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Space Ace Blasts Off! - 8/05/2003
Saving the universe, rescuing damsels in distress, battling malevolent menaces, and experiencing puberty a second time. It’s all in a day’s work for a hero, right?

SPACE ACE, based on legendary animator Don Bluth’s cult classic video game, follows the intergalactic exploits of the amazing Ace, astro-babe Kimmy, and one-time nemesis Baby Borf, in a hilarious cosmic thrill ride. Brought to you by CrossGen publishing client MVCreations, the six-issue all-ages adventure blasts off on August 20th.

"Building on our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE series, MVCreations recently landed the exclusive rights to produce comic books based on the hit video game Space Ace from the Don Bluth Group and Dragon’s Lair, LLC," said MVCreations Marketing Director Jonboy Meyers. "With popular ‘80s toy lines enjoying success in the comic book format, video games are a natural choice to be given the illustrated treatment." (Read More)

Rolston & Oni offer cure for one bad day - 1/05/2003
On August 20th, Oni Press is getting out of the wrong side of the bed with ONE BAD DAY, a new original graphic novel from Eisner Award-winning creator Steve Rolston. ONE BAD DAY may be a rotten time for Marie, but it's a great time for readers!

"I've been friends with Steve since before either of us had an association with Oni," said editor James Lucas Jones. "We both started here at about the same time and over the last three years I've had the opportunity to watch Steve evolve into one of the industry's brightest young storytellers. He's picked his collaborators with care, and in return some of comics' most talented writers have employed Steve to bring their creations to life. Now Steve is breaking out on his own and the results are as pulse-pounding as you'd expect."

Marie's had bad days before—she's slept through her alarm, had her car break down at the most inopportune moment, forgotten about an important assignment until five minutes before it was due. You know, just had one of those times where the whole universe seems to be against you. Well, that's all going to seem like a walk in the park after today. She's about to be chased, shot at, sexually harassed, and guilted into going to her unbearable cousin's birthday party, and she doesn't even know why! Well, maybe she knows why she has to go the birthday party (her mom is an expert guilt-tripper), but that doesn't mean she has to put up with all the other stuff! (Read More)

Tupelo, the Worlds Greatest Junkie Superhero, Comes to SLG - 30/04/2003
In 1977, Captain Tupelo and the 11 O' Clock Man were part of the Famous Monsters, the band that ruled New York City's punk scene. Now, they have resurfaced, patrolling the streets of Greenwich Village in a beat-up cab and defending the city's homeless and oppressed. Captain Tupelo, the World's Forgotten Boy, has become the World's Greatest Junkie Superhero.

SLG Publishing's new bi-monthly series, Tupelo by Matt DeGennaro and Phil Elliott, tells the story of Captain Tupelo and the 11 O'Clock Man, sliding between the past, when the boys played to riotous slam-dance pits at the club Zero Hour, and the present, when they cruise the streets of New York City, avenging the wrongs that the pretentious and privileged commit against the poor and unfortunate. Committed to shaking up the status quo, the Captain and the 11 O'Clock Man inevitably attract the attention of those who maintain it. After attacking a television producer, they fall into the sights of Boz Williams, a television psychic whose abilities are suspect, but whose connections are powerful.

The 11 O'Clock Man and Captain Tupelo make an unlikely pair. While the 11 O'Clock Man, who got his start as a street punk handing out revolutionary tracts, is cool and cynical, Captain Tupelo still sees the world with a fresh-faced optimism. "Despite all the anarchy he's seen?and propagated?he's still an innocent," said writer Matt DeGennaro of the Captain. On the other hand, he said of the 11 O'Clock Man, "His personal motto is 'Destroy What Bores You on Sight.'" (Read More)

Entertainment Weekly gives Marvel full marks - 24/04/2003
Marvel Comics was again in the spotlight of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's second edition of their new Comic Book section. In addition to the lead story examining Superman's relevancy in contemporary society, this month's comics section (in the current April 25th edition) also featured an interview with ALIAS, DAREDEVIL and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN writer Brian Michael Bendis and two reviews of recent Marvel limited series offerings.

EW's 1.5+ million readers saw laudatory critiques of RAWHIDE KID and 411, both receiving "A" ratings from the mainstream pop culture magazine. The following is the full text of the EW reviews... (Read More)

Top secret past of Paul Crocker revealed in Queen & Country TPB - 23/04/2003
This July Greg Rucka, Brian Hurtt, and Oni Press are going back in time with the trade paperback collection of QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED! No need to dig out your parachute pants and Flock of Seagulls records though. No, all you need for this trip is a love of Cold War spies and an affinity for the delicate balance of politics and action that made Rucka’s QUEEN & COUNTRY a critical and commercial success.

"While QUEEN & COUNTRY was always supposed to be Tara’s story, it was obvious from the start that Paul Crocker was the other break-out character," commented Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Back when he was drawing the second arc of the regular series, artist Brian Hurtt suggested that we should take a look at how Crocker became the bastard he is today. At that point Greg knew we just had to do our first QUEEN & COUNTRY spin-off. More than that, we knew who had to draw it. Brian turned a creative corner during DECLASSIFIED, transforming from a talented artist honing his craft into a great storyteller capable of just about anything he put his mind to." (Read More)

Sojourn #25 - Join Arwyn & Edginton for only a buck - 19/04/2003
Crossgen offers a slashed price, a new writer, and a new story arc to invite readers to try one of the industry's best looking series!

For less than it costs to get past most tollbooths, you can journey with Arwyn, one of the most gorgeous--and toughest--heroes in comics today. Celebrating the beginning of a new story arc--and the debut of new writer Ian Edginton--CrossGen Entertainment is slashing the cost of SOJOURN #25, on sale July 30th, to only $1.00 US.

SOJOURN, featuring the critically-acclaimed art of penciler Greg Land, inker Jay Leisten, and colorist Justin Ponsor, tells the story of Arwyn, a beautiful but haunted archer seeking revenge for the murder of her family. Joined by a one-eyed scoundrel named Gareth and her trusty dog Kreeg, the vengeful warrior hunts for the shattered weapon that can bring down Mordath, the ruthless despot who has devastated her world. Issue #25 of the high fantasy series opens as Arwyn, captured by Mordath's bloodthirsty soldiers, must consider seeking aid from Bohr, the determined but noble troll captain charged with capturing Arwyn herself! Surrounded and outnumbered, the former foes will have to fight together... or die together! (Read More)

X-treme X-Men God Loves, Man Kills II - 17/04/2003
It's official. As has been previously reported on the Internet comics news sites in the last month, artist Igor Kordey IS the newest regular penciler of Chris Claremont's X-TREME X-MEN, and Kordey begins his run with the special "GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS II" story arc beginning in May's X-TREME X-MEN #25.

NAMOR artist and former X-TREME penciler Salvador Larroca will provide covers for the five-part storyline.

"In addition to being one of the most dynamic storytellers in comics, like any great artist Igor is extremely versatile, expertly tailoring his work to needs of the story he's illustrating," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Igor's been blowing everyone here away with his new style and interpretation of this important event in X-Men history, the sequel to arguably the one of the greatest graphic novels ever published, and inspiration to next month's X2 blockbuster.

"Igor Kordey fans are going to want to check out what's turning into some of the best work of his career, and current X-TREME X-MEN fans are going to have the pleasure of enjoying the work of yet another great artist."

X-TREME X-MEN #26, part 2 of "GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS II", goes on sale May 28th.

Hulk latest Marvel Must-Have - 15/04/2003
Comic book readers and retailers continue to respond strongly to the latest Marvel Must Haves collecting consecutive issues of hot ongoing series, so answering the bell, Marvel's next low-priced, reader-friendly compilation is MARVEL MUST HAVES: INCREDIBLE HULK #50-52 (MAR035026), the first volume in a newly-expanded MUST HAVES publishing initiative.

This 96-page volume collects the first three sold-out issues (including the special extra-sized INCREDIBLE HULK #50) of the current five-part story arc pitting the Hulk against his long-time foe the Abomination, by writer Bruce Jones and penciler Mike Deodato. (Read More)

Oni Press invites you to a wedding - 14/04/2003
Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, along with their artist, Jose Garibaldi, and their publisher, Oni Press, cordially invite you to their new original graphic novel, MARIA'S WEDDING, Wednesday, the ninth of July, Two Thousand and Three at a comic shop near you.

Few events exude as much joy, happiness and hope as a wedding, and for the Pirellis these ceremonies mean even more. Pirelli weddings are about tradition and family as much as they're about the happy couple—or at least they used to be. When Joseph Pirelli married Matthew it rocked the clan to its knees. Now a year later, the tension and downright animosity between different factions of the family have turned Maria's special day into a powder keg. And poor Frankie, Joseph's outspoken brother, is holding the match. But while some fear the fuse being lit, others in the family are ready for and secretly looking forward to the blow-up. Frankie, on the other hand, thinks his reputation for speaking his mind is undeserved. He just wants to see his favorite cousin get married and maybe rekindle his childhood romance with Maria's maid of honor, Brenna. Can Frankie balance the Pirellis expectations of him with his own or will the scales tip and bring the whole ceremony crashing down? (Read More)

Lady Death crowned Book of the Month - 11/04/2003
The heat keeps building on BRIAN PULIDO'S LADY DEATH. Only a week after its debut issue sold out, the dark fantasy series has been crowned "Book of the Month" by Wizard, The Comics Magazine.

Praising the character's recent re-imagining, the magazine's staff writes: "(Brian) Pulido-ably assisted by artist Ivan Reis-has steered the former Chaos! Comics 'bad girl' in a radical new direction…in favor of high fantasy and historical fiction." Comparing the title to the blockbuster Lord of the Rings films, the staff exclaims "One of the rare series that truly deserves an 'epic-in-the-making' banner, LADY DEATH re-establishes…(the hero) as the center of a powerful, character-driven story with battle sequences that would make even (director) Peter Jackson's head spin!"

"We all took a big chance re-imagining a character that has meant so much to so many hardcore fans, but I'm grateful it's paid off," stated Brian Pulido. "It's like what Hannibal used to say on The A-Team: 'I love it when a plan comes together.' Our plan to re-invent Lady Death really has come together--and I've received tons of letters, e-mails, and message board posts from both new and longtime readers who are psyched and ready to take the ride!"

Fans of the medieval warrior can read the entire article in Wizard #141, on sale in comics shops on April 30th. Meanwhile, back issues of the Code 6 series are available while supplies last.

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