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By the power of Grayskull, Crossgen has the power! - 26/03/2003
He may have adventures on the planet Eternia, but the sword-swinging icon known as He-Man now calls Florida home. MVCreations, publisher of the popular Masters of the Universe series as well as additional upcoming all-ages titles such as Space Ace and Dragon's Lair, has signed an agreement with CrossGeneration Entertainment to produce comic books and trade paperbacks under the CGE banner. Featuring a classic battle between good and evil on a world that mixes science with sorcery, Masters of the Universe enjoys global recognition as a pop culture powerhouse, currently inspiring a successful toy line from Mattel and a popular cartoon series by Mike Young Productions on the Cartoon Network.

"CrossGen is a company with exceptional ideas and smart plans for the future. They strive to get their product into the hands of new readers, especially children, which is very important to us," said MVCreations President Val Staples. "Having worked with CrossGen before as a freelance artist, I am familiar with how professional and committed they are to their goals. That made a huge impression on all of us." (Read More)

Arthur Dela Cruz revisits Kissing Chaos Duo in July one-shot - 24/03/2003
When Eisner-nominated creator Arthur Dela Cruz released NONSTOP BEAUTY, the second arc in his KISSING CHAOS series, he pulled a switcheroo on readers by introducing an entirely new cast. Those expecting an update on the tragic romance of Angela and Damien were left on hold—until July. The 1000 WORDS one-shot is going to check in with the pair and see how the events of the original KISSING CHAOS series has effected them. Adding to the specialness of the issue, it will be an issue-length story presented at regular comic book size.

"From reading the initial miniseries," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich explained, "I wouldn't blame you for thinking KISSING CHAOS is simply a cool take on the road trip and crime genres. With NONSTOP BEAUTY, Arthur opened everything up, revealing that what he's really doing is creating a modern epic. All the elements interconnect, and while each story stands on its own, when it all comes together, something much larger will be revealed." (Read More)

Team Red Star goes solo - 20/03/2003
CrossGen Entertainment and Team Red Star, having successfully launched volume two of the critically acclaimed Red Star series, are amicably ending their publishing agreement. Formerly released as part of the CGE lineup, Red Star will now be published solely by Archangel Studios.

"Sometimes you just realize that certain things work best in their original form," stated Ian Feller, Managing Editor of Code 6 Comics and CGE. "Team Red Star has always acted as a fully functioning unit, doing everything on their own. As our relationship progressed it became apparent that the best way for both of us to work most efficiently was for Team Red Star to once again stand on their own."

"This move was made with the best interests of both parties in mind," continued Feller. "We have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Team Red Star and we wish them the greatest success. The Red Star is a top-notch comic and Team Red Star is comprised of top-notch people." (Read More)

Jason & The Argobots launches into TP this June - 18/03/2003
This June, Oni Press will unleash Chiron, the towering robot of JASON & THE ARGOBOTS, on the world again, releasing a collected version of J. Torres & Mike Norton’s mechanized myth. This new book contains the four-issue ARGOBOTS miniseries, BIRTHQUAKE, and follows Jason and his family as they discover a giant robot hidden beneath the surface of the desert.

“The year 2002 saw a dramatic resurgence of robots in North American comics,” commented series editor James Lucas Jones. “Most companies looked to TV shows and comics of the past for not only inspiration, but the properties themselves. J. and Mike, on the other hand, took the proud giant robot tradition and filtered it through their own creative vision. The result is an accessible comic that entertains and amazes.” (Read More)

A special message from Crossgen; celebrating heroes, preserving comics - 14/03/2003
In a recent letter responding to an article by Chuck Rozanski in the Mile High newsletter, Jim Stikeleather, Crossgen's Chief Technology Officer, has confirmed Crossgen Entertainment's commitment to the printed comics medium. Take it away Jim!

“Hi, I’m Jim Stikeleather, the chief technology officer here at CrossGen (which is a fancy way of saying that all of CGE’s computers are plugged directly into my brain). While I can’t tell you exactly what Chuck Rozanski saw-nor some of the other projects under development that he didn’t see-during his visit to the CrossGen offices, I thought it would be useful to give you a personal tour through what we’re working on for all of our comic reading friends around the world.

First, let’s acknowledge what’s going on. There is a natural and inevitable evolution of technology occurring that affects everything from transportation to education to entertainment. In particular, the printed medium is-and has always been-evolving. I mean, do you see books printed on vellum anymore? Nope, there just isn’t enough sheep to go that gets a bit costly. Yes, we saw a shift from vellum to paper…and a shift away from paper is occurring now, due to paper’s lack of cost effectiveness. Society has been always been developing alternatives to print, but that doesn’t mean that comic books are going to disappear…not if CrossGen has anything to say about it. (Read More)

Exiles #26 debuts new penciller - 14/03/2003
In last month's Exiles #22, loyal readers of the fan-favorite title got a sneak peek of art from the series' new, then-unnamed, regular penciler. Since then Previews for titles on-sale in May 2003 have revealed that the artist is one Clayton Henry, who begins his run in May with EXILES #26, the beginning of the 2-part story arc "HARD CHOICES"!

As it's written by Uncanny X-Men's Chuck Austen and features the return of Magik into the pages of an ongoing series, readers already have two good reasons to check out EXILES #26. But what the issue will ultimately be remembered for is the debut of Marvel's latest creative find. Henry joins a growing list of new artistic talent - like Olivier Coipel, Adrian Alphona, Skottie Young, the Lai Brothers, Phillip Tan, Francisco Ruiz Velasco and others - who are infusing Marvel with a new youthful energy.

"The name Clayton Henry may not ring a bell with readers right now, but in just a few months that's all going to change, and fans in the know can check out his first work in EXILES," said series editor Mike Raicht. "We already have Clayton's first two issues in hand and it just gets better and better page by page. He's bringing a great animation flavor to the book and EXILES couldn't be in better hands. Fans are in for a real nice surprise."

Hollywood goes Crossgen - 11/03/2003
Who said that the road between comic books and Hollywood was a one-way street? Not only are entertainment giants developing a growing line of feature films and television programs based on nearly every CrossGen title, but they are also now bringing their original ideas to CrossGen Entertainment in order to create all-new comic books.

Director Chuck Russell (The Mask, Eraser, and The Scorpion King) and Bob Gale, Academy Award nominated screenwriter of the Back to the Future movies, will each write six-issue mini-series for CGE’s Code 6 imprint. Chuck Dixon, writer of BRATH, CRUX, SIGIL, and WAY OF THE RAT, will edit both series.

Gale, the newly announced screenwriter of the upcoming Meridian CGI animated feature, will pen the action thriller ILLUSTRATED WARRIORS. While readers will remember his character-driven work from his courtroom drama in Daredevil, this is the first time Gale will transform his own creations into a comic book series. (Read More)

Thunderbolts gets $2.25 cover price - 7/03/2003
Due to the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response by readers and retailers to the bold, new direction of the THUNDERBOLTS that began with February's issue #76, Marvel is pleased to announce that a planned price increase to $2.99 that was slated to take effect with April's THUNDERBOLTS #78 has been cancelled, and that the ongoing monthly series will retain its low $2.25 cover price.

Under the creative direction of writer John Arcudi and up-and-coming superstar penciler Francisco Ruiz Velasco, THUNDERBOLTS #76 completely reinvented the title, introducing readers to the seamy underbelly of the supervillain community, where C-list badguys without the ambition, brains or power to be real Marvel Universe menaces bash each other's skulls in for a few measly bucks in an underground "Fight Club"-style network! (Read More)

Marvel changes direct market terms of sale - 6/03/2003
On Friday, February 28th, Marvel Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors announced to the retail comic book community brand new Marvel Terms of Sale for Direct Market retailers. These sweeping changes involve perhaps some of the most significant changes to how comic books are ordered in the Direct Market since its formation.

The following is the letter sent to Marvel's retail partners announcing and explaining the changes... (Read More)

Epting launches El Cazador - Cariello joined Crux - 6/03/2003
The CrossGen family continues to grow as artist Sergio Cariello (Azrael: Agent of the Bat) has journeyed from Gotham City to Tampa. Having previously worked with writer Chuck Dixon on titles such as Batman/Wildcat and Catwoman/Wildcat, Cariello will again team with Dixon as new penciler of the ongoing series CRUX. This move allows critically acclaimed artist Steve Epting to continue his run with Dixon as they launch EL CAZADOR, a new high seas pirate adventure series unveiled at the 2003 MegaCon.

"As much as I hate to see Steve leave his signature CrossGen title, I’m excited that Sergio is aboard,” stated Dixon. “I worked with him on two projects while we were both at DC and had a blast. He’s going to bring a new look to CRUX that will mesh well with the direction the book is taking. He’s the consummate pro and I can’t wait to see him fall under the CrossGen Effect: that certain something that makes any artist who comes here do the best work of their career." (Read More)

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