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You can never have too much Hopeless Savages - 5/03/2003
Nearly three years have passed since the Hopeless-Savage family had their debut in the original ONI PRESS COLOR SPECIAL, so it's only fitting that Oni Press celebrate this anniversary with the first issue of the third series in the popular franchise. Debuting in June, TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES! reunites the Eisner-nominated creative team of Jen Van Meter and Christine Norrie. And to make things extra special, we're moving the action off the North American continent-the entire family is taking a trip to Hong Kong!

"GROUND ZERO was very much based around the family home," Van Meter explained. "Though the comics have been about showing the Hopeless-Savages as a normal, loving family, we shouldn't forget that the initial concept was they are a very special family that just happens to form a cohesive unit. As we saw in the first series, all of the children are involved in various exceptional endeavors. That includes Arsenal."

The initial impetus for Arsenal's trip is a karate match in Hong Kong, rematching her against a brutal rival from her days of early competition. She is accompanied by her boyfriend Claude and his brother Henry, who happens to be the boyfriend of Arsenal's brother Twitch (how is that for complicated romance?). Claude and Henry are going to be introducing their significant others to their grandmother for the very first time-and that includes the question of how she'll react to Henry bringing a boy home. (Read More)

Daredevil latest Marvel Must-Have - 4/03/2003
Last month Marvel offered its first MUST HAVES collection of consecutive issues from one title (VENOM - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33-36), and comic shops responded with record orders. Hearing its fans and retailer partners loud and clear, this month Marvel is pleased to offer the latest low-cost Must Haves compilation, MARVEL MUST HAVES: DAREDEVIL (JAN035084 D), collecting DAREDEVIL #41-43, the first three chapters of the current critically-acclaimed "LOWLIFE" story arc. (Read More)

Anime Anarchy at Supernova 2003 - 3/03/2003
After last year's successful heavily anime oriented comicfest! 2002, Madman Entertainment has announced that Supernova 2003 will turn it up a few notches to bring you the best mix of anime activities than ever before! The event will be held on April 5 and 6 at Wharf 8, 53-59 Hickson Rd, Sydney. 200 meters from Wynyard Station.

Appearing at the event will be special guests – Sean Schemmel THE voice of DragonBall Z’s Goku, as well as Debi Derryberry, voice of Jimmy Neutron and Tenchi Muyo’s Ryoki, they will be signing autographs and giving daily talks at the Tamarket Anime Area. In addition to the guests there are a whole lot of anime screenings and activities planned for this event. (Read More)

New title, same great content - 28/02/2003
CrossGen Entertainment today announced that because another party previously reserved the title "Edge" for use in comics, CGE's Compendia series of the same name has transformed its title into VECTOR. The title change will occur with the May 2003 issue, which also contains the first chapter of SOLUS, the new galaxy spanning adventure by Barbara Kesel and George Pérez.

"While the name has changed from EDGE to VECTOR with issue #13, it is most definitely the same series. That's why we're not renumbering it," explained CGE vice president sales & marketing Chris Oarr. "Back volumes of EDGE are still available, and neither Diamond’s order codes nor the ISBNs have changed."

Now available for order in the March issue of Diamond Comic Distributors's Previews catalog, the Traveler sized anthology also contains the latest chapters of SCION, THE FIRST, MYSTIC, SIGIL, WAY OF THE RAT, and RUSE. Priced at only $7.95 US, the 192-page volume rockets into stores on May 28th.

Andi Watson returns to Oni for new series - 26/02/2003
Andi Watson, the acclaimed creator of DUMPED and THE COMPLETE GEISHA, is returning to monthly comics in June, 2003. No, we're not talking about his writing duties on Marvel's NAMOR series, we're talking about his new Oni Press series, LOVE FIGHTS. Set in a world where superheroes really exist, LOVE FIGHTS is a romantic tale of how ordinary people have trouble connecting in a world where extraordinary circumstances often get in the way.

The book stars Jack, a penciller for the comic book adventures of real-life superhero The Flamer, and Nora is a junior reporter at a capes-and-tights tabloid. He sees the superpowered as self-centered nuisances, whereas she finds them fascinating and views them as her answer to career success. With such differing opinions, aren't they destined to fall in love and find it impossible to get together?

"The romantic comedy genre is a fun one," Watson explained. "You get to create two unique characters with their own quirks and foibles. You then get to bump their personalities together and make them miserable, vacillating between points of high comedy and weepy melodrama. Throw in superheroes, and really, anything is possible." (Read More)

Rucka and Queen & Country find new artist - 25/02/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce details of the newest story arc in Greg Rucka's QUEEN & COUNTRY, set to kick off this spring with May's issue sixteen. Joining Rucka for this five-issue tale of British intelligence agent Tara Chace is artist Carla Speed McNeil, creator of the critically acclaimed series FINDER.

"I admit it. I'm an awards show geek," series editor James Lucas Jones commented. "I love Oscar and Golden Globe pools and trying to guess who's going to take what home. In comics we have the Eisners and they're even more fun because I have a vested interest in the outcome. When last year's nominations were revealed I couldn't help but notice the number of nods that went to both Greg and Carla. They had five nominations each! No one else had more. I was already a fan of Carla's work but seeing her and Greg together in that exclusive little group is what gave me the idea to approach her for QUEEN & COUNTRY." (Read More)

The Fallen becomes Evenfall joins SLG - 25/02/2003
Have you ever felt like you were falling through life rather than living it? Has your escape into a fantasy world become something more than an escape? Evenfall is a new comic book series by writer/artist Peter Stathis that explores the themes of loss and grief and escapism.

Shaken by her mother's recent death, Evenfall's protagonist Phoebe Shankar breaks with reality and falls into a dark and menacing fantasy world. Is her experience a descent into madness, or has she indeed opened a portal to another realm? Real or imagined, she has set out on a journey she may not survive.

"The book is about loss and grief and how one person who is on the edge of adulthood, but still a child in many ways, deals with it," said creator Stathis. "Falling is a constant theme in the series as Phoebe falls out of her life, falls back into her memory, falls into other times and places, and eventually falls into a fantasy world which may not be a fantasy world after all." (Read More)

Venom chooses Tsunami DotComic host - 23/02/2003
The last day of MARVEL TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week is here, and last but certainly not least is VENOM, the April-debuting new ongoing series by writer Daniel Way and penciler Francisco Herrera (PETER PARKER). Readers and retailers can check out right now for special 8-page preview of issue #1 of the monthly title.

With his Ultimate Universe counterpart currently igniting sales (particularly with younger readers) on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, the return of VENOM to the Marvel U is poised to be one of this year's hottest new launches. And sure, readers already know Venom is returning, and will pop up near the Artic Circle, but WHY does it reemerge there? Don't expect all the answers to VENOM's mysteries in the preview. Writer Daniel Way has other plans...

"It's not by chance," Way offered as a hint. "It's doing something there that it can't do anywhere else. And why is it on the run..? After all, what does Venom have to fear? What in the world could this incredibly adaptable, imminently dangerous entity possibly be afraid of? The answer is quite simple: Something not of THIS world."

"Everything you thought is wrong. Everything you know, is right. There's a monster that walks among us. And don't bother looking over your shoulder...because it's right in front of you."

The VENOM 8-page preview can be read right now at VENOM #1 goes on sale 4/23.

Look for an announcement regarding NAMOR - April's final MARVEL TSUNAMI launch - soon.

Runaways run to Tsunami DotComic Week - 23/02/2003
Since April's wave of MARVEL TSUNAMI launches were first announced, perhaps the title readers have most requested MORE information about is writer Brian K. Vaughan and penciler Adrian Alphona's new ongoing series RUNAWAYS. Now, on Day 4 of TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week, readers and retailers can get an extensive first look at the monthly series in a special 13-PAGE preview of RUNAWAYS #1.

An action/adventure series in the tradition of Smallville and Harry Potter, RUNAWAYS invites readers of all ages to meet six young friends, all living perfectly typical teenage lives until together they discover their parents share a deep dark secret - they're actually supervillains.

"At one time in their lives all kids think they're parents are evil," explained Vaughan, "but what if you found yours REALLY were?"

"Hopefully, this dotComic will capture the feel of our series, a story about powerless kids living in a world of powerful adults ... and I'm not just talking about the classic Marvel superheroes we see on the first page," continued Vaughan. "Artist Adrian Alphona and I wanted to do a different kind of 'young hero' comic, a book where the protagonists aren't defined by costumes or codenames. They're real people with real dreams and real problems."

The RUNAWAYS 13-page preview can be read right now at RUNAWAYS #1 goes on sale 4/16.

Human Torch Tsunami sets DotComic week ablaze - 20/02/2003
Marvel's TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week continued on Tuesday, February 18th with the debut of a special 6-page preview of HUMAN TORCH, the April-launching new ongoing series by fan-favorite writer Karl Kesel and artist Skottie Young, currently turning the heads of fans and retailers with his work on SPIDER-MAN: LEGEND OF THE SPIDER CLAN.

Created to appeal to FANTASTIC FOUR fans AND new readers alike, the HUMAN TORCH series takes Johnny Storm - one of Marvel's most popular young characters - and reestablishes him as the solo star of a highly accessible and visually unique new monthly title.

While the series is set in present-day, the dotComic sequence shows Johnny in high school, just after he got his powers, establishing Johnny as a person BEFORE there even was a Fantastic Four.

Explained Karl Kesel, "It touches on something very basic to Johnny - that before he got his powers, he was considered kind of cute and funny at school, but definitely weird. He was always telling unbelievable stories - mostly about his sister's boyfriend's strange experiments and inventions - just to get attention.

"Becoming the Human Torch changed all that. But for all his coolness and confidence and wisecracks, Johnny's big fear is that he'd be nobody without his powers. That's a side to Johnny we haven't seen before - and this series will show a LOT of sides to Johnny that readers don't yet know about."

The HUMAN TORCH preview can be read right now at Issue #1 goes on sale April 9th.

Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

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