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Oni Press collects early Allred Madness - 10/11/2003
Back in 1992, a letter writer named Jamie S. Rich wrote a letter to a comic book called TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS, at that time coming out in serialized form. In that letter, he noted that this was his first exposure to the work of Mike Allred, and that he liked what he saw. Now, nearly a decade later, after having edited a good portion of Allred’s creator-owned work, it comes full circle. Rich will be editing a collection of TALES OF ORDINDARY MADNESS for Oni Press, bringing the four-issue miniseries, written by Malcolm Bourne and drawn by Allred, under one cover for the first time.

"This is a thrill for me," Rich said. "I had corresponded with Malcolm Bourne back then. He was one of the top echelon of letterhacks in comics, and this was his big break into writing the stuff that preceded the letters pages. That alone had me excited. Little did I know what I was in for. Malcolm’s story was a deep, dark look inside the workings of the human mind, and his collaborator was a perfect choice to render the dense layers of insanity. I would soon discover that said collaborator was starting to show a bit of madness on his own in a little comic called MADMAN."

"So, for me, this really brings me back to a place where I was simply a fan, a true enjoyment of comics," Rich continued. "Usually, you hear an editor talk up a book, and it’s marketing. Of course he likes it, he’s the editor! But here is TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS, a book I was a big fan of, and one that inspired me to want to do comics—and here I get to bring it to a new audience." (Read More)

Marvel Preview: JLA/Avengers #3 cover! - 6/11/2003
JLA/AVENGERS #3 - the cover ... in color!

'Nuff said!

Ultimate FF buzz builds - 3/11/2003
Though still two months away from its long-awaited debut, the buzz surrounding the fourth cornerstone of the ULTIMATE MARVEL foundation - Brian Bendis, Mark Millar and Adam Kubert's ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR - is ALREADY starting to build.

Esquire Magazine has picked ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR as a pop culture event to watch in the "Index" section of its upcoming December edition, and just this week Comics Buyer's Guide (issue #1564, 11/7/03) named it "HEAD OF THE CLASS" of its December 2003 "COMICS IN YOUR FUTURE" selections, giving it three "A+" scores and a composite score of "A-" from a seven-member review panel of comic book retailers. (Read More)

Midnight Mover TP arrives in January from Oni Press - 30/10/2003
This January Oni Press is giving hardcore lovers another chance to get their groove on with MIDNIGHT MOVER, a new trade paperback collecting 2003's edgy miniseries by Gary Phillips, Jeremy Love, and Jeff Wasson. Featuring an eye-catching cover by Mike Huddleston, this digest-sized book follows escort bodyguard Danny Shaw on a descent into a pit of porn, lost dreams, and secrets held dear as he tries to climb his way out alive.

For Shaw, a Gulf War vet with a buried past, smoking blunts dulls the ache of unrealized wants while chaperonin' washed-up porn stars turned call girls keeps the rent paid. But when his girl Ginger gets knifed on his watch, Danny kisses all that goodbye and goes on the lam -- a midnight mover one step ahead of the law and the lawless.

"Gary Phillips types with his fists," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "You can see the emotion and adrenaline drip off his knuckles like blood dripping from the taped-up hands of a contender. His stories bob and weave exactly when they should, and his characters pack a vicious punch that could drop a big man like Gary himself." (Read More)

The dangerous debutantes return in January! - 22/10/2003
Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of Gail Simone and Lea Hernandez's KILLER PRINCESSES in a new digest-sized trade paperback! Collecting the fan-favorite miniseries and featuring an introduction by Mark Waid and a new illustrated prose story by the creators, KILLER PRINCESSES follows sorority sisters Hope, Faith, and Charity as they hit the books…and henchmen and gangsters and government agents and anything else that gets in their way!

"Before Gail wowed fans with her take on certain DC BIRDS, there were the PRINCESSES," commented editor James Lucas Jones. "Gail had an established fanbase with her YABS! Column and had already broken into the biz with work for Bongo, but these three girls gave her an opportunity to really let loose. In KP there are no rules and there are no limits. It's rare for a creator as fresh as Gail was at the time to be given a playground with zero boundaries, but she took full advantage of the opportunity to do something totally outrageous."

"Lea and I had been friends and mutual admirers for a while when she approached me about collaborating," added Simone. "She'd already stretched her resume with the hard-hitting RUMBLE GIRLS, but I wanted to take it a step beyond and really do something that could showcase her abilities as both a cutie-pie artist and a brutal action storyteller. The dichotomy of KP just suits her perfectly."

"Working on KILLER PRINCESSES required a completely different frame of mind than I'm used to," added co-creator and artist Lea Hernandez. "Gail crafted a smart and crafty script that stars characters that are absolutely lacking in the grey matter department. It was a challenge, but it was also an absolute blast"

The title may describe our three deadly, dumb debs—Hope, Faith, and Charity—but there are other things going on in KILLER PRINCESSES. The house mother and the myriad of other characters, including eco-friendly terrorists, hoity-toity professors, big jocks on campus, and even the sorority's newest pledge, all play a role in the dangerous game orchestrated by the secretive sorority. What exactly is this order trying to accomplish by sending the sisters out on missions of unrestrained violence and comedy?

"While the Princesses are every bit as stupid as they initially appear, the book isn't," Simone said. "It's not just a high-octane yuck-fest. There are other things going on beneath the surface. Wanna know what? Buy the darn book!"

KILLER PRINCESSES will feature 104 pages of black-and-white story and art, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $9.95 US, it will ship to comic book stores mid-January, 2004. The book measures 5.5x8".

Spider-Man Countdown - 21/10/2003
This past summer Marvel movie fans got their first look at the villainous Doctor Octopus from next summer's blockbuster sequel to the Spider-Man film. This month Spider-Man readers got their first look at the Humberto Ramos-designed new look for the Marvel Universe Doc Ock in Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure. Next up for fandom is a look at the new design drawn by Ramos himself in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #6 & 7, the first two chapters in the "COUNTDOWN", the new five-part story arc by Ramos and series writer Paul Jenkins.

Out to ruin his long-time foe once and for all, Doc Ock has given the wall-crawler an ultimatum. For the safe release of the Palestinian ambassador he's holding hostage, Spider-Man must reveal his identity to the entire world! Is Spider-Man's biggest secret worth neutralizing a situation that could lead to war? Before its over a defeated Spider-Man and a triumphant Doc Ock will have a High Noon showdown in Times Square with countless innocent lives hanging in the balance!

The 32-page SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #6 [SEP031558], the start of a new 5-part story arc "COUNTDOWN", goes on sale mid-November with a cover price of $2.25 US.

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #7 [SEP031559] goes on sale late November. Readers, ask the friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve your copy.

Alan Davis makes his Marvel! - 17/10/2003
Alan Davis, one of the comic book industry's most well respected and sought-after creators and long-time fan-favorite, has signed an exclusive agreement with Marvel, the publisher was pleased to announce on Wednesday.

Davis's career highlights include DR & QUINCH in 2000AD and BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS and JLA: THE NAIL from DC, as well as its forthcoming sequel and his next published project, JLA: ANOTHER NAIL. For Marvel and Marvel UK his work includes THE CLANDESTINE, KILLRAVEN, CAPTAIN BRITAIN, FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN, AVENGERS and EXCALIBUR. Davis will be a key player on the Marvel team through the year 2006, with his first project under his new Marvel agreement debuting in spring, 2004.

"I have been lucky enough to work on many of Marvel's greatest characters over the years and I am really looking forward to returning," said Davis.
"Not in any nostalgic sense, this is about exploring new possibilities."

With Marvel, Davis will continue to produce the kind of comic book that has fuelled his passion for the artform from his childhood through his professional career.

"I have always produced comics that are aimed at an audience of any age that is willing to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the fantasy," the creator continued. "Fun, exciting, action-packed comics with the kind of stories and characters I discovered as a young kid. The same books that held my interest through my teens, inspired my first attempts at drawing and writing, and the reason I'm still hooked after twenty years at the drawing board."

"There are certain creators whose very presence add a touch of class and professionalism to everything they do and the companies they work for; Alan Davis leads the pack in this category," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Since my days as a reader I've been a fan of this legendary artist's work and I'm thrilled that he's decided to make Marvel his home for the next three years. I think fans will be delighted when they hear what Alan's new project will be (I know I am) but that's an announcement for another day. Welcome to the Marvel Reload; every week we're just adding to our arsenal!"

Fantagraphics to publish the complete Peanuts - 15/10/2003
50 years of art. 25 books. Two books per year for 12 1/2 years. Fantagraphics Books is proud to announce the most eagerly-awaited and ambitious publishing project in the history of the American comic strip: the complete reprinting of CHARLES M. SCHULZ's classic, PEANUTS. Considered to be one of the most popular comic strips in the history of the world, PEANUTS will be, for the first time, collected in its entirety and published, beginning in April, 2004. Fantagraphics will launch THE COMPLETE PEANUTS in a series designed by the cartoonist SETH (Palookaville, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken) and produced in full cooperation with United Media, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, and Mr. Schulz's widow, Jean Schulz.

Fantagraphics Books co-publisher Gary Groth said that publishing THE COMPLETE PEANUTS represented the apex of the company's 27-year commitment to publishing the best cartooning in the world. "PEANUTS is a towering achievement in the history of comics," said Groth. "I can't think of a better way to honor Schulz's artistic legacy than to make his oeuvre available to the public in a beautifully designed format that reflects the integrity of the work itself." (Read More)

SLG announces Chi graphic novel - 14/10/2003
SLG Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of the graphic novel Chi by Jennifer Feinberg, co-creator, along with writer Todd Meister, of the comic book series Little Scrowlie. Feinberg made her start in the comics world with Chi, a mini-comic full of charming stories told with intricate black-and-white artwork. The graphic novel, which will be released this December, collects the three mini-comics, which features some of Feinberg's earliest works, along with fifteen pages of new stories and artwork.

Chi includes dreamy, stream-of-consciousness stories about motorcycle trips, parties and animal- and alien-encounters, but most of the stories are about Feinberg's cats, Hopey and Chi. "The stories in Chi aren't all about cats, but the ones about cats are my favorite," admitted Feinberg. All are illustrated with stylized figures and elaborate borders in Feinberg's signature Art-Nouveau-meets-psychedelia style. "There are a lot of patterns, swirls, and designs in the Chi comics. They are really more illustrations than comics," explained Feinberg. (Read More)

Wolverine: The End - 13/10/2003
Once writer Paul Jenkins told the very first story about the person who would one day become known as WOLVERINE. Beginning this November, Jenkins turns his attention to telling the LAST story, in WOLVERINE: THE END, the latest in the very popular series of limited series telling the final tales of some Marvel's greatest heroes.

Featuring art and covers by Claudio Castellini, as the circle of his own life begins to close, the death of someone important in his life draws Logan out of seclusion. Returning to a world he thought he'd long since left behind, Logan embarks on a journey of self-discovery, closing in on answers about his mysterious history that have long eluded him.

WOLVERINE: THE END #1 - the 32-page debut issue of a six-part limited series goes on sale early November with a cover price of $2.99 US. Readers, ask the friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve you a copy.

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