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Ed Brubaker Goes Exclusive with Marvel Comics - 9/02/2005
Ed Brubaker and Marvel Comics are proud to announce that they have inked a deal for the fan-favorite comics scribe to write exclusively for the House of Ideas.

"After years and years on exclusive at the competition, I wasn't planning to be anything but freelance for a long time," reports Brubaker. "But Joe and Dan simply made me an offer that was too good to refuse." The agreement between the writer and Marvel is of a very special sort, one that Brubaker seems highly pleased with. "It offers me the chance to work on characters I've loved since childhood, as well as unprecedented freedom to finish all my prior commitments and to do creator-owned work, either at Marvel or elsewhere." Brubaker is currently penning his debut series with Marvel, CAPTAIN AMERICA. (Read More)

First Appearance of Powerful New Nemesis in Araña #2 - 6/02/2005
Marvel Next ongoing series ARAÑA: THE HEART OF THE SPIDER is kicking into overdrive, with the hero’s life taking a rollercoaster turn starting with issue #2.

A scrappy teen by day, and Hunter for a mystical society by night, Araña must fight ancient enemies disturbing the peace of the world...and that threat’s about to hit way too close to home when she faces a dangerous new super villain in the last place she’d expect: High-School!

The first breakout super-villain in her expanding rogues’ gallery, Amun is an assassin with a dark goth edge and mysterious powers endowed by the Egyptian Gods...but he’s also the new transfer student in school. How do you keep your identity secret, when the boy trying to kill you sits next to you in History?! Will they face off at night in a no-holds barred magical smack-down, or during dodgeball in Gym class?

Araña’s presence in the Marvel Universe will be expanding in the months to come. She’ll be receiving some help in the near future from a certain friendly neighborhood web-slinger, and fans should also keep an eye on NEW AVENGERS and SPIDER-GIRL for some special Araña appearances. Her own monthly ongoing series is written by Fiona Avery (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), and penciled by Roger Cruz (UNCANNY X-MEN, GENERATION X).

Introduced in the pages of AMAZING FANTASY, high-school student Anya Corazon gained extraordinary spider-like powers...becoming Araña, the Hunter for an ancient society, and Marvel’s newest female hero.

A Bag of Anteaters from SLG - 5/02/2005
Best friends Dave and David think that the pre-Christmas party they're going to on the beach will be a life-altering experience, the kind of thing that will usher them out of childhood and into adulthood. But expectations are made to be dashed, especially when you're a suburban teenager, and a bag of toy anteaters that Dave brings to the party triggers events that prove that the two friends are not quite ready to grow up.

Ian Carney (Sugar Buzz!, Where's It At, Sugar Kat?) and Jonathan Edwards (Aunt Connie and the Plague of Beards, Tank Girl) create a spot-on depiction of adolescence and life in suburban England in A Bag of Anteaters, a new one-shot from SLG Publishing. "People have asked me if A Bag of Anteaters is autobiographical," said Carney. "No, it's not -- it's a work of fiction, though everything in it has happened to me, including buying a bag of toy anteaters in lieu of Christmas cards."

Edwards's art matches the authentic feel of Carney's story, bringing its setting and mood to life. "It looks beautiful," said Andi Watson, creator of the comic series Skeleton Key, Slow News Day and Love Fights, "capturing the look and feel of suburban England in the details of clothing and backgrounds. On top of that, Ian's story has the absolute ring of truth to it."

A Bag of Anteaters is a 32-page black-and-white one-shot, priced at $3.95 US. It will be in comic book stores on February 16. A preview is available at SLG Publishing's website,

Phoenix Endsong Sells Out Again - Limited Edition Variant Cover of #2 on the Way - 5/02/2005
Marvel Comics announces that PHOENIX-ENDSONG #2 has completely sold out from Diamond Comics and that backorders once again are mounting, at the same blistering pace as issue #1...and just like that first issue, #2 will return to store shelves in the form of a new Limited Edition Variant.

Says Marvel’s Director of Sales, David Gabriel, "This is one of those series where the story is so compelling, and the illustrations so stunning, that we couldn’t wait for the retailers and fans to see the book. Now that it’s gotten out there and blowing out of stores, it’s confirmed what we've always known internally: we had a phenomenal piece of art on our hands. Prepping variant printings of issue #1, and now issue #2, was an incredibly easy decision." (Read More)

NYX to be completed after long hiatus - 5/02/2005
NYX, the popular mutant series from Marvel Comics, will finally be completed after an extended break in publication. Fans hungry for new issues of the title have only to wait until July of 2005 for issue #6 and August for #7.

Reviews for the first several issues of NYX have been decidedly positive. Comic Buyer's Guide has said that Marvel has "a solid hit on its hands" and that "character development is the key" to its success. notes that "every character sounded real" and also that NYX is "a good story about realistic teens".

NYX details life on the streets of the Big Apple through the eyes of a band of teenagers. These are not your average teens though, but kids with some very special abilities and, yes, some regrettably all-too-common problems. NYX's violence and pathos is portrayed in a frank, street-level manner, with a dash of mutant mayhem adding to the local color. It also introduced its first breakout character in the form of X-23, the mutant clone of the X-Men's Wolverine. X-23 has gone on to be featured prominently in the sold-out Uncanny X-Men #450-#451 and in her own miniseries, which is also selling out.

Series scribe Joe Quesada, also Marvel's high-flying Editor-in-Chief, is more than proud of the book and its ability to induce passionate talk on Internet message boards. "Like my art, writing has become near and dear to me," says Quesada. "That makes it very sad for me when circumstances pile up and cause delays in getting the stories out. I take full responsibility and hope fans will still be excited to get new issues." Quesada says he has closely monitored the reviews of the initial issues. "The kick I get from feedback on the book is indescribable. My challenge on NYX is to take Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's basic concept, teens with mutant powers, and present it with today's sensibilities and in a realistic locale. If readers see something of themselves in Kiden & Tatiana and feel that it's a New York that breathes real life, then I feel like I've done my job." he adds. "The characters in this book have come to life for me, and I hope for the fans, too." (Read More)

Paranoia Agent on DVD - 5/02/2005
For Anime that's dark, unnerving and absolutely gripping, you can't go past Paranoia Agent, the latest chiller series from master director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers).

A series of violent assaults on five innocent people leads police to the same description of a young attacker with a crooked baseball bat and golden in-line skates. Nicknamed "Shonen Bat", the boy targets victims who are dealing with troubling issues or are close to the point of a nervous breakdown. His first victim is a high-profile anime character designer, Tsukiko Sagi. The soft-spoken young woman comes out of the attack with a bashed leg, cuts and bruises, but is otherwise all right. It is her description of her assailant, though, that sends ripples through the very fabric of society. What kid could perpetrate such brutal attacks? And why?

More importantly, detectives assigned to the case must work out if this kid is real or a sinister phantom… in the face of a mounting media frenzy.

As he did in PERFECT BLUE, director Satoshi Kon (TOKYO GODFATHERS, MILLENIUM ACTRESS) deliberately blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The result is a truly unsettling psychological chiller that will keep you guessing as each episode unfolds.

With a dark gripping story, stunning visuals and a chillingly atmospheric soundtrack, PARANOIA AGENT unravels the psyche of its characters as the investigation into Shonen Bat deepens.

Directed by Satoshi Kon (PERFECT BLUE, TOKYO GODFATHERS, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS). Scripts by Seishi Minakami (BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM). Animation by Madhouse (GUNGRAVE, VAMPIRE HUNTER D). ENTER L’IL SLUGGER is Volume 1 this four volumes series. Collect them all on DVD.

Madman Releases Gundam Seed on DVD - 27/01/2005
Madman Entertainment has its sights firmly set on the future - Year 70 of the Cosmic Era to be precise. The intergalactic action of GUNDAM SEED opens on this auspicious date. But anime fans only have to wait until 25 February 2005 to get their hands on VOLUME 1 of the hottest Giant Robot series since MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING.

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE ANIME EPIC OF THE YEAR! 10 Volumes of GUNDAM SEED will be released throughout 2005. Get ready to collect them all... (Read More)

X-23 #1 Sells Outs - 23/01/2005
Marvel Comics announces that X-23 #1 has completely sold out -- a new printing with a variant cover by Billy Tan is scheduled to hit store shelves on February 23rd, the same day as X-23 #3.

Says Sales and Marketing Manager David Gabriel, "Going back to press on X-23 #1 is an absolute no-brainer. The issue blew right out, even with a significant overprinting on issue #1, and unfilled backorders are already mounting. Thanks so much to the fans and retailers for such strong support of this 'Marvel Next' title. On a related note, we'll also have some news on fan-favorite NYX within the next few days. "

Written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, and spinning out of NYX, the "Innocence Lost" arc tells the full story behind the origin of X-23 - who she is, where she comes from, and the exact nature of her relationship to Wolverine.

"This book was a real dream come true for Chris and I, and having the first issue sell out is beyond our wildest expectations. This was our first gig in comics and to have our first book sell's just too awesome for words," says Craig Kyle.

Chris Yost adds, "I just can't wait for everyone to see issue three."

The limited edition variant printing of X-23 #1 is timed to go on sale the same day as X-23 #3, February 23, 2005. Retailers can place orders for both through Thursday, February 3rd. The new cover for issue #1 by Bill Tan will be available for viewing next week!

Official Fantastic Four Trailer and Website Online - 21/01/2005
After debuting in theaters in conjunction the Elektra motion picture, the first official trailer for the Fantastic Four film has been posted online!

Available in Apple QuickTime format from's Trailers section, the FF trailer can also be viewed at the movie's official website,

The Fantastic Four movie is based on the long-running Marvel Comics series of the same name and is directed by Tim Story (Barbershop), and stars Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Michael Chiklis (The Shield) as Benjamin J. Grimm/The Thing, Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Chris Evans (Cellular) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) as the menacing Dr. Victor Von Doom.

Young Avengers #1 Preview Online - 19/01/2005
Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Questions answered in YOUNG AVENGERS #1, on sale early February 2005!

Fans are starving for information on Marvel's YOUNG AVENGERS team...with good reason. Marvel has been careful not to release too much information on the book, as the twists and turns absolutely deserve to be protected.

Said Senior Editor Tom Brevoort, "As folks will soon see, YOUNG AVENGERS is chock full of mystery. Each of these kids carries a secret in his past, a secret that connects in some way to the glorious history of the Avengers. Readers will learn one of these secrets at the end of issue #1, which will plunge the team into its first epic adventure...and each issue thereafter will unveil further information as to who these kids are and what they're about -- it should make for a satisfying ride for Marvel fans old and new."

A monthly ongoing title, YOUNG AVENGERS teams Marvel Young Gun Jim Cheung with TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex and the City, and Party of Five) -- Marvel EIC Joe Quesada can't wait for fans to read the book, "...too soon to talk about, but I think that fans will see on the very last page of issue #1, how the entire Marvel Universe will end up somehow revolving around the events that happen in YOUNG AVENGERS. I can say no more lest I find Nick Fury waiting for me in a dark alley."

Fans can now view the first eight pages of YOUNG AVENGERS #1 on Marvel's official site at

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