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Instore Friday 20th February 2004! - 18/02/2004
Due to a small script runtime area only half of the list of stock arriving instore on Friday 20th February has been uploaded. This problem will be sorted ASAP. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Update: The full catalogue of comics & cool stuff arriving in store on Friday, February 20th has been uploaded and sent to the Graphic Action mailing list. Check out our What's New section to see the list of new stock.

Ultimate Coverage! - 15/02/2004
Ultimate Content—Ultimate Covers! Marvel Comics have announced that starting in April 2004 the world's ultimate comic book line -- that's every title in Marvel's best-selling Ultimate imprint -- will be upgraded to include a new and improved cover stock. Designed to better display the ultimate in cover art, the new 100# UV-coated cover stock brings the highest of quality to this powerhouse line.

Marvel have taken the opportunity to extend a special thank you to all the fans & retailers who raised awareness and participated in the discussion of the Ultimate cover quality and encourage the Ultimate Fans to continue to raise the bar of quality!

This change will begin to take effect with the following titles:

Ultimate Spider-Man #56
Ultimate Fantastic Four #5
Ultimate X-Men #44
Ultimates Vol. 2 #1

Deep Sleeper #1 sold out from publisher and Diamond - 15/02/2004
Oni Press has announced that the first issue of the new Phil Hester (GREEN ARROW) and Mike Huddleston (HARLEY QUINN) comics series, DEEP SLEEPER, has sold its entire initial print run to retailers before the series official debut on Wednesday, February 11. The creepy tale that blends fiction, dreams, and reality into a unique comic reading experience is the first collaboration of the pair since 2001's hit THE COFFIN and is scheduled to go back to press immediately.

"DEEP SLEEPER has been a long time coming," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Phil and Mike knew it was going to be their next project together shortly after THE COFFIN ended but both had other opportunities arise that meant postponing the book. I think the extra time let people forget just how much they enjoyed the freshman effort by this team, but as the release date drew closer excitement started to mount and both fans and retailers started to remember just how special a pair Phil and Mike are. Based on the information we had, we thought we'd anticipated demand. Obviously, we didn't. Now we're facing a sellout before it even hit stands."

"We all had high hopes for DEEP SLEEPER," commented senior editor James Lucas Jones. "As good as the THE COFFIN is, Phil and Mike have both had a couple years to hone their craft and grow as writer and artist. Plus, they have four issues under their belt in which they've gelled and learned to compliment each other even more."

"And people have taken notice," added editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "The first issue received a positive review in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE, was recently given a 10/10 by THE FOURTH RAIL's Randy Lander, and has been featured twice in WIZARD, most recently in this month's two-page 'Secret Stash' column."

"A sellout is always a bit of a mixed blessing," Nozemack concluded. "It's extremely gratifying to know that the fans are as enthusiastic as you are, but a little heart-breaking when some people who really want the book can't find a copy to read. Having the demand to go back for a second printing is really the best of both worlds. We get the excitement of demand that outstrips our expectations, but still get to make sure every fan that wants a copy gets one."

DEEP SLEEPER #1 (of 4) is a 32-page comic with no ads that retails for $3.50 US. While it is sold out at the distributor level, copies should still be available at finer comic stores everywhere on its release date, Wednesday, February 11. The issue is being rushed back to press for a second printing that features a different cover colors by Huddleston and is tentatively scheduled to be available on February 25th. Retailers can order it from Diamond with the order code DEC035280. Fans wanting a special preview of the issue can visit the DEEP SLEEPER section of which features a nine-page excerpt from the upcoming release.

Oni Press would also like to remind both fans and retailers that orders for DEEP SLEEPER #2 (of 4) [Diamond Order Code: JAN04 2615] can still be placed up until March 8th.

Hopeless Savages Vol. 2 gets facelift in new TPB - 6/02/2004
Following the success of last Fall’s remastered HOPELESS SAVAGES trade paperback, Oni Press has announced that when the second volume of the series, HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO, goes back to press, it will be updated as well. Namely, it will be resized to fit the new Oni standard and be given a new cover by Christine Norrie and colorist Guy Major.

"The main thing is to create a line of books that follow the same design template," Oni editor Jamie S. Rich said. "With all the covers by Christine and Guy and a more uniform trade dress, we’ll be taking a step in the right direction. The new size also makes the book even more appealing to the burgeoning manga market."

Other than that, the contents will remain exactly the same. Written by Jen Van Meter (CINNAMON: EL CICLO) and illustrated by Bryan Lee O’Malley (LOST AT SEA), the second series focused on Zero, the youngest Hopeless-Savage, and her burgeoning teenage love life. Special flashback sequences were also drawn by Norrie (CHEAT), Andi Watson (LOVE FIGHTS), and Chynna Clugston-Major (SCOOTER GIRL), with chapter breaks by SPIDER-MAN artist Terry Dodson.

The new edition HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO ships to comic book stores in early March. It contains 128 pages of black-and-white story and art. It will retail for $11.95 US and will be printed at 5.5" X 8".

Perez pencils Sojourn / Lady Death! - 4/02/2004
They’re strong, skilled and sexy--and when they collide, George Pérez will deliver all the action!

Hot on the heels of JLA/Avengers, the legendary artist known for illustrating comics’ greatest superhuman slugfests will pencil SOJOURN/LADY DEATH, an electrifying event pitting Arwyn’s mystical bow against the supernatural spitfire’s enchanted steel blade. On sale May 12th, the two-issue miniseries features a colossal creative team completed by co-writers Chuck Dixon (EL CAZADOR) and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido.

Star of the best-selling fantasy series SOJOURN, the avenging archer Arwyn seeks to destroy Mordath, the wicked warlord responsible for the death of her family. Battling beasts in the pages of LADY DEATH: A MEDIEVAL TALE, the young woman named Hope uses her magical powers to help the two races that have rejected her. Both warrior women oppose why is Arwyn aiming her exploding arrows at the ghostly gal who defied the grave? Blame Mordath, who figures if one alluring adventurer is challenging his grip on the world of Quin, why not destroy her with her own dark twin? (Read More)

The Ghouly Boys Find a Home at SLG Publishing - 1/02/2004
It's hard to fit in when you're a reanimated boy, a bat too fat to fly, a werewolf by day, a third-generation boogey man or an aquaphobic sea monster. The Ghouly Boys are outcasts and outsiders, looked upon with disdain and suspicion and thrust to the margins of society. The Ghouly Boys, the new comic book series by Christopher, tells the stories of five young misfits -- Zombie Boy, Fat Bat, Puppy, Sammy Hain Boogie and Fishboy -- who search for their place in the world, discovering a friendship that is untouched by fear and prejudice on the way.

At the heart of The Ghouly Boys is the charm and innocence that the boys hold onto as they face their demons and defeat the feelings of doubt that years of loneliness and alienation have caused. Getting to know young people who were troubled by depression influenced Christopher's decision to create a comic in which characters overcome dejection and estrangement. As the webmaster of Roman Dirge's website, Spookyland, Christopher sometimes received email from fans needing someone to talk to about difficult times in their lives. He would do his best to help them, sometimes chatting with them all night just to make sure they would be all right.

"I saw that there was perhaps a certain responsibility I had as a creator to speak to them through my work when I got the chance," said Christopher. "Even if it's as simple a message as 'you are not alone,' it can really help someone in time of need."

Christopher supports the emotional core of The Ghouly Boys with expressive character design and cartooning, as well as with dynamic panels and layouts, which show the influence of comics legend Will Eisner, whom Christopher calls "everything I want to be when I grow up." Christopher's cartooning method, however, is different from that of traditional cartoonists like Eisner. While the pencils of The Ghouly Boys are drawn by hand on paper, Christopher uses the computer program Adobe Illustrator to "ink" the comic. The result is a comic book that is nearly entirely computer-generated, but maintains a traditional brushed-ink look. (Read More)

An open letter from the Blue Monday cast re: The new series - 1/02/2004
An open letter from the cast of the Oni Press series BLUE MONDAY arrived in my inbox this morning. Here it is, presented in its entirety:

Dear comics reader:

Oni Press is releasing a new BLUE MONDAY series in April. It’s called PAINTED MOON. It’s by that Chynna Clugston-Major person. She’s okay. We like her all right. It’s those sweaty boys at Oni Press that get on our nerves.

First off, we know this is supposed to be a press release, and there actually was one written. That Jamie Rich guy, the whiny one with the big belly and bad hair and like eighteen ulcers, he wrote one and it’s got all these quotes about how excited we are to be doing BLUE MONDAY: PAINTED MOON, to be back after Chynna left us to do her “solo record.” SCOOTER GIRL made us feel like the other members of Bon Jovi when he did that YOUNG GUNS soundtrack. Not that we would listen to that, but everyone always complains that we don’t like music that anyone has heard of, so we’re compromising here. But we digress…

Oni’s publisher Joe Nozemack stepped away from his desk. I think his martini glass got empty, or he was going to club a baby seal or something. He’s a publisher, and they’re eeeeeevil. So, we hijacked his computer, deleted the marketing hype, and we’re sending this out. (Read More)

Andi Watson’s Love Fights gets collected, but the fists keep flying - 21/01/2004
Andi Watson’s ongoing series for Oni Press, LOVE FIGHTS, is going to have its first trade paperback collection this coming April. Comprising the first six issues of the romance-among-the-superheroes series, it introduces unfamiliar readers to Jack and Nora while refreshing long-time readers’ memories for the new stories to come. With the seventh issue due in two weeks, LOVE FIGHTS is still swinging, with many more installments of this cape-and-tights soap opera on the way.

"The best thing about LOVE FIGHTS is its organic storytelling," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Andi has let the story grow on its own, exceeding his own expectations of where it might go. As the series has become both a fan and critical favorite, this only means more great comics for everyone. The new tpb is simply a volume 1, meaning we have a lot of pages to go before we find out if our lovers every make it to the altar!"

"I approach each issue as an individual unit," Watson explained, "and keep in mind that there are still people reading these month-to-month. I want each chapter to be a good story. At the same time, any serialized work is going to be better appreciated in one big chunk. I think in having this much of the story in one go, a reader is going to probably notice a lot more of the subtleties."

The concept for the book is simple: two people in a world where superheroes are real fumble through a relationship, their lives constantly interrupted by men in tights beating the living heck out of each other. Jack is the penciller of the official comic book adventures of The Flamer, an old school crime fighter whose popularity is on the wane due to his involvement in a love-child sex scandal. Nora is the up-and-coming reporter with the scoop. Neither Jack nor Nora are aware of each other’s connection to the hero when they meet, but as their courtship progresses, it only proves to complicate matters. Additionally, Jack’s cat Guthrie disappeared for a while and came back…different. And we all know how cats demand attention! (Read More)

Three Strikes, but a new TPB is Whats out this March from Oni Press - 15/01/2004
Just as the pros are warming up their arms and oiling up their gloves after a long winter off, Oni Press is examining three strikes of a different kind with a new trade paperback collection of the critically acclaimed miniseries THREE STRIKES. Written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (NEW MUTANTS, SKINWALKER) and illustrated by Brian Hurtt (DC's HARD TIME, QUEEN & COUNTRY) this book tells the tale of college student Rey Quintana and bail enforcement agent Noah Conway as they’re set on a collision course that will change both their lives forever. Utilizing a distinctive split narrative style, THREE STRIKES examines the difference between law and justice through two very different eyes in the aftermath of a single lapse of judgment.

"Some people excel at writing angry," editor James Lucas Jones commented. "Greg Rucka is probably the king of this in comics. Exposing social injustices just gets his creative juices flowing. With THREE STRIKES, Nunzio and Christina prove that Greg doesn't have an exclusive on channeling righteous rage into excellent storytelling. In fact, they just might capture his crown if he's not careful." (Read More)

Oni Press announces two new online comics - 14/01/2004
For a couple of years, Oni Press hijacked the tradition of delivering new comic strips on Sunday mornings by posting brand new, free content on its website. Used as both an avenue to promote books like BLUE MONDAY and JINGLE BELLE and a place for creators like Bernie Mireault and Bryan Lee O’Malley to try something different, the Sunday Comics soon became a favorite of Oni’s online fans. That all ended this past summer, as the program quietly faded into oblivion.

But now it’s back—and with a vengeance! Oni Press has lined up two new features for an all-new cavalcade of cartoonery! And it’s set to begin this Sunday, January 18, 2004.

First up is a three-part original story by Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich and artist Patrick Scherberger. Known to many as the winner of Comic Book Idol, a talent contest run by Comic Book Resources in 2003, the strip will be Scherberger’s first sequential work since the contest closed. Entitled "Chance Meetings," it’s a romantic comedy about just what the title suggests—how people meet and sometimes miss each other.

"I really wanted to give Patrick something he could show off with," Rich said. "I wanted it to be a showcase for both of us, and I tried to make it a complete narrative. It was a lot of fun seeing the pages take shape. Patrick put everything he had into what could’ve been a small assignment. I think people will really take notice." (Read More)

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