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Cheung & Pulido hunt Lady Death! - 21/11/2003
Here's the bad news: Your family, who would just as soon kill you as hug you, have conquered Europe. Your friends hate you, and your only allies are former foes. And when you're not fighting a guerilla war against the ruling forces, you're battling monsters and avoiding pockets of land that obey the laws of magic, not physics.

On the positive side, superstar artist Jim Cheung is now illustrating your adventures.

Such is the life of Lady Death, born of two bloodlines, yet belonging to neither. For the last year, writer Brian Pulido re-imagined his dark maiden, introducing the young woman named Hope to a new audience in the pages of LADY DEATH: A MEDIEVAL TALE. This March, former X-Force and Scion artist Jim Cheung joins Pulido as the series' timeline jumps forward an entire year, offering readers new visuals, new challenges, and new surprises in LADY DEATH: THE WILD HUNT.

"Perfect for lovers of dark-edged fantasy, THE WILD HUNT is crafted to shock existing fans while making complete sense to new readers," stated Pulido. "The story starts with medieval Europe now ruled by the Eldritch, an ancient magical race out to extinguish humanity, who they view as cockroaches. Even though they're outnumbered underdogs, it's up to Lady Death and her underground fighters to drive the supernatural race back through the rift they stormed through. But Hope's father was Eldritch and her mother was human. So while she looks Eldritch, Lady Death is hated by the very people she wants to save." (Read More)

Ultimate start for Ultimate X-Men #40 - 19/11/2003
"ULTIMATE STARTS" - December's month-long celebration of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE and invitation to new readers to jump on-board the chart-topping, award-winning and highly accessible family of titles - continues in December with the release ULTIMATE X-MEN #40 by Eisner and Wizard Fan Award winner for Favorite Writer, Brian Michael Bendis, and artist David Finch!

The advisors of the President of the United States believe he's being secretly controlled by Professor Xavier and a plan is hatched to free the Chief Executive from his mutant influence AND to prepare for any X-Men related contingency. But the identity of the person behind the scheme and his or her solution to the Xavier problem is just one of many surprises in store for the X-Men in the new 5-issue story arc, "NEW MUTANTS"!

Bendis and Finch, celebrating their 2nd consecutive on-time story arc together, follow-up their best-selling debut storyline "Blockbuster" with "NEW MUTANTS", which also introduces new and long-awaited additions to the ULTIMATE X-MEN cast, including new friends and new foes like Warren Worthington III - the ANGEL, DAZZLER, KARMA & HAVOK!

But which characters will become part of the regular cast? "NEW MUTANTS" answers that question!

ULTIMATE X-MEN #40 [OCT031545], the start of a new 5-part story arc "NEW MUTANTS, goes on sale mid-December with a cover price of $2.25 US. Readers, ask the friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve your copy of this special ULTIMATE STARTS issue!

Dr. Radium returns to SLG! - 17/11/2003
THE WORLD OF TOMORROW! The very phrase conjures images of excitement, adventure, and wonder. But, really, the future is Dullsville, a "perfect" society practically devoid of anything surprising or even all that interesting — except for the distracted, disaster-prone Dr. Radium, the last scientist left standing in a world that would slip completely into bland oblivion if he weren’t around to shake things up. Ignored by society and feared by his assistant, Dr. Radium pursues Science with happy disregard for knowledge, progress or safety in the classic SLG Publishing Dr. Radium comic books by Scott Saavedra. Dr. Radium's adventures first made their appearance in 1986, with It's Science with Dr. Radium, and Dr. Radium: Man of Science followed in 1992.

SLG Publishing is now pleased to announce that all of Dr. Radium’s manic, madcap Man of Science (mis)adventures will be collected into a single volume. Scheduled for release in January 2004, Dr. Radium Battles Phill, King of the Pill Bugs! assembles all five issues of the original Dr. Radium: Man of Science series, along with a previously unpublished story. (Read More)

Oni Press offers order adjustment on Jingle Belle - 14/11/2003
Oni Press wishes to inform fans and retailers that its original graphic novel, JINGLE BELLE: DASH AWAY ALL, is not going to make its scheduled November on-sale date. All parties involved are making every effort to release the Paul Dini and Jose Garibaldi comic on a new date, 31/12, and at this time we are allowing retailers to adjust their orders accordingly.

"Sometimes, books just get away from you," said Jamie S. Rich, editor in chief of Oni Press. "It’s never one action, but the build-up of many, and what was begun as an endeavor with certain expectations suddenly becomes an endeavor where those expectations are no longer possible." (Read More)

Seattle-Area Company to reproduce Marvel Comic Books on CD-ROM - 13/11/2003
TOPICS Entertainment have announce that they are introducing a new CD-ROM titled: Marvel Comic Book Library Collection Collector’s Edition Vol.1. With content provided by Marvel Entertainment, this rich treasure of 100 complete comic books on one CD-ROM will retail for $29.99 US in software and comic book retailers nationwide.

The Marvel Comic Library Collection delivers the first 10 adventures of 10 classic Marvel characters on one super-powered CD-ROM. The set includes Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Avengers, Namor the Sub-Mariner™, Iron Man and Silver Surfer. Also included are character bios, comic book computer wallpaper and screensavers.

Forums downtime - 11/11/2003
Regular forums goers may have noticed that the Graphic Action forums are currently inaccessible. This is due to a configuration problem with our web host for which we are working on a solution. Please bear with us as we sort out this minor technical glitch!

Update: The Graphic Action forums are back online again at their new home Head on over to have your say!

Oni Press collects early Allred Madness - 10/11/2003
Back in 1992, a letter writer named Jamie S. Rich wrote a letter to a comic book called TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS, at that time coming out in serialized form. In that letter, he noted that this was his first exposure to the work of Mike Allred, and that he liked what he saw. Now, nearly a decade later, after having edited a good portion of Allred’s creator-owned work, it comes full circle. Rich will be editing a collection of TALES OF ORDINDARY MADNESS for Oni Press, bringing the four-issue miniseries, written by Malcolm Bourne and drawn by Allred, under one cover for the first time.

"This is a thrill for me," Rich said. "I had corresponded with Malcolm Bourne back then. He was one of the top echelon of letterhacks in comics, and this was his big break into writing the stuff that preceded the letters pages. That alone had me excited. Little did I know what I was in for. Malcolm’s story was a deep, dark look inside the workings of the human mind, and his collaborator was a perfect choice to render the dense layers of insanity. I would soon discover that said collaborator was starting to show a bit of madness on his own in a little comic called MADMAN."

"So, for me, this really brings me back to a place where I was simply a fan, a true enjoyment of comics," Rich continued. "Usually, you hear an editor talk up a book, and it’s marketing. Of course he likes it, he’s the editor! But here is TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS, a book I was a big fan of, and one that inspired me to want to do comics—and here I get to bring it to a new audience." (Read More)

Marvel Preview: JLA/Avengers #3 cover! - 6/11/2003
JLA/AVENGERS #3 - the cover ... in color!

'Nuff said!

Ultimate FF buzz builds - 3/11/2003
Though still two months away from its long-awaited debut, the buzz surrounding the fourth cornerstone of the ULTIMATE MARVEL foundation - Brian Bendis, Mark Millar and Adam Kubert's ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR - is ALREADY starting to build.

Esquire Magazine has picked ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR as a pop culture event to watch in the "Index" section of its upcoming December edition, and just this week Comics Buyer's Guide (issue #1564, 11/7/03) named it "HEAD OF THE CLASS" of its December 2003 "COMICS IN YOUR FUTURE" selections, giving it three "A+" scores and a composite score of "A-" from a seven-member review panel of comic book retailers. (Read More)

Midnight Mover TP arrives in January from Oni Press - 30/10/2003
This January Oni Press is giving hardcore lovers another chance to get their groove on with MIDNIGHT MOVER, a new trade paperback collecting 2003's edgy miniseries by Gary Phillips, Jeremy Love, and Jeff Wasson. Featuring an eye-catching cover by Mike Huddleston, this digest-sized book follows escort bodyguard Danny Shaw on a descent into a pit of porn, lost dreams, and secrets held dear as he tries to climb his way out alive.

For Shaw, a Gulf War vet with a buried past, smoking blunts dulls the ache of unrealized wants while chaperonin' washed-up porn stars turned call girls keeps the rent paid. But when his girl Ginger gets knifed on his watch, Danny kisses all that goodbye and goes on the lam -- a midnight mover one step ahead of the law and the lawless.

"Gary Phillips types with his fists," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "You can see the emotion and adrenaline drip off his knuckles like blood dripping from the taped-up hands of a contender. His stories bob and weave exactly when they should, and his characters pack a vicious punch that could drop a big man like Gary himself." (Read More)

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