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Carlo Barberi joins New Mutants team - 9/10/2003
The theme of the "NEW MUTANTS" throughout its incarnations has always growth and change. Next month the current NEW MUTANTS ongoing series by writers Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis grows and changes by welcoming a brand new penciler beginning with the start of its new, second story arc.

Artist Carlo Barberi joins the regular creative team with NEW MUTANTS #7, part 1 of "THE TIES THAT BIND", which introduces a new member to the series cast and will later feature a death in their ranks and the surprise return of the original team!

"When a former anti-mutant demonstrator enrolls at Xavier's, his transition is...explosive," reads the issue's original solicitation. "Will the rest of the students and staff survive this imminent new danger within their own ranks?"

Apparently the answer is, "not everyone!"...

Read on to see four preview pages from NEW MUTANTS #7. (Read More)

Silver Surfer #2 - 7/10/2003
They say, "good things come to those who wait", and Marvel will try to prove that axiom when SILVER SURFER #2 finally hits comic book racks on October 29th.

The new ongoing series by writers Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton debuted in July to very positive critical and fan response, but had to be put on hold while a new regular artist was found after the well-chronicled departure of original series artist Milx. And while that might have resulted in a long wait for issue #2, the 'Silver Lining' to this Silver Surfer story is it also resulted in the addition of critically acclaimed artist LAN MEDINA (Vertigo's FABLES) to the series' regular creative team... (Read More)

Graphic Action now at 572 Hunter St - 5/10/2003
On Thursday 2nd October, Graphic Action Comics opened in our newly fitted, larger store at 572 Hunter Street Newcastle. Or at the intersection of Hunter & Union Streets to all us locals. Less than 100 metres away from our old location.
The move was intensive, with many things still needing to be unpacked and sorted, and other regular delays that come with moving, mail order operations have still to return to full functionality. Hopefully by midweek we'll be fully settled in.
We apologise for any delays - and if you're down Newcastle way - check out our new location. We're really proud of it. It's bright, spacious, clearly arranged and chock full of comic goodness.
Now to unpack that next box.... (Read More)

04 focused on The Four - 29/09/2003
In 1961 a rocketship carrying four friends was launched into the unknown of outer space and the Marvel Age of comics was launched along with it. Now beginning this December, the industry's #1 publisher will again place the First Family of comic books - the FANTASTIC FOUR - at its rightful place at the 'fourfront' of Marvel Comics' 2004 plans. Three ... (yes, THREE) major launches featuring three diverse interpretations of the "World's Greatest Comic Magazine" are in the works, again signifying the launch of a resurgent creative and commercial era at Marvel Comics.

The three-month event kicks off in December with the launch of ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR, by the all-star Ultimate creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar and Adam Kubert! More details regarding the debut of this fourth cornerstone of the Ultimate Universe foundation can be found in this month's MARVEL PREVIEWS (#2) and WIZARD (#145), and even more details and previews will be released as its December unveiling gets closer.

In January's FANTASTIC FOUR #509, Marvel welcomes "back" the fan-favorite regular creative team of writer Mark Waid and penciler Mike Wieringo (along with inker Karl Kesel), before they ever got a chance to leave! The special "THEY'RE BACK" issue kicks off a brand new story arc called "Hereafter".

According to Mark Waid, "The story is about the Fantastic Three ...whoops, did I say 'Three'? ... the Fantastic Three taking their greatest adventure yet by storming a realm new to them, one they've heard of but have never before seen.

"Yes, the Fantastic Three..." (Read More)

Courtney Crumrin visits the Twilight Kingdom this December - 26/09/2003
Oni Press is proud to announce December 10, 2003 as the on sale date for issue number one of the third Courtney Crumrin series, COURTNEY CRUMRIN IN THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM.

Ted Naifeh takes Courtney deeper into the society of warlocks and witches introduced to her by Uncle Aloysius. "The story begins when Courtney starts attending Saturday classes at Radley Hall along with other children of magical families," Naifeh explained. "They learn a little about the history of the coven, which stretches back to three immigrant witches. Courtney's classmates brag continually about how great and powerful their families are, and the little spells they've learned, unaware of Courtney's extensive experience and prowess. When one kid, eager to impress, performs a curse on his little brother, the victim begins to transform into a night thing. Only Courtney has the means to help the hapless boy, and so she reluctantly leads an expedition into goblin town to find the cure."

"With each series Ted continues to increase the size and scope of Courtney's world and at the same time raise the stakes," said Oni Press editor/publisher Joe Nozemack. "It's not enough to just keep unveiling new elements of the universe he's crafted, he also has to make sure there is a compelling story. Which, honestly, never seems like much of a problem."

"The Twilight Kingdom is the land of the night things, including goblin town and beyond," Naifeh explained. "Basically, it's the place where magical people and creatures go to be safe from mortals. As Courtney and her classmates go deeper underground on their quest, they will encounter both the wonders and the dangers of this special place, as well as experiencing how the realm is affected by the sorrows of its king. This alone would be enough of a threat for a young girl on a normal day, but Courtney also has to worry about residual backstabbing from back home. One of the coven's deputy marshals has it in for her, and he's going to follow her down into the underworld to make sure she never gets back out.." (Read More)

Mystique rides the First Wave - 26/09/2003
Buoyed by strong critical and fan reception, the buzz that continues to build around writer Brian K. Vaughan and the free full reprint of its debut issue in last month's MARVEL PREVIEWS #1, the ongoing series MYSTIQUE is breaking out as one of the fastest growing of the MARVEL TSUNAMI 'First Wave' titles. Sales of MYSTIQUE have risen 3 out of the last 4 issues, and sales will continue to rise as new readers discover the book when it begins its new, second story arc with October's MYSTIQUE #7, featuring a special "metallic ink on black' cover.

That issue also serves as the debut of new penciler Michael Ryan, who joins Vaughan as one-half of the series' regular creative team. Original artist Jorge Lucas moves over to IRON MAN beginning with October's issue #73.

In the new four-issue story arc entitled "Tinker, Tailor, Mutant, Spy", Mystique's new assignment from Xavier is to track down a possible new biological weapon - a deadly new strain of smallpox. But Mystique is getting restless following Xavier's orders... and he might not be the only boss she's working for these days. There's another mutant who wants to get his or her hands on this potentially apocalyptic bio-weapon!

MYSTIQUE #7 [AUG031535], the 32-page opening chapter of the four-part "Tinker, Tailor, Mutant, Spy", goes on sale mid-October with a cover price of $2.99 US. Readers, ask the friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve your copy.

Kissing Chaos most popular character returns - 19/09/2003
Readers who venture to comic book shops this week and pick up the second KISSING CHAOS collection, NONSTOP BEAUTY, may be surprised to note that creator Arthur Dela Cruz has introduced a whole new section of the cast in volume 2—leaving behind the trio that kicked the comic book off in 2001. What they should be excited to know is that this isn't a permanent change, that Oni Press and the artist are working their way back to the characters that hooked everyone in, showing the connections between all the various elements that have come to play so far.

Following July's successful 1,000 WORDS one-shot, December's new comic, KISSING CHAOS: NINE LIVES, lets us in on what happened to Raevyn, arguably the fan favorite among the criminally minded teenagers. Last we saw the bespectacled beauty, she was being escorted away in handcuffs. But long-time readers know that Raevyn isn't one to take anything lightly—not even getting arrested. And new readers are in for a wild time!

"I'm being very conscientious to the fact that not everyone has started KISSING CHAOS at the beginning," Dela Cruz explained. "I tried to pull a balancing act between making the book read like a new story, that anyone could pick up, and giving fans of the series a little something to walk away with. Essentially I wanted it to be like an ‘origin' story for Raevyn, and set up her character for the rest of the series. I'm hoping between what is said in this issue, the other one-shot, and all the other books, the past events of the comic are made somewhat clear, and that most readers will be closer to getting on the same page." (Read More)

Graphic Action Annual MegaSale! - 17/09/2003
Graphic Action are holding an Annual MegaSale for 3 days only on Thursday 25th, Fri 26th & Saturday 27th September 2003!

In a last hurrah for our trusty old premises - before we move on to a bigger & better store - we're cutting prices all over - for three days only!
  • %25 Off Trade Paperbacks/Full Sets!
  • %40 Off Back Issues!
  • %25 Off Action Figures, Statues and Apparel!
  • %10 Off Videos, DVD's and Trading Cards!
  • Plus Heaps Of Spot Specials and Reductions!
Three Days Of Madness!
(followed by four days of moving - closed Sun 28th, Mon 29th, Tue 30th Sep & Wed 1st Oct)
(reductions don't apply to new/current comics)

To be followed by a grand new opening of our brand new premises at 572 Hunter Street Newcastle (Just Over The Road) On Thursday 2nd October!

Thursday 25th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th September
Be There - Or miss out on the goodness!

Marvel Previews: NYX #1 - 16/09/2003
Professor Charles Xavier can't educate and provide a welcome home for every young mutant in the world. His gift of creating hope from despair doesn't reach everyone who needs it, and that simple premise serves as the basis of NYX, the long awaited and controversial new MARVEL PSR+ ongoing series debuting October 10th, 2003.

Written by the Marvel Editor-in-Chief himself - Joe Quesada, and illustrated by exclusive Marvel creator and rising superstar Joshua Middleton, this new street-level X-Men series introduces a pack of New York City gutterpunks, a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything from food to shelter to love. Kids who instead of preparing for Magneto's next big assault in the Danger Room, must learn to survive in the cold, harsh, and dangerous world of the city that never sleeps - begging for change in Washington Square Park and finding a warm place to sleep in the Port Authority bus station.

But while the cast of NYX will be the mutants who fall through the cracks of Xavier's dream, it won't be without its ties to the core X-MEN universe. By December's NYX #3, readers will be introduced to a new character that is related to one of the most prominent mutants characters of all time. A very close blood relative to a current X-Man, and the Marvel Universe will never be the same...

Read on to see eight, full-colour preview pages from NYX (please note: as befitting a "Marvel PSR+" title, this preview contains mature themes and imagery). (Read More)

Marvel Universe RPG gets third printing - 15/09/2003
While Marvel Comics' first entry in the Young Adult prose fiction market has produced a crossover media hit in the best-selling MARY JANE novel, Marvel's other recent new publishing category launch has been a quieter, more grassroots success. Marvel is pleased to announce that the Marvel Universe Roleplaying GAME Guide Hardcover ($19.99) - the publisher's first in-house foray into the RPG market - has gone into its third printing since its initial release in April 2003 and the RPG's first supplement, May's RPG Guide to the X-Men Hardcover ($19.99 US) has just been approved for a 2nd printing.

Although the game's success is due in part to its wide, crossover appeal to Marvel Comics readers who enjoy the character profiles and adventure briefings, along with players of previous Marvel RPGs, even more surprising has been the positive reception by not only current hardcore gamers, but also the even harder-to-please GameMasters.

"From all of the feedback we've gotten from the gaming community - emails, Internet discussion groups, and personal contacts - people of all types are loving the Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game," said Jeff Simons, who along with his partners at Q.E.D. Games, Inc. helped Marvel develop the game. "There is quite a loyal, growing fan base, some of whom are very surprising for longtime members of the community like us." (Read More)

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