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Allred and Bon make gum with Oni! - 31/01/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce the April release of the last in its trio of one-shots focusing on characters from Mike Allred’s THE ATOMICS. Written by Allred and drawn by J. Bone, the full-color MR. GUM comic focuses on the super team’s stretchy hero with the silly smile and killer wit. As with the previous one-shots, MR. GUM will feature a cover collaboration by Allred and the guest artist, and the book’s coloring will be provided by the Allred family.

“There was no other artist to draw Mr. Gum,” Allred said. “If you figured Chynna Clugston-Major was a natural choice for IT GIRL and Lawrence Marvit for SPACEMAN, then you’ll really be shocked by what a perfect fit Bone was for Mr. Gum. The man is a cartooning dynamo! I wish he could draw everything!” (Read More)

Coipel Avengers Sketchbook Preview - 29/01/2003
Over the last month Marvel readers have been treated to a 4-page preview of the work of upcoming new AVENGERS regular penciler Olivier Coipel, who joins writer Geoff Johns with March's AVENGERS #65, the first issue in the 5-part "RED ZONE" story arc.

Due to the overwhelming response by readers and retailers, Marvel is releasing even more Coipel preview material, including a 12-page dotComic preview of AVENGERS #65, and a look inside the artist's personal sketchbook, previewing his dynamic new takes on some classic Avengers characters.

Read on to see four exclusive character sketches by Coipel of Antman, Warbird, Jack Of Hearts and Wasp. (Read More)

Oni Press and SLG Solicitations - 23/01/2003
The SLG solicitations for titles arriving in April and the Oni Press solicitations for titles arriving in May have arrived.
Featured this time is the SIDEKICKS SUPER SUMMER FUN SPECIAL by J. Torres and an all-star lineup of artists as well as the first in a three volume series collecting Phil Hester's Eisner nominated series: THE WRETCH. Check out all the solicitations in the Coming Soon section of this site.

Ringo, Rolston & Morse move to head of the class - 22/01/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of the comicdom’s hippest superpowered teens, J. Torres & Takeshi Miyazawa’a SIDEKICKS. In May, Oni will be releasing an all-new, 32-page one-shot. SIDEKICKS SUPER FUN SPECIAL is a collection of stories about Terry and her pals’ summer vacation written by Torres and illustrated by some of the comics industry’s top artists.

“With Takeshi busy with work in Japan, we knew it was going to be a while before we could do the next miniseries,” said Torres. “But neither one of us wanted to go a full year without any SIDEKICKS-type fun. Our solution? We called in some of our most talented friends to give us a hand.” (Read More)

Clowes & Zwigoff go back to the movies - 20/01/2003
Fantagraphics are pleased to be able to report that United Artists has signed a first-look deal with GHOST WORLD production company Mr. Mudd for future films the company develops, and the first flick on the slate will reunite EIGHTBALL creator DANIEL CLOWES and GHOST WORLD director TERRY ZWIGOFF.

Ghost World producer and actor JOHN MALKOVICH will star in ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, inspired by the acclaimed Clowes short story from Eightball #7. United Artists will release the film domestically, with Miramax Films co-financing the picture and handling foreign distribution. The black comedy takes a satirical look at the modern art world with the story of a young man who goes to art school with the intention of becoming the Greatest Artist in the World.

Contrary to some inexplicable Hollywood reports, the protagonist is not a cop and Drew Barrymore is not attached to the film. Clowes is currently polishing the screenplay and with any luck, the movie will begin filming in 2003.

Oni Press' GEISHA returns complete - 18/01/2003
Andi Watson and Oni Press teamed up for the first time in 1998 for the original GEISHA miniseries—the story of Jomi, an android in a futuristic world. The trade paperback that followed garnered an Eisner nomination for Best Graphic Novel – Reprint. Over time, as Andi’s audience grew with BREAKFAST AFTER NOON and DUMPED, the GEISHA collection went out of print and disappeared from stores. At long last, Oni and Andi Watson are returning the book to the market. Combined now with the stand-alone GEISHA ONE-SHOT, this newly expanded book, THE COMPLETE GEISHA, will hit the shelves in May, 2003.

“Both Andi Watson and Oni Press have really taken off since we first collaborated,” said publisher Joe Nozemack, “but even if our working relationship was in its infancy, the quality of the work was not. GEISHA is still one of the jewel’s in Andi Watson’s creative crown. GEISHA is a tightly plotted story with a wonderfully constructed theme, subtle in its execution while still delivering big action.” (Read More)

Marvel Ultimates gets cover upgrade - 17/01/2003
Marvel today announced some very welcome news for fans of their ULTIMATES line. In response to the many requests of comic book retailers and Marvel readers, beginning with titles on sale February 5th, the covers to all the best-selling ULTIMATE titles will be upgraded to a new, thicker paper stock, while maintaining their signature new high-gloss finish.

The first Ultimate title featuring the new cover stock will be ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #36, the latest chapter of the red-hot ULTIMATE VENOM story arc, hitting comic shop shelves on 5/2/2003.

"Thanks to our retail partners we learned of, and then confirmed that we had a problem and found a way to resolve it," explained Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Although the new cover stock on the Ultimate titles was actually the same stock used on the entire Marvel Universe line, the high-gloss film laminate gave the illusion of it being thinner, because the added weight of the laminate forced the corners to flop. We're confident that the upgrade in paper stock will be the perfect solution."

Comic Book Heaven Celebrates Odd Comics Of Yesteryear - 15/01/2003
SLG Publishing announced this week that Scott Saavedra's cult magazine, Comic Book Heaven, will have its early and long out of print self-published issues collected in a hardcover format titled Flee, Puny Humans! The Comic Book Heaven Collection.  Comic Book Heaven debuted in 1996 as a side-project of Scott Saavedra, a life-long comics fan and professional graphic designer who is best known to comics readers as the creator of the series It's Science with Dr. Radium, Dr. Radium, Man of Science, and Java Town.  Saavedra describes CBH as "a smart-alec tour guide pointing out the least-traveled and most under appreciated corners of a still largely misunderstood popular culture realm: the comic book. I also think it's kind of funny but that's just me."

Comic Book Heaven was originally produced as a 'zine for seven issues, from 1995 to 1998, before being published by Slave Labor Graphics as a semi-annual digest-sized magazine, now on its eighth issue (due later this month).  Saavedra has found over the years that there are many other collectors of these strange old comics likehimself, and has developed many friendships as a result of the magazine.  Rick Bradford of Indy Magazine has described it as "an unabashed celebration of comic books at their goofiest."  And Diamond Comics' Previews magazine said it is "a hilarious gem that's perfect for anyone who loves vintage comics or strange looks into pop culture.  Scott Saavedra dissects the comics of bygone days with scalpel-like wit tempered with a genuine love for the material." (Read More)

Crossgen Bridges the Educational Divide - 15/01/2003
In an effort to and promote the use of comics in education and increase student literacy levels, Crossgen Entertainment have launched BRIDGES - their one-of-a-kind Teacher?s Guides that offer a supplemental reading comprehension program for schools.

The initiative takes the form of a set of spiral-bound educational books that contain six easy sections designed to foster critical thinking skills. Each book, created around a specific CrossGen Comics trade paperback, allows teachers to assign reading to their students from the book, and then to test their progress in comprehension of what they have read.

Using Meridian as the basis for intermediate elementary students (grades 4-8), and Ruse for high school students (9-12), CrossGen has engaged the help of five teachers with more than 100 combined years of classroom teaching experience to create a truly universal supplemental reading program. (Read More)

What is the First Wave? - 13/01/2003
Marvel may be keeping very tight-lipped about their new project entitled "The First Wave", but that hasn't stopped them releasing two promotion teasers to hype the event. Who is Gus Beezer and what sort of change is good? I'm not sure either, but rest assured the answer will be forthcoming later this month!

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