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Crossgen colourists swap series - 3/07/2003
Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll admit that CrossGen’s colourists are among the best in the biz. But you don’t become-and stay-the best by resting on your laurels. That’s why, looking to stretch their wings after long runs on their respective titles, the CrossGen Colouring Crew has decided to tackle new challenges by swapping series!

Starting with the issue #21 in August, Eisner award-winner Laura Martin will blast into NEGATION, bringing her talented touch to the wild inhabitants of the Sci-Fi thrill-ride. Laura’s handpicked successor on RUSE will be Frank D’Armata, who-fresh off CRUX-will continue the distinct look of the Victorian mystery series. Nick Bell will veer off ROUTE 666 to sail the seven seas as he helps launch September’s all-new pirate series EL CAZADOR. Finally, to bring the movements full circle, James Rochelle will rocket from NEGATION into Bell’s spot on the acclaimed horror title ROUTE 666.

"RUSE is tough to let go," admitted Martin. "The creative team was one of the best and coolest group of guys I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. But there comes a point when a colourist needs a change, to embrace something completely different."

"From Victorian pastels to Negation-Space psychedelics-that’s about as drastic a change as I can get," continued Martin. "I’ve been a big fan of the book since the Prequel, so I’m itching to dust off the Sci-Fi section of my paint box and dive in. James Rochelle set up a heck of a precedent, though-it’s a little intimidating!"

"But who would I trust to take care of Simon and Emma? I chose Frank D’Armata," revealed Martin. "Frank’s one of the most diverse, talented, and underrated colourists at CrossGen, and he’s earned his shot at a book that I love. I can’t wait to see Frank bring his unique, velvety richness to the world of Partington."

"Every creative person is different," explained CrossGen Art Director Bart Sears. "Some like to grab a particular book, and run with it for years-the material never gets old to them, and they keep finding ways to keep their art fresh and exciting. Others yearn for a new challenge-after working on one project for a couple of years, they feel they have done everything they can with the work, and feel like their creative progress has come to a standstill…they need a change. We try to work with every creator here, not only to keep the individual as happy as possible, but also to keep his or her creativity at the highest possible level. Every artist at CrossGen has improved since they started here, and-amazingly, at least to me-month after month, issue after issue, they just keep getting better."

Gaiman and Kubert in 1602 - 29/06/2003
Debuting in mid-October, 1602 is an 8-issue monthly limited series, set in a Marvel Universe in which, for reasons which will take a while to uncover, the whole Marvel Universe is starting to occur 500 years early! "Sir Nicholas Fury is head of the Queen's Intelligence, Dr Stephen Strange is her court physician (and magician), the Inquisition is torturing "witchbreed", many of whom have taken sanctuary in England under the wing of Carlos Javier, and now a mysterious treasure -- which may be a weapon of some kind -- is being sent from Jerusalem to England by the last of the Templars. Something that may save the world, or destroy it, which has already attracted the attention of such people as Count Otto Von Doom (known as 'The Handsome').

"It's a race against time in a world in which time is the enemy -- It's not a What If or an Elseworlds. And it's really fun..." wrote series writer Neil Gaiman.

The interior images for 1602 are drawn by industry-veterans Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove. Cardstock covers are by Scott McKowen.

The first issue of 1602 will be 40 pages long, and all subsequent issues 32 pages. All 8 issues are cover-priced $3.50 US.

Sidekicks and Hopeless Savages are back in new edition trades - 25/06/2003
First up, school is back in session! J. Torres and Takeshi Miyazawa’s SIDEKICKS return in a new edition of the first trade paperback with expanded content and now in the new Oni graphic novel size. Then, we have a new edition of Jen Van Meter’s Eisner-nominated first HOPELESS SAVAGES trade paperback in the Oni graphic novel size with a brand new cover.

Reprinted in the new SIDEKICKS volume is the original TRANSFER STUDENT material, as well as last summer’s THE SUBSTITUTE one-shot and a long lost treasure pulled from the Oni vaults – the original eight-page short story featured in Torres’ own anthology series LOVE IN TIGHTS, which introduced Terry Highland! This new edition will be in stores on October 8, 2003.

In the book’s leading story, THE TRANSFER STUDENT, Terry is the new kid at Shuster Academy, but this isn’t like any school that she has ever been to before! The kids and the teachers all have superpowers and the students are being trained to become superheroes! Terry arrives at school and quickly learns that the use of your powers outside of class can get you expelled. So, when three teenage vigilantes by the names of "Biff," "Pow," and "Bam," burst onto the school scene, it sends the student body into an uproar. With Terry working on the school newspaper, she takes it upon herself to uncover the identities of these three mysterious students! (Read More)

Oni goes to Union Station with new crime graphic novel - 20/06/2003
While crime comics are becoming more and more popular amongst fans and creators, very few have tackled the true crime genre—the blend of fact and fiction where a writer and an artist take real-life evidence and piece it together to make a compelling account of what went down. UNION STATION is the newest entry in said genre. Written by Ande Parks (GREEN ARROW) and illustrated by Eduardo Barreto (THE SHADOW, BATMAN), UNION STATION is also the latest entry in Oni’s growing line of original graphic novels. The action is set to go down this coming October.

Kansas City, 1933. Frank Nash is a petty criminal who has been pinched by the Feds and is being brought back into town by train. When FBI agent Reed Vetterli heads down to Union Station to meet Nash and escort him to Leavenworth, he has no reason to suspect that there will be any action. Neither does Charles Thompson, a rookie reporter who finds himself at the scene with his son. Little do they know that Frank’s buddy, Vern Miller, is going to bust him out. Nash may not be a big time player, but he’s still earned some loyalty. The resulting clash ends in a massacre, with no one knowing who pulled the trigger first—or even who pulled it at all. Rumor has it that Pretty Boy Floyd was on the scene, but no one knows for sure, and J. Edgar Hoover doesn’t particularly care. He just wants Floyd’s butt in an electric chair, and when Vetterli, Miller, and Thompson find themselves in the way of Hoover’s justice, they can’t duck for cover fast enough. (Read More)

Trouble #1 : The second chances edition - 20/06/2003
In an effort to meet the expected high-demand for Mark (THE ULTIMATES) Millar and Terry Dodson's TROUBLE #1, the July 2nd debut issue of the debut series in its EPIC Comics line, Marvel has officially decided to make an exception to its long-standing policy of not reprinting single issues by offering comic readers a second edition of this much-anticipated issue.

Called TROUBLE #1: THE 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D, $2.99 US, MARVEL PG+), this additional printing will feature the same interior contents, but with a full-color, illustrated cover by artist Frank (LIBERTY MEADOWS) Cho, replacing the initial printing's photo cover by French photographer Phillippe Biabolos.

TROUBLE #1: 'THE SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D) can be ordered by retailers now and will initially reach stores in mid July. Readers and retailers are advised that quantities of this additional printing may be limited and orders allocated, so readers are encouraged to ask their local comics' retailer to reserve a copy.

However, Marvel will continue to take orders on the 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION through 7/10, and if reader demand is sufficient, may go back to press again to make additional copies available on 7/30, one week before TROUBLE #2 will reach comic shops. (Read More)

The FF, Mark Waid, Bill Jemas & the Internet - 17/06/2003
In an open letter to the Internet, Marvel's very own Joe Quesada has dispelled much of the mystery surrounding Mark Waid's departure from Fantastic Four and shed light on some of the rumours surrounding the Epic Comics project. He writes:

"Dear Comics Fans,

I've been busy as hell of late and found my life much more enjoyable these last few months that I've avoided Internet message boards, but sometimes things get so out of hand that issues just need to be addressed and tackled head on.

First off, regarding Mark Waid's exit from the FANTASTIC FOUR (pretty much the only part of this 'story' that's completely accurate). Let me preface this by saying that Mark and I have been friends for years and years and I
expect that that relationship won't change over this creative decision. Mark is one of the most talented guys in the business and I have the utmost respect for what he does, but his departure from FF is now being siphoned through inaccuracies, mistaken impressions and hardcore enthusiasts
inability to wait for the whole, real story before slitting their proverbial wrists and launching profanity-ridden grenades. Hey, what the heck, it's so much more fun to be angry at Marvel even with only half the story.

Over a month ago Bill Jemas asked for a change of direction for the FF monthly title ... business as usual and no different than asking for a costume change, a change of cast or story line. As President, it's Bill's right and responsibility to call for changes as he feels will benefit any Marvel title just as it is mine. This is not the first time such changes have been asked for and I certainly hope it won't be the last. (Read More)

Oni & Allred go Atomic with new TPB - 16/06/2003
Get ready for a super good time come October, as Oni Press and AAA Pop will be bringing you Mike Allred?s THE ATOMICS: SPACED OUT AND GROUNDED IN SNAP CITY, a trade paperback collection of four one-shots Allred has written starring his characters. The book will include the It Girl one-shot with Chynna Clugston-Major (SCOOTER GIRL), Mr. Gum by J. Bone (WOLVERINE/DOOP), Spaceman by Lawrence Marvit (SPARKS), and an older Allred comic, printed in color for the first time?Crash Metro & the Star Squad! Drawn by artist Martin Ontiveros in 1999, the 27-page space opera has new colors by Han Allred, done exclusively for this collection.

"CRASH METRO is like a lost gem," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "It?s like space debris, floating amongst all the other comics released into the cosmos in the last several years. We?re taking it back and claiming it for Oni!"

"It?s still one of my favorite things I?ve done," Allred explained. "Martin Ontiveros is just such an amazing artist. He draws the best robots! We had him before he became a sensation illustrating the RICKY RICOTTA?S MIGHTY ROBOT children?s books. SPACED OUT AND GROUNDED IN SNAP CITY wouldn?t be the same without this book here." (Read More)

Hasbro announces Transformers Live Action Movie - 12/06/2003
Hasbro, Inc. announced today that it entered into an agreement with the highly successful producers Tom DeSanto (X-Men and X2: X-Men United) and Don Murphy (currently producing 20th Century Fox's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) for a full length, live action movie based on Hasbro's enormously popular TRANSFORMERS brand.

"TRANSFORMERS enjoys an amazing fan base worldwide, and we believe that we can create an incredibly fast-paced, exciting movie that will be appealing to anyone who loves action films," said Don Murphy.

"TRANSFORMERS is one of those rare properties that has been embraced by a generation around the world. Like X-Men, TRANSFORMERS offers an amazing mythology with all the elements to create a successful ongoing franchise, iconic characters, global themes, and a world that has never been seen before on screen," said Tom DeSanto. (Read More)

Laura Martin "Three Peats" as favourite colourist - 11/06/2003
For the third year running, Crossgen's Laura Martin was named “Favorite Colorist” in the Comics Buyer’s Guide Fan Awards. Fellow CrossGen colorists Justin Ponsor and Rob Schwager also made the 2003 list in comics industry’s longest running awards.

“Wow! What a surprise and honor. I want to give a big thank-you to all the folks who voted,” stated Laura. “I also want to say that I’m lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of color artists who always keep me on my toes. Also, I want to thank writer Scott Beatty, penciler Butch Guice and inker Mike Perkins for bringing out the best in me.”

Every month, readers can enjoy Laura’s work on RUSE, Justin’s hues on SOJOURN and Rob’s colors on BRATH. CrossGen thanks every fan that voted for these talented artists.

Farewell, Georgia brings Southern Storytelling to SLG Publishing - 8/06/2003
"Nothing reveals as much about a culture as its stories," says Ben Towle, the creator of the new original graphic novel from SLG Publishing, Farewell, Georgia, to be released in August 2003.

As the title implies, Farewell, Georgia is a work Towle created when he was preparing to move away from Savannah, Georgia, where he had been living for several years. Growing up in a military family, Towle never remained for very long in any one place, and he feels that for that reason he's been compelled to form connections to places where he's lived by learning about their histories and cultures. Folk tales and stories in particular, Towle feels, offer a distinctive glimpse into local character; even when the same basic story is being told, the variances in detail and tone reveal similar variances in the tellers' perspectives and traditions. Towle describes the four stories that comprise Farewell, Georgia as "unique to Georgia, yet . . . universally appealing."

From a tall tale about an ageing and cantankerous Ty Cobb to a shaggy dog story about a raccoon-hunting monkey, the folk legends retold in Farewell, Georgia reveal the uniquely playful, odd, and sublime aspects of life in Georgia. "For me," says Towle, "there was no other way to tell these stories than through comics," adding that cartooning evokes "the give and take of detail and vocal emphasis that make for a well-told verbal story." In Farewell, Georgia, Towle achieves this storytelling quality through simple panel layout, clean cartooning, and moody uses of graytones, and true-to-life dialogue.

Farewell, Georgia is a 48-page original graphic novel in a special 8 1/2" x 11" format with cardstock covers. It will be published in August 2003 and has a cover price of $6.95 US.

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