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Hulk: Nightmerica preview - 5/06/2003
This past weekend, fans who bought advanced tickets to WIZARDWORLD EAST got a full, preview copy of HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1, the first issue of a new 6-issue limited series premiering June 25th. Written by Robin Laws (IRON MAN) and fully-painted by artist Brian Ashmore, this beautifully-illustrated mini-series tells the haunting tale of fugitive Doctor Bruce Banner, who discovers that being on the run is a little bit easier when you have a charming young woman to run with.

But his new friend - the beautiful and mysterious Chrissie Cutler - has her own secrets, and her own demons to run from! And their adventure takes them to a secret and sinister place called Nightmerica! Read on to see the first three preview pages from this comic. (Read More)

Bill Jemas talks trouble - 2/06/2003
Marvel editor-in-chief Bill Jemas has commandeered the Marvel hype-machine to bring us a short teaser about Trouble.

"Making Trouble. This may be Marvel's most important teen book since Amazing Fantasy #15.

Think about it. Think about who we are and what we do.

Joe Quesada knows how to package a big hit book; he can tug on your heartstrings or tickle your ribs in ways that bring out the kid in an old-time comic book collector. Remember that thing where he got Stan to swear that the Sentinel was a lost character (and they even cooked up a 'forgotten' creator?)

I love to use Marvel's characters to illustrate those heartbreakingly liberal "morals" of the story. Captain America can be black just this once. Spider-Man can be young again.

And Mark is brilliant. I've seen the future of comic books, and his name is Millar. He had passed on writing the Origin of Wolverine, waiting for something bigger to come along, and wanting to make a bit of Trouble.

And, Terry Dodson shines like the sun - you've seen his first look pages - 'nuff said.

And, Axel Alonso is the editor -- the best editor in story editor comics -- wanna fight?

And, this is Trouble #1, EPIC #1.

Aren't you expecting something? Aren't you expecting a great book that means something to all of us? Or at least some kind of juvenile stunt?

Marvel promised to release more information about the series as we get closer to print time, but all we can say right now is that the lead character's name is May."

Expect more hi-jinks to follow.

First One Plus One series summed up in September trade paperback - 30/05/2003
Hailed as one of the more intriguing miniseries debuts of 2002, ONE PLUE ONE will be collected in trade paperback form by Oni Press in September, 2003. Written by Neal Shaffer and illustrated by Daniel Krall, ONE PLUS ONE is an unpredictable story twisting crime, horror, and slice-of-life comics into one surprising plot. Don't believe us? The how about Michael Avon Oeming, who was such a fan of the pair's work, he volunteered to do covers for them and plugged the book in POWERS? Or Mike Allred, who liked it so much he asked Krall to contribute to July's MADMAN KING-SIZE SPECIAL? If you have yet to read what they're all fussing about, your second chance is coming! You can now enjoy the story of Dave Coulson under one cover in the new, handy, pocket-sized Oni graphic novel format.

"I love the way Neal Shaffer structured ONE PLUS ONE," Oni editor Jamie S. Rich said. "I liked that each issue ended at a point that was completely different than where it began. The end of each chapter left the reader wondering where the book would go next-which is the point of any really good novel. You want every revelation to be a surprise, and I don't think anyone was fully aware of everything going on in ONE PLUS ONE."

"As a writer in today's comics market," Shaffer explained, "you always have to be thinking in two directions. You have to consider how it's going to read for the person buying the individual comics, and then how the whole thing is going to read as a complete piece of work. I think as long as a writer can keep the mystery interesting, it should be fine either way. But at the same time, I am looking forward to hearing how the book appeals to readers who digest it as a whole." (Read More)

Kissing Chaos: Nonstop Beauty collected in September - 24/05/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce the September release of the second KISSING CHAOS trade paperback, collecting the second miniseries by Arthur Dela Cruz, NONSTOP BEAUTY. Coming a year after the arrival of the first volume of the teenage crime comic, NONSTOP BEAUTY cracks open the confines of Dela Cruz's original story line and begins to reveal the larger facets of a very dark and deadly world.

"The best thing about Arthur's work on this book is watching him peel back the layers," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Everything he does is about subtext. It's not the plot that's out in front, it's the plots going on in the background. It's not about what the characters are telling their friends, but what's running through their head, the activity of their interior lives. You can enjoy this in so many different ways, discovering something new with each reading. How you enjoyed the comics in individual form is not how you're going to enjoy them reading the story in one sitting." (Read More)

Runaways & Sentinel join forces for a special Marvel Must Haves - 23/05/2003
Marvel is going to give readers who missed out on one of the most critically acclaimed new series of the year ANOTHER chance to read the first two sold-out issues. And the even better news is fans that give that series a try will also get to jump-on to one of the OTHER best-reviewed new series of the year ... at no extra charge!

RUNAWAYS #1 & 2, by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona, are being collected in a new MARVEL MUST HAVES edition, and they'll be just one-half of a specially-priced 'flipbook' format volume also collecting SENTINEL #1 & 2, by writer Sean McKeever and the artists at UDON.

This four-issue, 96-page MARVEL MUST HAVES: SENTINEL & RUNAWAYS #1 & 2 FLIPBOOK will go on-sale in June, with a cover price of just $3.99 US!††The volume replaces the previously announced SENTINEL #1 & 2 MUST HAVES, and fans and retailers who have previously placed orders on that that will now receive the double-sized flipbook, for the same low price!

"With the reports from Diamond of quick sell-outs and unmet and the critical reception both series received, it became obvious quickly that early issues of both SENTINEL & RUNAWAYS would be collected in MUST HAVES editions," said Marvel E-I-C Joe Quesada, "and plans were made and announced for the SENTINEL volume, along with the drop in cover price to $2.50 with issue #3. Plans were also being made for the RUNAWAYS edition as well. (Read More)

ADV Films announces live-action version of Neon Genesis Evangelion - 21/05/2003
In an announcement sure to make waves in the entertainment industry, ADV Films President and CEO John Ledford has publicly confirmed industry rumors that the firm has acquired the rights to produce, and has already begun development of, a live-action feature-film based on the Japanese animated television series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," a multi-million dollar worldwide franchise and perhaps the most influential anime title in the history of the art form. The project is a collaboration between ADV Films, Gainax and Weta Workshop, Ltd.

ADV Films is the leading producer-distributor of Japanese animation in North America. The Japanese anime and game studio Gainax Network Systems was one of the original production studios responsible for "Neon Genesis Evangelion," and Weta Workshop, Ltd. is the New Zealand-based special effects studio that created the effects for Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

"The three main players here represent something of a 'dream-team' for a project like this one," said Ledford. "Between the quality and significance of the Gainax title, Weta's industry-leading skill in the creation of special visual effects, and our expertise in the marketing and promotion of anime and anime-related content, this project is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"Neon Genesis Evangelion" is the story of a reluctant young hero, called upon to pilot an immense robotic weapon in battle against alien invaders. Including both a 26-episode television series and at least two animated motion pictures, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" has long been both a fan favorite and an extraordinary critical and commercial success, with the worldwide franchise producing many millions of dollars in revenue.

The "Neon Genesis Evangelion" live-action motion picture is in the earliest stages of development. Ledford confirmed, however, that the timetable is an aggressive one, and that more information on the project is forthcoming.

Jason and the Argobots return - 21/05/2003
This August Oni Press plans a second summer getaway to Shimmer City, the exotic metropolis and home of local hero Jason and his giant robot Chiron. In a new book that follows the events of June's JASON & THE ARGOBOTS: BIRTHQUAKE collection, Jason and his cybernetic pal are thrown into a graphic novel-length adventure featuring Egyptian mechs, freaky looking aliens, and a mysterious beam of light that might just mean the end for his troubled hometown. Reuniting for JASON & THE ARGOBOTS II: MACHINA EX DEUS are writer J. Torres (SIDEKICKS) and artist Mike Norton (VOLTRON).

"The first set of ARGOBOTS stories lent themselves to the miniseries format," commented Torres. "Every issue was like a half-hour episode of an anime or cartoon series. Each one played on what happened before but still presented a self-contained story with its own conflict and resolution. Well, if BIRTHQUAKE was the TV show, MACHINA EX DEUS is the big budget blockbuster movie!"

"Mike Norton is becoming one of the comic industry's 'go-to' guys when it comes to big bots," added series editor James Lucas Jones. "His work on the new VOLTRON comic from Image proves it. But while renditions of the GO LION gang are impressive, they can't compare with his work on ARGOBOTS. From the initial robo-designs to the staggering sequentials, these characters, both human and robot, just kick butt." (Read More)

Enter the Dragon' s Lair...Your Quest Awaits - 17/05/2003
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of master animator Don Bluthís Dragonís Lair, the heroes and villains of the history-making arcade game make their comic book debut this summer! The six-issue DRAGONíS LAIR miniseries, joining SPACE ACE as the second title based on Bluthís cult hit video games, follows the exploits of Dirk the Daring, his beloved Princess Daphne and the diabolical dragon Singe! In the debut issue, Singe, swearing revenge on his hated arch-nemesis, swoops up the Princess in his cruel claws! Now the brave knight must survive the dangers of the Dark Kingdom to save his true love! Brought to you by CrossGen publishing client MVCreations, the six-issue all-ages adventure thunders your way on August 6th.

"Weíre absolutely thrilled to bring this best-selling video game to comics! And working with Don Bluth is a dream come true!" said MVCreations president Val Staples. "The game made a huge impression on me as a kid, as the beautifully drawn game graphics really pushed the envelope of what was being done in the early Ď80s. And in my humble opinion, Dragonís Lair set a benchmark for other video games to follow." (Read More)

Third Blue Monday TPB in September - 15/05/2003
When it's time to go back to school and all the kids are getting boring old books stuck in their hands, Oni Press will be lightening everyone's load with the third volume in the BLUE MONDAY trade paperback series. September's INBETWEEN DAYS collects the three holiday-themed one-shots from the last year under one cover, as well as various related short stories, all by series creator Chynna Clugston-Major (SCOOTER GIRL).

"When we first started talking about doing these one-shots, it was supposed to be a stopgap before the next big BLUE MONDAY story," explained Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "What we ended up with were several loosely connected stories that end up having an arc all their own, as the relationships of our characters deepened and grew."

"I love holidays, with all the fun they bring," Clugston-Major said. "That includes all the pain, heartache, and ridiculous accidents that make these celebrations such emotional nightmares. Any girl who knows the pain of not getting a card from the guy she's crushing over on Valentine's Day will identify with the LOVECATS story, and any guy who has a dark secret from his past will appreciate Victor's fast dancing to cover his shame in his star-turn in NOBODY'S FOOL." (Read More)

Better Homes & Gardens Tout Crossgen Bridges - 14/05/2003
CrossGen's innovative educational program BRIDGES has generated coverage in the May 2003 edition of School Library Journal and the June 2003 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Combined, these two publications introduce the BRIDGES program to thousands of teachers and librarians across North America.

The BRIDGES program offers teachers and parents the opportunity to re-ignite students' interest in reading through exciting visuals and stories provided by CrossGen's comics and one-of-a-kind Teachers Guides. Using MERIDIAN as the basis for intermediate elementary students (grades 4-8), and RUSE for high school students (9-12), CrossGen has engaged the help of seven teachers with more than 100 combined years of classroom teaching experience to create a truly universal supplemental reading program. (Read More)

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