-round evil genius Jhonen Vasquez! (No, not that kind of strip, you sicko. Comic strips. The kind with words and pictures.) So go out and get yourself those issues. You may even want to pick up other issues as well -- Bob Simpkins claims that they have mystical powers.

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