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New era for Iron Man - 12/09/2003
A surprising new era begins for Iron Man this fall when the new creative team of writer John Jackson Miller and artist Jorge Lucas (Mystique) take over the monthly series beginning with October's IRON MAN #73, launching a brand new story arc and brand new series direction inspired by the techno-thriller fiction of writers like Tom Clancy.

Tired of missiles that miss their targets and planes that ARE easy targets, the United States government wants the most successful weapons designer in our military's history back. But Tony Stark gave up building weapons many years ago. Undeterred, the military is resolute to get Stark - or more accurately, his technology - back any way they can ... even if it's against Tony Stark's will.

This standoff leads to one of the most shocking developments in Stark's career, his nomination to the office of Secretary of Defense of the United States of America. Now, in addition to action-filled battles as Iron Man, Tony Stark has to face new foes, including secret factions within the Pentagon determined to defeat his nomination, the United State Congress in charge of confirming his nomination, and possibly the most ruthless adversary he's ever faced - the Washington, DC press corps.

Iron Man #73, the first chapter in the new story "BEST DEFENSE", goes on sale October 10th with a cover price of $2.99 US and a painted cover by Joe Jusko.

Life is Unfair for Ultimate Spider-Man - 11/09/2003
As Ultimate Spider-Man heads towards its milestone 50th issue as part of December 2003's "ULTIMATE STARTS" Month (when Marvel invites new readers to sample the best-selling, best-reviewed line of comics in the biz), the always new-reader-friendly series still has one more new story beginning in October for brand new readers who want to come to the party a little early.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #47, on-sale October 1st, begins the three-part story arc "UNFAIR", which sees Spider-Man's arch-nemesis the Kingpin of Crime step back into the spotlight. The Kingpin has vengeance on his mind, so he commands the entire New York underworld to find out just who Spider-Man really is ... by any means necessary! And the Enforcers are only too happy to take him up on his demand.

Heading towards that special anniversary issue, the ongoing series is riding both a commercial and critical high. Now a permanent resident in the Top 5 of Diamond's monthly sales chart and regular chart-topper on the graphic novel charts, the series was also recently awarded six 2003 Wizard Fan Awards, including - Favorite Ongoing Series, Hero, Writer (Brian Michael Bendis), Inker (Art Thibert), Letterer (Chris Eliopoulos) and Supporting Character (Mary Jane). Plus, writer Brian Bendis was also named Best Writer in the 2003 Eisner Awards!

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #47, by Bendis and penciler Mark Bagley, goes on sale early October with a cover price of $2.25 US. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #48, part 2 (of 3) of "UNFAIR" hits comic book shops mid-October. Readers, ask your friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve you a copy of both titles.

Oni graphic novels pulls up to the Last Exit Before Toll - 10/09/2003
This November, Oni Press will be releasing the latest in its line of original graphic novels, LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL. Written by Neal Shaffer, author of ONE PLUS ONE, the 96-page comic book revolves around Charles Pierce, a man with an average life, including an average family and an average job. Little does he know that his latest business trip is going to take that life and shove it to the side. Breaking down in a small town in the middle of nowhere, he finds himself stranded in a place where no one knows him, and more importantly, where no one knows he is at. Could this be the break he was looking for?

Joining Shaffer for LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL are two talented newcomers: Christopher Mitten and Dawn Pietrusko. While Pietrusko may be known to ONE PLUS ONE readers for her assistance with the gray tones in that book, this graphic novel will be Mitten’s official comic book debut.

"I met Chris at Wizard World last year," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich said. "It was an interesting encounter, since he was one of those artists whose manner matched his work. You could look at him and then look at his portfolio, and it was simply clear that he was the guy who drew it. It was a sense that this guy wasn’t the same as everyone else—and I mean that as the highest compliment." (Read More)

Hitch renews Marvel exclusive - 9/09/2003
Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that artist Bryan Hitch (THE ULTIMATES) has renewed his exclusive creator agreement with the publisher, keeping him with the House of Ideas family through the year 2006.

"Working on The Ultimates has been a real career highlight and extremely rewarding," said Hitch. "I'm having a great time and have had such support and generosity from Joe [Quesada], Bill [Jemas] and Ralph [Macchio] that I couldn't even consider an alternative to re-upping with Marvel exclusively.
Besides, Ultimates isn't finished and despite the trials of the last twelve months it's very important to me that I complete my work with Mighty Mark Millar on the book.

"Mark and I want to wrap Ultimates up in a pleasantly regular manner and we have a project under discussion to follow that should shake some Marvel foundations ... and boy, are we excited at the prospects! In the meantime Ultimates Volume 2 is on the drawing board and our plan is to surprise anybody who thinks they know what to expect after reading Volume 1."

"There's not much more than can be said about Hitchy (he lets me call him
that) that hasn't already been said," remarked Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "From awards to accolades he is without question one of the premier artists in the history of comics. I believe his work on Ultimates with Milly (Millar has no idea I call him that) will go down as one of the most historic comic book runs ever!

"Having Bryan sign with us again is just thrilling for me because it's talents like his that make my job easier. As Editor-in-Chief I'm proud that Bryan has extended his commitment and trust and as a friend I'm proud of all the brilliant work he's done for us. He also plays a mean classical piano!"

Thanos provides galaxy-spanning science fiction - 4/09/2003
Marvel's most powerful and enigmatic villain takes center stage this fall in a new galaxy-spanning ongoing series written and illustrated by his creator, Jim Starlin, who unleashed the would-be galaxy-killer onto the Marvel Universe exactly 30 years ago in 1973.

He's held ultimate power in his hands, only to see it all slip away time and again. His attempts at conquest and destruction have all been thwarted. So what inner demons drive the mad Titan known as THANOS towards his goals ... and what hidden desires pull at his heart and mind now?

The new series promises never-before-revealed insight into the heart and mind of the villain introduced to a whole new generation of readers with this year's popular Marvel Universe: The End limited series.

THANOS #1, a 32-page debut issue with a cover price of $2.99 US, goes on sale in comic book shops in mid-October. Readers, ask your friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve you a copy.

New Comic from Scott Mills & SLG! - 3/09/2003
Scott Mills knows that readers have come to expect a certain kind of comic from him. The Eisner-nominated creator of acclaimed graphic novels like Trenches, Big Clay Pot and My Own Little Empire is known for his loose, tone-screen-shaded drawing style and for quietly poignant stories, sincerely and earnestly told. But for a long time, Mills has just wanted to let it all out and have fun. And so, inspired by artists like Evan Dorkin, Dan Clowes, Chris Ware and Sam Henderson, Mills created his own comic anthology, Seamonsters and Superheroes, a three-issue mini-series from SLG Publishing that will premier in October.

Aside from Mill's characteristic art style, Seamonsters and Superheroes is a far-flung, free-wheeling departure from his graphic novels. Angst-filled leviathans, sex-obsessed crime-fighters, long-winded evil geniuses and a giant monstrosity named Anusor all inhabit the bizarre—but at times oddly familiar—world presented Mill's comic oeuvre, where readers will get to explore an entirely new frontier in Mill's cerebral space.

"People expect a certain kind of seriousness from my work, but I have all kinds of stories to tell," Mills said. "While the jumping point for Seamonsters and Superheroes is a 'comedic anthology,' it's really much more than that. There are all sorts of stories—surreal, science fiction, drama, even a dash of prose. These three issues, however, are still very much about insane, foul, satiric, nonsensical humor." (Read More)

SLG goes Bollywood with Bombay! - 1/09/2003
Sangeeta Mukherjee is the daughter of well-to-do, traditional parents, dealing with a bratty little sister and a possible arranged marriage when an out-of body experience reveals that she is not an ordinary young woman. Sangeeta is, in fact, the reincarnation of India's ancient protector, the Goddess of Mumbai. But how will Sangeeta use this new-found power? Can she make a difference in a male-dominated society? Sangeeta must defy traditional expectations to choose what kind of life she wants and discover her true self.

In gorgeous full-color artwork, Anthony Mazzotta brings his vision of "an Indian heroine in India" to life with Bombaby, a new miniseries coming in November from SLG Publishing. Above all, Mazzotta says, Bombaby is a story about "a young heroine on a journey of self-discovery." Creating the comic has been something of a personal journey for himself, as well. He describes Bombaby as "a story I need to tell" and explains that "it is the product of where and how my life has guided me."

The personal significance of the project shines through in Mazzotta's beautiful artwork, which captures the aesthetic, as well as the emotional exuberance and spectacle, of 1960's Bollywood movies in the character designs and color palettes. The color was so much a part of the mood and design of the project that SLG Publishing decided to make Bombaby its first full-color miniseries since it published Ranklechick and His Three Legged Cat by Rosearik Rikki Simons and Tavisha Wolfgarth Simons in 2001.

"We look for projects in which the artist's devotion to their story and the art form really come through," said SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman, "and Bombaby is a perfect example of this. Antony shows that he cares deeply about this project in every detail, from the stunning artwork and Sangeeta's lively, clever narrative voice to the exploration and development of his themes of independence and self-discovery."

Bombaby is a 24-page, full-color, four-issue miniseries. It will be published quarterly, beginning in November 2003 and retail for $3.50 US. A preview of issue one is available at SLG Publishing's website,

Spider-man: Negative Exposure - 29/08/2003
Last month comic book and movie fans alike began buzzing when we all got our first look at scenes from next summer's SPIDER-MAN 2, and in particular the mechanical menace of the blockbuster sequel's star villain - Doctor Octopus.

But while we'll all have to wait until July 2004 to watch that Spidey/Doc Ock battle play out on the big screen, fans can head to comic shops this October to witness the arch-rivals latest battle in SPIDER-MAN & DOCTOR OCTOPUS: NEGATIVE EXPOSURE. This new 5-issue monthly limited series is written by rising superstar Brian K. Vaughan (MYSTIQUE) and features some of the best work of penciler Staz Johnson's career. And to top it all off, Doctor Octopus is given an updated, cinematic new look courtesy SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN's Humberto Ramos , which debuts in this series!

As Spidey and Doctor Octopus face off in their usual brutal battle of egos, Doc unveils a secret weapon hidden up his sleeve - Jeff Brasi, a staff photographer from the Daily Bugle who wants to know just how a stringer named Peter Parker always seems to get the front page...

The 32-page SPIDER-MAN & DOCTOR OCTOPUS: NEGATIVE EXPOSURE #1, with a cover by Tony Harris and a cover price of $2.99 US, goes on sale early October 2003.

Ultimate Six - 28/08/2003
The next 'ULTIMATE WAR' begins September 17th when Eisner and Wizard Fan award winning "Best Writer" Brian Michael Bendis teams with penciler Trevor Hairsine, special contributor Joe Quesada and cover artist John Cassaday for ULTIMATE SIX, a six-part limited series teaming Spider-Man and the Ultimates against the deadliest band of super-villains ever assembled in the Ultimate Universe.

The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, the Sandman and a final mystery member rounding this 'Sinister Six' have been taken prisoner by Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. Why have they been brought together? And more importantly - what happens when they escape? Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the rest of the ULTIMATES prepare to bring them back into custody and thwart a horrific plan hatched in the mind of Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. But where is Ultimate Spider-Man when the Ultimates need a hand? (Read More)

Art of Marvel Comics Preview - 26/08/2003
This holiday season, Marvel is celebrating one of the richest creative eras in its storied history when it presents THE ART OF MARVEL COMICS Vol. 1 Hardcover collection. This brand new volume - the first in a new series of "ART OF..." editions - collects page after page of some the best artwork to come from the drawing boards of the House of Ideas during the past two years, along with some select classic images from the last decade, created by a 'Who's Who'-like roster of the biggest names in comics.

Contributors to this special, high-quality volume include: Kaare Andrews, Mark Bagley, Julie Bell, Tim Bradstreet, J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Richard Corben, ChrisCross, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Vince Evans, David Finch, Bryan Hitch, Greg Horn, Stuart Immonen, Richard Isanove, J.G. Jones, Joe Jusko, Dale Keown, Sam Kieth, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Bob Larkin, Salvador Larroca, Jae Lee, Joseph Michael Linsner, David Mack, Alex Maleev, Tom Marvelli, Josh Middleton, Rudolfo Migliari, Glen Orbick, Joe Quesada, Frank Quitely, Esad Ribic, John Romita Jr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mark Texeira, Matt Wagner, Lee Weeks and Mike Wieringo.

Read on to see a preview of the THE ART OF MARVEL COMICS Vol. 1. (Read More)

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