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Egg Story Comes Out of its Shell This July - 13/05/2004
Growing up. Leaving home. Falling in love. Witnessing madness and murder. Becoming a ninja. This could be a story about any of us. But it isn't. It's a story about eggs.

Egg Story, an SLG Publishing graphic novella by comics newcomer J. Marc Schmidt, tells the tale about two egg siblings who are determined to have lives that don't end in a frying pan. The plight of eggs is not a subject most people think about, but Schmidt did, asking himself what it would be like if the mainstays of so many breakfasts were like people.

"They have a pretty short, rough life," Schmidt said. "Being taken away from their mothers, locked up in a carton, then a refrigerator, then as a final insult they get their heads dashed and are cooked up in any of 1001 or more ways! So what if an egg said, 'I'm not doing that'?"

He answered the "what if" with Egg Story, a 64-page graphic novella about two eggs named Five Spots and Feather who liberate themselves from the fridge, only to find that freedom isn't all shopping sprees and channel-surfing. When one of their comrades cracks up, entertaining fantasies of becoming a soufflé and ending it all on the kitchen floor, how can the eggs find meaning in life? For Feather, the answer is simple. He becomes a ninja.

Egg Story is a 64-page graphic novella scheduled for release in July 2004. A preview is available at SLG Publishing's website,

Astonishing X-Men 2nd Variant Cover Announced! - 30/04/2004
What is hard to get despite three covers, and an astonishing creative team? The second variant cover to Astonishing X-Men #1!

Red-Hot Gabriel Dell'Otto (Secret War) & superstar Richard Isanove (Origin) are teaming up to drive the excitement to a fever pitch on Astonishing X-Men #1, providing an incredibly limited "chase' collector's cover!

This ultra-limited variant will feature Dell'Otto's pencils (not painting for the first time!), highlighted by the amazing digital painting that has made Isanove a household name! This incentive is limited to direct market retailers, and is designed to drive fans into stores on May 26, the release date for the year's most anticipated debut.

"John Cassaday is one of my favorite artists. To approve this, we had to have someone special. And what Gabriel did was give everyone an absolute treat! And, it IS a treat -- it's not like we're doing six months of variants here!' offered Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada.

Nodding in quick agreement, Marvel's Publisher, Dan Buckley offered, "Joe's absolutely right – when the guys showed me Gabrielle's cover sketches, we all just about screamed! This is truly a treat for fans and a nice gift to the retailers who are taking a strong position on this book.'

Click here to see a sketch of the second variant cover for Astonishing X-Men #1.

Madman April Anime titles available - 26/04/2004
The entire catalogue of Madman Entertainment DVDs being released in April is now available from the Graphic Action Anime section. Highlights this month include:
  • KIDDY GRADE VOLUME 1 (also available with Collector's Box)
  • ballistic jet-fighter action series YUKIKAZE

Tupelo Trade Paperback with Music by the Famous Monsters from SLG in June! - 20/04/2004
Who is Captain Tupelo?

In 1977 NYC’s Famous Monsters burned up Greenwich Village with their own dangerous brand of rock ‘n roll. Hammering out caustic three-chord anthems in dives across the city, the band gave voice to a sonic revolution. Their guitarist/songwriter, punk rock's Golden Boy, went by the name of Captain Tupelo.

Punk rock fell. The Monsters broke up. Soon rumors spread among the city’s homeless- underground whispers of a strange street avenger dressed in a pea coat and captain’s hat. They called him their protector and savior. They said his name was Captain Tupelo.

No longer are tales told of the good Captain cruising the streets in a battered taxi cab, seeking out crime with his former band mate, the 11 O’Clock Man. No one can recall if the drug he was injected with actually gave him “special” powers. Today, hardly anyone remembers the story of Tupelo.

Until one night...and one murder... will make certain that no one will ever again forget his name.

Captain Tupelo and the 11 O'Clock Man battle the Lullaby Squad, a secret organization devoted to maintaining the status quo in the four-issue SLG Publishing miniseries, Tupelo by Matt De Gennaro and Phil Elliott. The miniseries is now collected into one 144-page graphic novel that includes a CD of rare Famous Monsters tracks. The myth and the music will be in stores in June 2004. A preview of issue one of Tupelo is available at SLG Publishing's website.

New Color Graphic Novel from SLG in June! - 14/04/2004
Earth is under attack! Aliens invade! Robots fight in the streets, battling over the most desirable piece of real estate just discovered in the suburban outskirts of the Cosmos. Emily is eleven. She has a giant robot, a lemonade stand, and would kill for a pony. Somehow she is Earth's savior.

Emily already had enough to worry about -- besides competing with her arch-nemesis Daisy, dodging her smitten admirer Jace, she also was trying to scrape together enough money buy the pony of her dreams, Marcus. But when she becomes the hope of humankind... well, she still has to outdo Daisy and deal with Jace, but she also has to decide the fate of her loyal robot business partner Juicer. Meanwhile, Emily's new pet, the adorable little pink creature named Pheef, who just happens to be a fierce warrior, must learn to live in servitude, awaiting the day when he will reveal his true capabilities.

From the creators of Oddjob, Ian and Tyson Smith, comes the new, all-ages FULL-COLOR 104-page graphic novel, Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand, scheduled for release in June 2004. It will be published under SLG Publishing's all-ages imprint, AmazeInk. (Read More)

Icon imprint launches this July with Kabuki, Powers! - 14/04/2004
Marvel Comics announces the launch of ICON, a new publishing imprint that will produce projects utilizing properties outside of the Marvel Universe.

ICON will launch with two titles fans are already familiar with: Brian Bendis' "Powers" and David Mack's "Kabuki."

Marvel is not new to publishing licensed properties. It has had a successful history with such classic licenses as GI Joe and Transformers. However, Marvel, which works with the top talent in the comic industry, has long been considering ways to offer its creators a home not just for their Marvel projects, but for their other work. The new ICON imprint has been created with a mandate to pursue both these creator and licensed projects, while maintaining the highest level of talent and the brands that readers have come to expect from Marvel.

Dan Buckley, Publisher, said, "We had been considering this kind of imprint for a while before talking to Brian and David. But once we did, everything fell into place. Starting with Brian and David on Power's and Kabuki really sets the standard for the whole line. We are very excited about this initiative, and are thrilled that Powers and Kabuki are launching it."

Bendis offered, "We have always said that we have benefited so much from the generations of comic creators before us who worked so hard to pave the way for creator rights. We have had it so good and we are stunned that we get to help take it to the next level... Marvels first true creator-owned imprint."

Said David Mack regarding Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief , Publisher and President of Publishing, "Bravo to Joe, Dan and Gui for making this happen!"

Oni Press opens the Tomb - 6/04/2004
This June, Oni Press is uncovering ancient Egyptian artifacts, long thought lost. But this dig isn't in the dry desert sand of northern Africa—it's in the chilly suburbs of New England. Acting as tour guides for this spooky expedition are writers Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir (NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X) and rounding out the team is navigator and artist Christopher Mitten (LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL). The three are prepared to set aside concerns for their own safety and lead readers on a dig through the creepy Boston estate of Mathias Fowler, a man whose house more resembles a TOMB.

"Nunzio & Christina are on their fifth project for us," said editor James Lucas Jones, "and this is the first time they've come anywhere near repeating themselves genre-wise. Even now, while THE TOMB shares some horror and thriller elements with the duo's first project, SKINWALKER, that book had more of a procedural, mysterious feel. THE TOMB is more in line with the haunted house sub-genre with a good helping of pulp adventure thrown in. If SKINWALKER was 'X-FILES on the reservation,' THE TOMB is 'Indiana Jones in the haunted mansion.'"

In 1922, Lord Earl Carnarvon financed the Egyptian expedition that unearthed King Tut's tomb. While the fact that the dig gained a reputation for being "cursed" is well known, Mathias Fowler slipped away into anonymity. Fowler, an American on the team, had grown obsessed with the Ancient Egyptians and when he returned to the States it was with several stolen artifacts in tow. Fowler had become so consumed by the era that when he died, he killed all of his household staff and had them buried in his mansion with him—a modern day Pharaoh's Tomb. Almost 60 years after Fowler’s death, Jessica Parrish, archaeologist and would-be-adventurer, has been hired to assemble and lead a team into the house to take back the missing pieces and disable the booby traps that have already cost one unfortunate group their lives. (Read More)

Dela Cruz becomes My Destroyer in Oni Graphic Novel - 31/03/2004
Following the success of his KISSING CHAOS series, Arthur Dela Cruz is unveiling an all-new creation. Written with newcomer Neelam Arora, MY DESTROYER is a new original graphic novel series from the popular artist, and it will be published by Oni Press in July.

"Arthur and I have been wanting to collaborate for some time now," Arora said. (Indie comics readers may remember her name from last year's SPX anthology, where a story she wrote and drew appeared.) "MY DESTROYER grew out of a desire to have him illustrate something different, something far afield from KISSING CHAOS. We started talking about the future and the sort of techno manga and sci-fi we liked, and the story tumbled out of there."

MY DESTROYER is set in a distant future where the government has placed strict regulations on free expression and human interaction. This doesn't stop people from being born with the artistic impulse, though, and many young people are cursed with a desire to create and no way to do so. Skye is just such a girl. She sees wonderful pictures in her head that she wants to put on paper, but must do so in secret. But secrets are not anything new for her—she is forced to live with cybernetic enhancements that the common populace thinks makes her a freak. (Read More)

Rucka, Oni draft Rolston for second tour on Queen & Country #25, and Scriptbook - 23/03/2004
When Greg Rucka and Oni Press first launched QUEEN & COUNTRY in March of 2001, Steve Rolston (ONE BAD DAY, MEK) was there to help usher in a brave new era in independent comics. This June, Rucka and Oni prove that you can indeed go home again, as Rolston returns for the special double-sized twenty-fifth issue that sees British Agent Tara Chace coping with a homecoming of her own as she pays a visit to her estranged mother.

"QUEEN & COUNTRY always seems to play against type," commented Oni Press editor James Lucas Jones. "Any other 'espionage' comic would have a special anniversary issue with some big secret mission or long drawn out gunfight. Instead, Rucka and Rolston are giving us what readers of the series have really been clamoring for—more information on just who Tara Chace is and how she became the person she is now."

While Tara's visit to see her mum gives fans the opportunity to glimpse at some of the character's early development, Oni Press is also offering readers a chance to look at the series genesis as well with a new scriptbook collecting the first four scripts along with exclusive early material from both Rucka and Rolston. (Read More)

Madman March catalogue online - 18/03/2004
The entire catalogue of Madman Entertainment DVDs being released in March is now available from the Graphic Action Anime section. Highlights this month include:
  • The first two double-disc Dragon Ball collections
  • and finally, the insane social satire of MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI (Vol 1 also available with a collector's box)!

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