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Ultimate Spider-Man #36 Preview - 27/12/2002
The long-awaited debut of VENOM in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is proving as popular as it is mysterious. Boosted by the promised appearance of Spider-Man's most deadly foe, the sold-out ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33 ranked #5 on Diamond's Top Ten books for December 2002. Parts 2 & 3 of the story arc fared even better. Ultimate Spider-Man #34 & 35 came in as Diamond's third and fourth best-selling books of January 2003.

But while readers and retailers are devouring issues, they're still waiting for answers. Exactly who and what VENOM is has yet to be revealed. To keep the speculation brewing, has posted a special 5-page dotComic preview of February's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #36. Readers can check it out here. (Read More)

Little Scrowlie joins SLG - 26/12/2002
SLG publisher Bob Simpkins announced this week that the self-published series Little Scrowlie would be joining Slave Labor Graphics' line of titles, starting in March 2003.

Little Scrowlie came to life in 1999, when Jennifer Feinberg and Todd Meister began publishing these whimsical and satirical tales of suburban Goth culture through their own label, Chi Comics. Through convention appearances, internet sales, and eventually limited comic-book store distribution through Cold Cut and Last Gasp, the series developed a cult following, but only saw about one issue published per year. Freed from the business obligations of self-publishing and distributing, Jen and Todd expect their productivity to increase considerably in the months to come. (Read More)

Ultimate Sweeps becomes Marvel Must Have - 24/12/2002
Marvel's ULTIMATE SWEEPS Month continues to live up to its advance billing. Led by the debut of ULTIMATE WAR #1, the December ULTIMATE titles nearly swept the top of Diamond's sales charts, and now readers are sweeping it out of comic stores everywhere.

To help meet the growing demand, Marvel announces the rush-solicitation of MARVEL MUST HAVES: ULTIMATE WAR. For just $3.99 US, this special edition collects three sold-out issues, including the chart-topping ULTIMATE WAR #1. Also collected is ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33, the beginning of the red-hot VENOM story arc, and ULTIMATE X-MEN #26. This prologue to the "Return of the King" story arc features the 'ultimate' showdown between the X-Men and Magneto. (Read More)

Christmas break opening hours - 22/12/2002
Just a short update to let you know that Graphic Action Comics will be open regular hours through-out the Christmas and New Years break. However the store will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. The good news is that the store will be open until 6:00pm on December 24th (Christmas Eve) for all your last-minute Christmas shopping needs.

Atomic City Tales gets first collection - 21/12/2002
In April 2003, a year after the release of ATOMIC CITY TALES, VOL. I: GO POWER!, Oni Press is ecstatic to bring you the second volume of Jay Stephens’ influential and innovative superhero comic book. ATOMIC CITY TALES, VOL 2: DOC PHANTOM collects the three-issue miniseries originally published by Kitchen Sink. This staple of alternative comics looks at the fleeting feelings of fame, and an insecure hero who can’t get past the fact he wasn’t invited to the party of Atomic City’s lead supervillain. This will be the first time these comics will have appeared under one cover. (Read More)

Ringside Seats To Thunderbolts #76 - 20/12/2002
Comics readers have been buzzing since the radical new "Fight Club"-style direction of the Thunderbolts was revealed. And now after the interviews with the new creative team, the preview images, and the message board debates, it's finally time for fans to read for themselves what the hoopla is all about.

A special DOTCOMIC 12-page preview of February's THUNDERBOLTS#76, the debut of the new direction and the new creative team of writer John Arcudi and artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco, is available right now at - and the first three pages are here at Graphic Action. (Read More)

Newtype USA #1 A Roaring Success - 19/12/2002
Newtype USA: The Moving Pictures Magazine has launched with a roar in Australia!  Within a month of its release, issue one is no longer available from the official Australian distributor, Madman Entertainment.

Imported from Japan for years by collectors, Newtype has long been known as the magazine with the latest and greatest anime news.  Well respected by the Japanese studios and with almost 20 years in publication, ADV Films of the U.S. worked aggressively to ensure Newtype received an English language release.  The sell-out success of issue one in the U.S. led to a doubling of the print run for issue two.  With copies of issue one disappearing quickly from the shelves, its reputation as the “must-have” magazine for the anime fan seems well deserved. (Read More)

Defilippis, Weir, & Hurtt Strike Out in New Mini - 16/12/2002
Oni Press is pleased to announce the April debut of THREE STRIKES, a tense, five-issue suspense comic from the creative team of Oni's critically acclaimed miniseries SKINWALKER. This all-new series reunites writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir with artist Brian Hurtt (QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED) and will focus on college student Rey Quintana and bail enforcement agent Noah Conway as they're set on a collision course that will change both their lives forever. Utilizing the split narrative style that turned so many heads on SKINWALKER, THREE STRIKES examines the difference between law and justice and how one choice can alter everything. (Read More)

Oni Press Solicitations April 2003 - 13/12/2002
The Oni Press solicitations for titles shipping in April 2003 have arrived. Featured this month is the MR. GUM one-off by Mike "X-STATIX" Allred, the return to print of Scott Morse's VISITATIONS and the final issue of KILLER PRINCESSES. Check them all out in the Coming Soon Section of this site.

Return of Doom Unthinkable - 12/12/2002
Doctor Doom has been trying to get rid of the Fantastic Four for years, and in March he finally succeeds ... for one month at least.

FANTASTIC FOUR #67 serves as the opening chapter of "UNTHINKABLE", a five-part story arc that features the return of Doom ... and Marvel readers know when Doom does anything, he does it big!

In an issue completely devoted to the classic villain, Doom seeks out a piece of his past - a piece that holds the key to his future... (Read More)

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