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Oni Press opens the Tomb - 6/04/2004
This June, Oni Press is uncovering ancient Egyptian artifacts, long thought lost. But this dig isn't in the dry desert sand of northern Africa—it's in the chilly suburbs of New England. Acting as tour guides for this spooky expedition are writers Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir (NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X) and rounding out the team is navigator and artist Christopher Mitten (LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL). The three are prepared to set aside concerns for their own safety and lead readers on a dig through the creepy Boston estate of Mathias Fowler, a man whose house more resembles a TOMB.

"Nunzio & Christina are on their fifth project for us," said editor James Lucas Jones, "and this is the first time they've come anywhere near repeating themselves genre-wise. Even now, while THE TOMB shares some horror and thriller elements with the duo's first project, SKINWALKER, that book had more of a procedural, mysterious feel. THE TOMB is more in line with the haunted house sub-genre with a good helping of pulp adventure thrown in. If SKINWALKER was 'X-FILES on the reservation,' THE TOMB is 'Indiana Jones in the haunted mansion.'"

In 1922, Lord Earl Carnarvon financed the Egyptian expedition that unearthed King Tut's tomb. While the fact that the dig gained a reputation for being "cursed" is well known, Mathias Fowler slipped away into anonymity. Fowler, an American on the team, had grown obsessed with the Ancient Egyptians and when he returned to the States it was with several stolen artifacts in tow. Fowler had become so consumed by the era that when he died, he killed all of his household staff and had them buried in his mansion with him—a modern day Pharaoh's Tomb. Almost 60 years after Fowler’s death, Jessica Parrish, archaeologist and would-be-adventurer, has been hired to assemble and lead a team into the house to take back the missing pieces and disable the booby traps that have already cost one unfortunate group their lives. (Read More)

Dela Cruz becomes My Destroyer in Oni Graphic Novel - 31/03/2004
Following the success of his KISSING CHAOS series, Arthur Dela Cruz is unveiling an all-new creation. Written with newcomer Neelam Arora, MY DESTROYER is a new original graphic novel series from the popular artist, and it will be published by Oni Press in July.

"Arthur and I have been wanting to collaborate for some time now," Arora said. (Indie comics readers may remember her name from last year's SPX anthology, where a story she wrote and drew appeared.) "MY DESTROYER grew out of a desire to have him illustrate something different, something far afield from KISSING CHAOS. We started talking about the future and the sort of techno manga and sci-fi we liked, and the story tumbled out of there."

MY DESTROYER is set in a distant future where the government has placed strict regulations on free expression and human interaction. This doesn't stop people from being born with the artistic impulse, though, and many young people are cursed with a desire to create and no way to do so. Skye is just such a girl. She sees wonderful pictures in her head that she wants to put on paper, but must do so in secret. But secrets are not anything new for her—she is forced to live with cybernetic enhancements that the common populace thinks makes her a freak. (Read More)

Rucka, Oni draft Rolston for second tour on Queen & Country #25, and Scriptbook - 23/03/2004
When Greg Rucka and Oni Press first launched QUEEN & COUNTRY in March of 2001, Steve Rolston (ONE BAD DAY, MEK) was there to help usher in a brave new era in independent comics. This June, Rucka and Oni prove that you can indeed go home again, as Rolston returns for the special double-sized twenty-fifth issue that sees British Agent Tara Chace coping with a homecoming of her own as she pays a visit to her estranged mother.

"QUEEN & COUNTRY always seems to play against type," commented Oni Press editor James Lucas Jones. "Any other 'espionage' comic would have a special anniversary issue with some big secret mission or long drawn out gunfight. Instead, Rucka and Rolston are giving us what readers of the series have really been clamoring for—more information on just who Tara Chace is and how she became the person she is now."

While Tara's visit to see her mum gives fans the opportunity to glimpse at some of the character's early development, Oni Press is also offering readers a chance to look at the series genesis as well with a new scriptbook collecting the first four scripts along with exclusive early material from both Rucka and Rolston. (Read More)

Madman March catalogue online - 18/03/2004
The entire catalogue of Madman Entertainment DVDs being released in March is now available from the Graphic Action Anime section. Highlights this month include:
  • The first two double-disc Dragon Ball collections
  • and finally, the insane social satire of MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI (Vol 1 also available with a collector's box)!

Exclusive Shaun of the Dead story to appear in 2000 AD - 16/03/2004
2000 AD, Britain's award-winning weekly sci-fi, fantasy and horror anthology comic, will be publishing an exclusive, five-page Shaun of the Dead story ahead of the self-styled 'romzomcom' going on general release. Scripted by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the movie's screenwriters (as well as star and director respectively), and illustrated by acclaimed two-time National Comics Award winner Frazer Irving (Necronauts/The Authority: Scorched Earth), the strip will appear in Prog 1384. The issue will also feature an original Shaun of the Dead cover, again by Irving.

Titled 'There's Something About Mary', the story follows a young supermarket check-out girl and how she comes to join the legions of the undead in the film. Rather than being an adaptation of a section of the plot, instead it weaves itself into the existing narrative, adding a further dimension to the characters.

Shaun of the Dead is an everyday tale of life, love and the living dead, focussing on a group of friends who encounter a literal weekend from hell as their lives, loves and personal squabbles are upstaged by a full scale invasion of the living dead. It stars Simon Pegg (24 Hour Party People, Spaced), Nick Frost (Spaced), Kate Ashfield (Late Night Shopping, The Low Down), Dylan Moran (Black Books) and Lucy Davis (The Office).

2000 AD, Britain's premier sci-fi comic, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is home to such iconic characters as Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper. It has also been responsible for showcasing some of the UK's most talented writers and artists, including Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Grant Morrison, Simon Bisley and Garth Ennis.

Madman Anime DVD Store Now Open At Graphic Action! - 9/03/2004
Graphic Action now has the entire range of anime Dvds from Madman online in our catalogue!
As a special offer to our online customers - we are sending out a free anime poster with every order!
(Posters currently available - WitchHunterRobin/Utena; HeatGuyJ/Last Exile and FFUnlimited/Grave of the Fireflies - just specify in "comments" which poster you want when you place your order and we'll make sure it's sent out with your DVD).
To browse - just go to the side bar (over there on the left) and choose anime, or click the "anime" link in the top navigation bar to see a list of the latest Madman releases.

Thanks to Tom - our webmaster supremo & all our friends at Madman for making it happen. (Read More)

RAVEN HOUSE: If these walls could talk... they would scream! - 9/03/2004
Building on the momentum of EL CAZADOR, KISS KISS BANG BANG and ABADAZAD, CrossGen will explore another popular genre in the upcoming gothic thriller RAVEN HOUSE. The creative team of writer Chuck Dixon and artist Leonardo Manco (Apache Skies, Hellblazer) will act as readers’ tour guides through shadowed hallways, hidden passages, and shattered secrets.

"Featuring a gutsy young heroine, a tragic romance, and dark deeds done at the crossroads, RAVEN HOUSE is a creepy gothic thriller in the grand tradition of the Brontés and Henry James," Dixon stated. "Summoned to England’s wild Cornish coastline, beautiful Meredith Park arrives at the bleak and remote Raven House to serve as a governess for the son of the brooding and handsome Lord Dalamar. But the manor and all around it seem to lie under a curse... and Meredith is compelled to uncover the many long-buried secrets she finds there. Perfectly cast for this type of story, Leonardo Manco is eating the setting up. Every panel drips with uneasiness and dread."

"Chuck’s exceptional vision for RAVEN HOUSE includes an atmosphere and storytelling comparable to the best of Edgar Allen Poe’s tales, such as The Fall of the House of Usher," Manco said. "Because the fantastic story goes beyond conventional comic book limits, I’m striving to deliver a completely different and fascinating vision."

"Macabre mysteries, forbidden passion, spooky surprises...RAVEN HOUSE oozes with the haunting mood that runs through gothic stories from Wuthering Heights to Dark Shadows to the novels of Victoria Holt. Chuck and Leonardo are creating a delectably dark world that will wrap you in its chilling embrace." CrossGen’s Sr. V.P. of Publishing Bill Rosemann added.

"We’re doing what we do best: exploring genres not often seen in modern comic books," Dixon said. "There’s a great big world of fiction out there and we want to reach audiences that crave these different types of stories."

RAVEN HOUSE #1 is scheduled to reach comic book stores in June. The 32-page, $2.95 US debut issue will be available for order in the April issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog.

Scott Morse serves up Spaghetti Western in June - 3/03/2004
Oni Press is ecstatic to announce the June release of an all-new original graphic novel by Scott Morse, creator of SOULWIND. A modern-day heist tale, Morse’s SPAGHETTI WESTERN is a full-length adventure that tips its ten-gallon hat to the films of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood that sparked a revolution in the Western genre in the mid-‘60s.

"Westerns are few-and-far between in any entertainment medium these days, and that’s too bad," Morse said. "I wanted to do something that both played on the classic touchstones of the genre, but also was about the fact that there just are not enough cowboys anymore. SPAGHETTI WESTERN came out of that. Two guys who are sick of modern life want to get back a little of that rebellious spirit that made screen legends out of Eastwood, Wayne, and Fonda. And what’s more classically Western than robbing a bank?"

"The influence of film on Scott’s work is pretty clear," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich said. "In LITTLEGREYMAN, he chopped up a lot of his favorite films and fed them into the narrative—with even a poncho-wearing, cigar-chomping loner cowboy popping in for a couple of pages. And this past year, he did the BAREFOOT SERPENT graphic novel with Top Shelf, celebrating the films of Akira Kurosawa through a very unique tribute. To be honest, I was sold on this book at the title. Scott Morse, SPAGHETTI WESTERN – who would say no to that?!" (Read More)

Johnston gets Closer to darkness this May - 26/02/2004
Antony Johnston, the award-winning writer of the illustrated horror novel FRIGHTENING CURVES, returns to the genre in style with CLOSER, a new original graphic novel illustrated by Mike Norton (G.I. JOE, JASON AND THE ARGOBOTS) and Leanne Buckley (White Wolf Games). The third book by Johnston released by Oni this year, CLOSER checks in on Graham Butcher, a penniless and bitter scientist trying to reverse his fate by succeeding where he failed 30 years before.

"The word I most often use to describe Antony is 'versatile,'" commented editor James Lucas Jones. "He's a guy that continually goes against the grain, against expectations. With CLOSER he's teaming with a guy whose resume is just as varied. Mike Norton's always been one to flirt with all the girls rather than just pick one to go steady with. He's gone from superheroes to teen angst to giant robots giving each one the night of their life before moving onto the next. Now he's got that twinkle in his eye for horror and I guarantee you the genre will never see a better time."

Thirty years ago a government experiment went horribly wrong, leaving one scientist dead and several injured. Project Hermes should have signaled a triumph of humanity—the discovery of true quantum teleportation. Instead it was deemed a failure, cancelled, and covered up. Forgotten by everyone—everyone except Graham Butcher. After devoting his life to the completion of Project Hermes the reclusive physicist is now dying—penniless and bitter. But not before the Project is completed. Tonight, Butcher has invited six people to his home, each with a different connection to his failed trial. Together they will ignite a new age, rising from the ashes of a past they all would rather forget. A man’s dream will become reality, while an ancient evil will be rustled from a centuries old slumber. (Read More)

The SECRET is OUT is SOLD OUT - 24/02/2004
Marvel is very pleased to announce that SECRET WAR #1 is sold out!

In the face of this skyrocketing demand, and staggering backorders placed with Diamond Comics, Marvel is planning to take the rare step of creating a commemorative 2nd printing of this special first issue. SECRET WAR #1: THE COMMEMORATIVE EDITION will feature a gold foil cover and will be on sale this May, timed to coincide with the release of SECRET WAR #2.

Written by fan favorite Brian Michael Bendis and featuring fully painted art by Italian artist Gabriele Dell'Otto, SECRET WAR #1 is the first of a five-issue arc to be released throughout 2004.

"My official quote is: wow," said writer Brian Michael Bendis. "We have been working on this book for two years and the instant, positive reader feedback was amazing. Nothing is more important to me than getting a copy to everyone who wants a copy, so I am thrilled that Marvel is answering the call. Also, since painted books are a real gamble for publishers, and this is a new format we tried, I am doubly thrilled that the fans and retailers rewarded Marvel for going for it. Issue # 2 is wall-to-wall Marvel heroes with art that left me speechless."

The painted art in SECRET WAR #1 is one of the series' best-kept secrets - this is Gabriele Dell'Otto's first American comic book work and early reviews are glowing.

"We blew out of all our copies in every store. Feedback has been tremendous with tons of customers calling in frantically asking if we have copies left. I would call it a certified hit!" said Sean Scott, Manager of Subscription Services for Mile High Comics.

Readers and retailers are reminded that each issue of SECRET WAR contains supplemental back-up features ranging from in-depth looks at the cast of characters, to behind-the-scenes tales, as well as special scenes that enhance the overall SECRET WAR experience. SECRET WAR is a five-issue series published quarterly, 48 pages, priced at $3.99 US.

Marvel Mailer and various Diamond publications over the next few weeks will announce ordering details for this second printing.

SECRET WAR #2 has an on-sale date of May 26 and is listed in MARVEL PREVIEWS #7.

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