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Atomic City Tales gets first collection - 21/12/2002
In April 2003, a year after the release of ATOMIC CITY TALES, VOL. I: GO POWER!, Oni Press is ecstatic to bring you the second volume of Jay Stephens’ influential and innovative superhero comic book. ATOMIC CITY TALES, VOL 2: DOC PHANTOM collects the three-issue miniseries originally published by Kitchen Sink. This staple of alternative comics looks at the fleeting feelings of fame, and an insecure hero who can’t get past the fact he wasn’t invited to the party of Atomic City’s lead supervillain. This will be the first time these comics will have appeared under one cover. (Read More)

Ringside Seats To Thunderbolts #76 - 20/12/2002
Comics readers have been buzzing since the radical new "Fight Club"-style direction of the Thunderbolts was revealed. And now after the interviews with the new creative team, the preview images, and the message board debates, it's finally time for fans to read for themselves what the hoopla is all about.

A special DOTCOMIC 12-page preview of February's THUNDERBOLTS#76, the debut of the new direction and the new creative team of writer John Arcudi and artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco, is available right now at - and the first three pages are here at Graphic Action. (Read More)

Newtype USA #1 A Roaring Success - 19/12/2002
Newtype USA: The Moving Pictures Magazine has launched with a roar in Australia!  Within a month of its release, issue one is no longer available from the official Australian distributor, Madman Entertainment.

Imported from Japan for years by collectors, Newtype has long been known as the magazine with the latest and greatest anime news.  Well respected by the Japanese studios and with almost 20 years in publication, ADV Films of the U.S. worked aggressively to ensure Newtype received an English language release.  The sell-out success of issue one in the U.S. led to a doubling of the print run for issue two.  With copies of issue one disappearing quickly from the shelves, its reputation as the “must-have” magazine for the anime fan seems well deserved. (Read More)

Defilippis, Weir, & Hurtt Strike Out in New Mini - 16/12/2002
Oni Press is pleased to announce the April debut of THREE STRIKES, a tense, five-issue suspense comic from the creative team of Oni's critically acclaimed miniseries SKINWALKER. This all-new series reunites writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir with artist Brian Hurtt (QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED) and will focus on college student Rey Quintana and bail enforcement agent Noah Conway as they're set on a collision course that will change both their lives forever. Utilizing the split narrative style that turned so many heads on SKINWALKER, THREE STRIKES examines the difference between law and justice and how one choice can alter everything. (Read More)

Oni Press Solicitations April 2003 - 13/12/2002
The Oni Press solicitations for titles shipping in April 2003 have arrived. Featured this month is the MR. GUM one-off by Mike "X-STATIX" Allred, the return to print of Scott Morse's VISITATIONS and the final issue of KILLER PRINCESSES. Check them all out in the Coming Soon Section of this site.

Return of Doom Unthinkable - 12/12/2002
Doctor Doom has been trying to get rid of the Fantastic Four for years, and in March he finally succeeds ... for one month at least.

FANTASTIC FOUR #67 serves as the opening chapter of "UNTHINKABLE", a five-part story arc that features the return of Doom ... and Marvel readers know when Doom does anything, he does it big!

In an issue completely devoted to the classic villain, Doom seeks out a piece of his past - a piece that holds the key to his future... (Read More)

The Rawhide Kid Rides Again - 10/12/2002
The NY Post has is running an article on The Rawhide Kid, who made his comics debut in the 1950s and will soon be blasting his way out of the closet. The Kid will be revealed as a gay gunslinger in a new series that Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada has dubbed "the first gay Western". The Marvel honcho said the Kid won't make any pronouncements about his sexual orientation but promised readers will "know it from the moment you see him."

"It's a classic Western, like ‘Shane,' but with a gay twist," said series writer Ron Zimmerman. While the story has "a comedic slant," Zimmerman said he hopes the 21st-century kid is "an empowering character that the gay community would be able to embrace."

Gilbert Hernandez Speaks - 6/12/2002
THE COMICS JOURNAL AUDIO ARCHIVES, a monthly online selection of interviews culled from the massive library of audiotapes accumulated by the magazine in the course of its 26-year history, continues with this month's MP3s from issue #126 from 1989 -- just over an hour of excerpts from GARY GROTH's interview with GILBERT HERNANDEZ, one-third of the creative team behind the comic book that launched a thousand indy comics, LOVE AND ROCKETS. Gilbert discusses his comics-obsessed childhood, his influences, the "Heartbreak Soup" stories, drawing, how he creates his stories... even a word or two about why The Comics Journal's bad attitude gets people so riled up. The address is:

Please note that these files will be removed on December 13, to make room for the next archival excerpt.

Marvel Ultimate Sweeps a Near December Sweep - 5/12/2002
Two months ago Marvel designated December 2002 "ULTIMATE SWEEPS MONTH" - a key month where Marvel's most accessible series - led by the debut of ULTIMATE WAR - would all begin new storylines or contain important events, presenting retailers with the opportunity to introduce the industry's most popular series to new readers.

It turns out the "Sweeps" designation was not only descriptive but prophetic, as December's ULTIMATE titles nearly swept Diamond's TOP TEN Sales Chart for the month.

The chart charge was led, of course, but the first two issues of Mark Millar and Chris Bachalo's ULTIMATE WAR limited series, pitting the Ultimate X-Men against The Ultimates. ULTIMATE WAR #1 & 2 finished #1 and #2 respectively on the Top Ten chart, giving Marvel the distinction of being the LAST publisher to pull off the rare feat of placing consecutive issues of one title with the same creative team in the top two positions (during 1996's 'Heroes Reborn' era) and the LATEST. (Read More)

X-Statix #6: Love, Conflict and Xavier - 3/12/2002
Love, danger, inner team turmoil and a guest-starring role by one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. What more could a Marvel fan want from an X-title?

X-Statix readers will get them all beginning in December's X-STATIX #6, when the critically-acclaimed creative team of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred begin "The Moons of Venus", a new, three-part story arc that serves as a great "jumping-on" point for the series and introduces new complications for the mutant media stars.

According to editor Axel Alonso, those new complications involve a "new and lethal enemy for the team; a budding attraction/love within the team; and an appearance by none other than Professor X, who plays a pivotal role in the story."

Check out the following preview pages for a taste of the action and then head over to for the full eight-page DOTCOMICS preview. (Read More)

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