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Madman Releases Gundam Seed on DVD - 27/01/2005
Madman Entertainment has its sights firmly set on the future - Year 70 of the Cosmic Era to be precise. The intergalactic action of GUNDAM SEED opens on this auspicious date. But anime fans only have to wait until 25 February 2005 to get their hands on VOLUME 1 of the hottest Giant Robot series since MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING.

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE ANIME EPIC OF THE YEAR! 10 Volumes of GUNDAM SEED will be released throughout 2005. Get ready to collect them all... (Read More)

X-23 #1 Sells Outs - 23/01/2005
Marvel Comics announces that X-23 #1 has completely sold out -- a new printing with a variant cover by Billy Tan is scheduled to hit store shelves on February 23rd, the same day as X-23 #3.

Says Sales and Marketing Manager David Gabriel, "Going back to press on X-23 #1 is an absolute no-brainer. The issue blew right out, even with a significant overprinting on issue #1, and unfilled backorders are already mounting. Thanks so much to the fans and retailers for such strong support of this 'Marvel Next' title. On a related note, we'll also have some news on fan-favorite NYX within the next few days. "

Written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, and spinning out of NYX, the "Innocence Lost" arc tells the full story behind the origin of X-23 - who she is, where she comes from, and the exact nature of her relationship to Wolverine.

"This book was a real dream come true for Chris and I, and having the first issue sell out is beyond our wildest expectations. This was our first gig in comics and to have our first book sell's just too awesome for words," says Craig Kyle.

Chris Yost adds, "I just can't wait for everyone to see issue three."

The limited edition variant printing of X-23 #1 is timed to go on sale the same day as X-23 #3, February 23, 2005. Retailers can place orders for both through Thursday, February 3rd. The new cover for issue #1 by Bill Tan will be available for viewing next week!

Official Fantastic Four Trailer and Website Online - 21/01/2005
After debuting in theaters in conjunction the Elektra motion picture, the first official trailer for the Fantastic Four film has been posted online!

Available in Apple QuickTime format from's Trailers section, the FF trailer can also be viewed at the movie's official website,

The Fantastic Four movie is based on the long-running Marvel Comics series of the same name and is directed by Tim Story (Barbershop), and stars Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Michael Chiklis (The Shield) as Benjamin J. Grimm/The Thing, Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Chris Evans (Cellular) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) as the menacing Dr. Victor Von Doom.

Young Avengers #1 Preview Online - 19/01/2005
Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Questions answered in YOUNG AVENGERS #1, on sale early February 2005!

Fans are starving for information on Marvel's YOUNG AVENGERS team...with good reason. Marvel has been careful not to release too much information on the book, as the twists and turns absolutely deserve to be protected.

Said Senior Editor Tom Brevoort, "As folks will soon see, YOUNG AVENGERS is chock full of mystery. Each of these kids carries a secret in his past, a secret that connects in some way to the glorious history of the Avengers. Readers will learn one of these secrets at the end of issue #1, which will plunge the team into its first epic adventure...and each issue thereafter will unveil further information as to who these kids are and what they're about -- it should make for a satisfying ride for Marvel fans old and new."

A monthly ongoing title, YOUNG AVENGERS teams Marvel Young Gun Jim Cheung with TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex and the City, and Party of Five) -- Marvel EIC Joe Quesada can't wait for fans to read the book, "...too soon to talk about, but I think that fans will see on the very last page of issue #1, how the entire Marvel Universe will end up somehow revolving around the events that happen in YOUNG AVENGERS. I can say no more lest I find Nick Fury waiting for me in a dark alley."

Fans can now view the first eight pages of YOUNG AVENGERS #1 on Marvel's official site at

Mark Bagley Sticks to Crawling the Walls with Marvel Comics - 18/01/2005
Fan-favorite Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley has extended his exclusive contract with Marvel Comics, re-confirming his ties with the company he's called home since the beginning of his comic book career.

"I'm enjoying my working situation more every day I'm with Marvel," said the prolific penciller. "I'm working with a terrific creative team and have wonderful support from both editorial and the big guys upstairs. A commitment from Marvel is a hell of a compliment. I've had an incredibly stable and fulfilling career with Marvel, and I'm as happy with the company now as I've ever been. And I think the contract means they are just as happy with me."

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley is more than delighted with Bagley's work and his long-time association with the company. "I'm blown away by the length of Mark's tenure on Spidey's books. He's outdistanced both Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr. in that respect and he's at least equaled them in putting a definitive and unique stamp on the character."

"We know a good thing when we see it, and we want Mark to know we love him and appreciate the incredible time and energy he puts into the Marvel characters," said Joe Quesada, Marvel Editor-in-Chief. "We're proud he got his start right here...he's our Marvel Boy!" (Read More)

No Need To Ask What If These Comics Vaporised Off Shelves - They Did! - 15/01/2005
Marvel's most recent 5th week event -- six brand new WHAT by top Marvel talent -- have been completely eaten up by fans of the theoretical.

Said Sales and Marketing Manager David Gabriel, "WHAT IF...was a favorite of mine growing up, as it was to legions of Marvel fans. Our recent WHAT IF? CLASSIC trade sold more copies in initial orders than any other classic trade last year. Producing new installments of the title with this level of creative talent was a dream come true. We're getting tremendous praise for these new WHAT IF... books, and each issue has had thousands of backorders. No doubt about it, this project was a huge success...thanks so much to the creators and editor C.B. Cebulski for such great work!"

"I've been a WHAT IF fan for as long as I can remember. When I first proposed bringing the title back, I was worried people would think I was crazy, but much to my surprise, everyone here at Marvel enthusiastically embraced the idea.," said Cebulski. "I never thought we would be able to secure the level of talent we did on the books either. I found out WHAT IF was a concept that was near and dear to so many of our writers and artists. I think their love of WHAT IF clearly shines through in all the stories and the fan response has been nothing short of amazing! Hopefully we'll be able to come back and do this again real soon!"

WHA...HUH? (in the tradition of the classic NOT BRAND ECHH) hits direct store shelves on 1/26/2005...

...and will also be collected in the WHAT IF...?: WHY NOT? TPB along with the six sold-out WHAT The trade goes on sale direct on 2/23/2005, with a complete listing of content below: (Read More)

Phoenix Endsong #1 Sells Out - Rises Again With Second Printing - 9/01/2005
Marvel Comics announces that PHOENIX-ENDSONG #1 has completely sold out but like its namesake, the beautiful Phoenix of ancient legend, it will the form of a new Limited Edition printing.

PHOENIX-ENDSONG, by superstar artist Greg Land and rising star Greg Pak, details the highly-anticipated return of the mysterious and powerful Phoenix Force, the entity that made the character Jean Grey into one of the most popular members of the X-Men ever. The five-issue series has quite a few surprises in store for long time X-Men fans as well as those jumping aboard the merry mutant train for the first time.

"One of the greatest concepts to have come out of the Claremont-Byrne X-Men is the Phoenix," says Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada. "Now that Jean Grey is gone, the Phoenix Force has become virtually a character in its own right and really deserves its own spotlight. The two Gregs have handed in one of my most favorite miniseries here at Marvel and I'm so happy it's been this well received. Great concept, great story, great creators: win/win/win for the fans!" (Read More)

All You Need is Laughs! Madman Releases Comic Party Collection - 6/01/2005
Brace yourselves, the hilarity of COMIC PARTY is about to burst!! COMIC PARTY is side-splitting anime at its otaku-best. It is an essential part of any anime fan's collection. This new series parodies the entire Anime / Manga industry by looking at what life's like for a fan in Japan who wants to make it big creating manga! (Read More)

Dreamwave Shuts Down - 6/01/2005
Dreamwave Productions, a Canadian comicbook publisher involved in anime and nostalgia related comic book adaptations, has announced that it has ceased operations. The company president, Pat Lee, blamed market conditions including, "... shrinking comic book market combined with a weak U.S. dollar and unsustainable monetary commitments." Dreamwave's productions included Transformers, Duel Masters, and Megaman.

Wil Eisner Dies Age 87 - 5/01/2005
Will Eisner, famous pioneer of American comics, died on January 3rd of complications related to a quadruple bypass heart surgery. He was 87.

With the possible exception of Stan Lee, no other individual played as pivotal a role in the comic industry over such a long period of time. Eisner created, wrote, and drew The Spirit, published as a Sunday newspaper insert from 1941 to 1952, with circulations as high as 5 million per issue. He gave Jack Kirby and Jules Feiffer their first jobs in the comics business.

The annual Eisner awards, honoring the best comics (and manga) of the year, are named after Will Eisner.

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