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Courtney Crumrin finds frightening fame - 19/02/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce that the first two issues of the Ted Naifeh miniseries, COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE COVEN OF MYSTICS, have sold out. The new series continues the adventures of Courtney, a school girl with a knack for magic and mischief who finds herself living in a spooky suburb filled with witches, talking cats, and a variety of creepy creatures. THE COVEN OF MYSTICS builds on the stories from the first COURTNEY miniseries recently collected in the COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS trade paperback.

"Ted and COURTNEY cast a glamour on everyone they come in contact with. People can't help but love her with a passion usually reserved for another spell-casting student," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Comic stores quickly gobbled up the first two issues' overprint, and when national retail chain Hot Topic placed an order for almost half the initial print run of each issue, we had no choice but to go back to press to meet the tremendous demand both inside and outside the direct market."

"We knew based on the reaction to the first miniseries that 2003 was going to be a great year for COURTNEY," added series editor James Lucas Jones. "Ted's enthusiasm for his craft and these characters is as contagious as a cold!"

"This is just the beginning of the things starting to happen with COURTNEY," Nozemack concluded. "Ted and Oni have all sorts of magical new plans for this girl and her ghouls that will be announced in the next few months".

Mystique kicks off Tsunami DotComic week - 18/02/2003
Since the April, 2003 'First Wave' of Marvel Tsunami titles were announced, readers and retailers have been asking for more information about and art from MYSTIQUE, SENTINEL, HUMAN TORCH, RUNAWAYS, VENOM and NAMOR.

Marvel has heard the requests and has responded. Monday, February 17th kicks off Marvel's TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC WEEK, 5 days of special previews of April's new series launches. It begins with an 8-page preview of MYSTIQUE, a new ongoing series by writer Brian K. Vaughan and penciler Jorge Lucas, starring the seductive shape-shifter & sometimes X-Men adversary.

The previews are being picked to present key moments from each of the debut issues to give readers a sense of the unique voice creators like Vaughan & Lucas are bringing to these diverse, easily-accessible new titles.

"The best part of James Bond flicks is almost always the opening sequence, an action-packed finale to a mysterious prior mission," said Vaughan of the preview. "This dotComic is definitely an homage to those classic scenes, but with an important twist. Because Mystique is the world's greatest master of disguise, readers will never know which character is her. She's a sexy femme fatale who can be anything you want her to be... except predictable."

The MYSTIQUE preview can be read right now at, and issue #1 goes on sale April 23rd.

Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

Mutant, Texas trade paperback mapped out - 17/02/2003
This April will see the release of the collected version of Paul Dini and J. Bone’s all-ages adventure tale, MUTANT, TEXAS: TALES OF SHERIFF IDA RED. Originally published as a four-issue miniseries, the story focuses on Jingle Belle’s superpowered pal and how she came to be the law in her town. Populated with a cast as diverse and fantastic as any comics has seen, MUTANT, TEXAS is a whimsical return to the fun punch-ups between good and evil that the medium was built on, as well as showing that the world still has heroes.

“When I first started tinkering with the idea of a town full of mutants,” Dini explained, “I saw it as a limitless playground. Anything goes here. The place was originally called Mystic, but a host of nuclear calamities changed all that—just as it changed the townspeople, critters, and plant life into something other than what they started out as. Be it a talking armadillo or a shrinking little girl, nothing is abnormal in a town like Mutant.” (Read More)

Marvel recruits new talent recruiter - 17/02/2003
Stepping up their continuing commitment to expanding comics' creative talent pool, Marvel Comics has hired Teresa Focarile as their newest Associate Editor. Focarile's chief responsibility will be recruiting new writers from the film, television, and theater communities to work on Marvel properties alongside new and established comics professionals.

Focarile comes to Marvel following years in the literary department at The Gersh Agency in New York, one of the industry's top entertainment agencies, where she worked with and represented up-and-coming writers, composers and lyricists. Focarile has also worked in the literary offices of Helen Merrill Ltd. and The Public Theater/NYSF and for The Goodman Theatre's 'Arts in Education' department.

According to the new editor, the early response to her recruiting efforts has been tremendous.

"Almost every person I talk to, whether an agent, manager or writer, thinks this new focus is a great idea and is really excited about the opportunity," said Focarile. "It's incredible how many of them are longtime Marvel Comics fans. I've already gotten a flood of submissions."

"We're very pleased that Teresa has joined our growing editorial ranks," said Marvel President & COO Bill Jemas. "She brings with her a wealth of experience working with talented writers from diverse artistic fields. Her hiring is a very important part in an overall aggressive Marvel initiative to bring new creative voices into the comic book community."

Crossgen signs Rosemann - 11/02/2003
From Major League Baseball to NCAA football, the sports world has recently announced many key talent acquisitions, and now CrossGen Entertainment has added to the signing spree by landing industry veteran Bill Rosemann. Fresh off a 10 year run at Marvel Comics, Rosemann has joined CGE’s expanding team in the newly created position of Director of Marketing Communications.

Rosemann will take over the duties held by Director of Corporate Communications, Ian M. Feller, allowing Ian to move full-time into the role of Code 6 Comics Managing Editor. As part of the newly-created position, Bill will oversee media relations, advertising and step into Ian’s shoes to become CrossGen’s primary public relations voice and liaison to the press corps. In addition, he will be responsible for organizing CrossGen’s section in Diamond’s Previews, among other marketing tasks. Rosemann will officially join CrossGen on February 24, 2003. (Read More)

The Marquis returns to Oni Press - 9/02/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of Guy Davis' THE MARQUIS in an all-new one-shot. Slated for a May release, THE MARQUIS: A SIN OF ONE continues the string of shorter stories that take place between the first volume, DANSE MACABRE, and the next major MARQUIS project DEVIL'S REIGN. Returning to the fictional land of Venisalle, A SIN OF ONE sees Vol de Galle after a new demon, one who hops from host to host, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.

"This one-shot picks up with Vol de Galle hot on the heels of a minor devil who uses the townspeople for murder, then commits suicide to elude the Marquis and escape into another body," commented series creator Guy Davis. "The Marquis is used to fighting evil with bullet and blade but now he's up against something that can use death to its advantage!" (Read More)

SLG announces new series, Outlook: Grim - 7/02/2003
Ghosts and goblins and beasties, oh my! Uninvited guests are bad enough. When they turn out to be demons and ghouls from unknown dimensions, they’re real trouble. This is the predicament Wren, the sassy and fearless heroine of SLG Publishing’s new quarterly series, Outlook: Grim by new talent Black Olive, finds herself in as she must face off against supernatural forces that she accidentally invited into her home. The ghoulies definitely have wicked intentions, but they completely lack social graces, and Wren is more annoyed than terrified. Will she rid her house of these uncouth invaders? Or will she spend the rest of her life with ghosts rummaging through her unmentionables and beasties taking a soak her bathtub?

Issue one of Outlook: Grim, the debut comic book series from writer/artist Black Olive, will be published in May 2003. A fresh look at silly spookiness, Outlook: Grim is a series that Editor-in-Chief Jennifer de Guzman Belew feels will appeal to readers of SLG Publishing comic books like GloomCookie and Little Scrowlie, as well as attract new readers. (Read More)

Dotcomic DOOM - 6/02/2003
Three words ... it only takes three words to send chills through the hearts of the Fantastic Four and send a buzz through comics' fandom ... Those three words are "DOCTOR DOOM's BACK!"

Anticipation is high over "UNTHINKABLE", the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR story arc that begins in March's FANTASTIC FOUR #67, concludes in July's extra-sized FANTASTIC FOUR #71 (the 500th issue of series), and promises to leave Reed Richards a changed man, and DOOM - the FF's greatest adversary - completely redefined for the 21st century!

"To my surprise, the buzz and anticipation around 'Unthinkable' has been stronger than we'd ever imagined it would be - and that's great, because I guarantee you that I carry that energy and excitement into the finished scripts," says series writer Mark Waid. "Expectations are high, but we're committed to delivering a landmark FF story - and the whole creative team is pulling out all the stops to make it unforgettable."

Readers and retailers can preview that storyline right now at with a special 10-page dotComic preview of the FF #67, available right now at

Ultimate Venom is latest Marvel Must Have - 5/02/2003
The debut of the ever-popular VENOM in the Marvel Ultimate Universe has been met with overwhelming response from readers and retailers. Reports from comic shops all over the country indicate the storyline that began in the sold-out ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33 is scoring big with fans, particularly with teens and young readers.

In order to help meet the growing demand for the storyline that continues in March's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MEN #37 & 38, a February 26th on-sale date has been set for MARVEL MUST HAVES: ULTIMATE VENOM a special 96-page collection of the first four chapters in the VENOM saga - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33-36.

Sporting a $3.99 US cover price, the special low-priced collection is available for order by retailers immediately, and will be in comic shops one week before ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #37, the next chapter in the 6-issue story arc.

The ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Venom storyline also concludes just weeks before the debut of VENOM, a new Marvel Universe ongoing series by writer Daniel Way and artist Francisco (PETER PARKER; SPIDER-MAN) Herrera, which goes on sale April 23rd!

Crossgen inks content deal with Cinescape Magazine - 4/02/2003
CrossGen Entertainment announced recently that it has signed a content deal with Cinescape Magazine, a leading genre entertainment magazine published by Mania Entertainment, that will supply Mania with a CrossGen comic to be stitched into the center of each issue of Cinescape Magazine , beginning with the May 2003 cover date issue, which will feature a special edition of CrossGen’s hit title Way of the Rat #1 .

In addition to CrossGen’s comics, the deal will also create opportunities for Mania to co-create with CrossGen original comics for Cinescape’s exclusive use in its pages, and a partnership to deliver those original comics to the marketplace as graphic novels. (Read More)

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