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Madman releases Inu Yasha on DVD - 18/03/2005
Phenomenally popular in Japan, American and Canada, INU YASHA on DVD finally hits Australian shores!

Kagome Higurashi is just an average ninth grader, until she falls into a well which takes her 500 years into the past! There she meets Inu Yasha, a dog-like demon who seeks a powerful jewel. Unwilling allies at first, Kagome and Inu Yasha set out on an incredible adventure to find the scattered shards of the Jewel of the Four Souls.

Stunning animation bring this classic fantasy adventure to life. With endearing characters and an equal share of action scenes and detailed narrative, INU YASHA will become an instant favourite with anyone that watches it!

Created by Rumiko Takahashi (RANMA ½, MAISON IKKOKU) and animated by Sunrise (GUNDAM SEED, ESCAFLOWNE, COWBOY BEBOP) this launch releases the first three volumes of thirty-five INU YASHA DVDs.

All-new All-different Scorpion to debut in Amazing Fantasy #7 - 16/03/2005
In November 2005, conducted a poll to determine the character that fans wanted to see revamped in the pages of AMAZING FANTASY -- the revived title that introduced the red-hot ARAÑA to the world, before she spun off into her own series.

Fans elected The Scorpion for the revamp treatment, over the other three contenders of Kraven, The Cat, and Werewolf by Night.

Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, who oversees AMAZING FANTASY, was assigned the daunting task of revamping a classic character in limited time, “We ended up with an outstanding creative team and storyline. This character is everything we hoped for and more. We have a sexy character rich with mystery and a suspenseful storyline that will take readers on a wild, jet-setting ride across the globe!”

The all-new, all-different Scorpion is set to debut in AMAZING FANTASY #7, on sale April 4th, 2005. The six-issue arc written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Leonard Kirk introduces Carmilla Black, who -- after the vicious murder of her adoptive parents --discovers her biological mother is the top scientist of the worldwide terrorist network, A.I.M. Now, to unravel the secrets of her true identity and mysterious power, she’s hot on the heels of her enigmatic mother, with S.H.I.E.L.D. hot on her trail, hoping she’ll lead them right to the terrorists’ leadership! The stunning cover for the issue is provided by James Jean.

Marryanne Snell joins Team Oni Press as Director of Marketing and Sales - 15/03/2005
Oni Press is pleased to announce the addition of Maryanne Snell to its staff. Beginning March 14th, 2005, Maryanne will take over marketing and sales of Oni Press publications to both the direct and mass market. Most recently the Professional Registrar at Comic-Con International and previously manager of Atlantis Fantasyworld for five years, Maryanne brings a varied experience base and unique understanding of the comics industry that is well fitted to Oni Press' diverse line of publications.

"It's funny, Maryanne and I would always talk and I would say that if we were ever able to hire someone, she was the only person we wanted and she would always reply that we were the only company that she would want to take that kind of position with. It's just a perfect fit," commented Oni Press publisher, Joe Nozemack. "Adding someone to focus on sales and marketing is something we've really wanted to do for some time now, but it required a certain rare type of person--Maryanne was exactly who we wanted."

"This is the job I've wanted since I knew Oni existed," said Maryanne Snell. "I have such regard for the books Oni produces, and I can't wait to introduce new readers to them. Plus I get to work on a closer basis with the great retailers of this industry and help bring this wonderful product line to new venues- what could be better?" (Read More)

Third Queen and Country Declassified Series Announced - 19/02/2005
Oni press is pleased to announce the May release of an all new Queen & Country Declassified series. This will be the third Q&C Declassified series, but the first penned by writing sensation, Antony Johnston (THE LONG HAUL, JULIUS, THREE DAYS IN EUROPE) and drawn by Christopher Mitten (THE TOMB, LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL) under the watchful eye of series creator Greg Rucka as editorial advisor.

Queen & Country is unique in the comics field for being a heavily researched accurate depiction of espionage, intrigue, and the missions of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also commonly known as MI6. The first volume of this popular spin-off focused on the early career of Paul Crocker and his work as a field agent. The in-progress second volume shed the spotlight on Agent Tom Wallace and his introduction to the SIS from the Royal Marine Commandos. It follows his initial training and first assignment as a "minder."

Queen & Country: Declassified, Volume 3 shifts focus away from the Intelligence Services and instead looks at a younger Nick Poole and his experience as an elite soldier in the British Special Air Service (SAS). Set in Northern Ireland, this arc examines the effects of two generations of conflict in that troubled region. Against a backdrop of explosions, abductions, and assassination attempts, Queen & Country: Declassified, Volume 3 recounts how the sins of the fathers have lasting effects on their sons and daughters. (Read More)

Nil from SLG in April - 16/02/2005
In a world where Liberty is Death and the only thing you can believe in is nothing at all, does the murder of one man really mean anything? In Nil, the only thing to believe in is Nothing. Angst drives citizens into deep unhappiness, but ennui numbs them into complacency, and all worship at the great altar of cynicism and disbelief. Proun Nul keeps the great bureaucratic morass free from ideology, idealism and ideas themselves in his job on the deconstruction ship the Derrida, which destroys beliefs systems before the harmful memes can infect the blank ranks of unbelievers. But when Nul is falsely charged with murder, he embarks on a journey that takes him to the front lines of the war with Nil's cheery neighbor country, Optima, and to the very brink of hope.

Nul must conquer love, war, and meaninglessness in Nil: A Land Beyond Belief by James Turner, available from SLG Publishing in April. In his graphic novel debut, Turner depicts what nihilism, writ large, becomes when taken to its darkest extreme. "There is, and can be, no hope," Turner said, describing the world of his graphic novel. "Not just in that there is the belief that there is no hope, but in that it is actually structured so there is no hope." (Read More)

Oni Press Releases I Was Someone Dead - 12/02/2005
Oni Press is proud to announce I WAS SOMEONE DEAD, a new novella from Jamie S. Rich, author of the widely praised CUT MY HAIR. Featuring a cover and spot illustrations by graphic art master Andi Watson, I WAS SOMEONE DEAD gives comic readers and small press fiction fans alike their first new book from Rich since CUT MY HAIR debuted in 2000.

"When Jamie abandoned his comics editing career last year, initially, I was pretty bummed," said Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones. "Jamie was a mentor, co-worker, and friend and I knew I was going to miss dearly in the Oni office. But my moping didn't last long! Once it sunk in that this meant Jamie would be free to write more I was much more excited about the possibility of new work from one of my favorite authors than I was sad at losing such a valuable colleague."

"I finally thought I was free of these yahoos!" Jamie S. Rich shouted. "But not six months after I was out they pull me back in. I tried to tell them that I wasn't interested. That I didn't have time for their little funny books! Then I realized that doing something with Oni might mean I could work with Andi Watson again. Putting up with the stinky boys of Oni Press is a small price to pay for Andi Watson goodness, so I called James up and told him my conditions." (Read More)

Fly Into an Endless Odyssey - 10/02/2005
Madman releases Captain Herlock on DVD.

Tadashi enjoyed living like a punk on the Planet of Wastes, until the day he came home to find his father dead and four possessed corpses standing over his body. As they attack Tadashi, the fearless Captain Herlock, one of the last Space Pirates, saves Tadashi's life. Seizing the opportunity to avenge his father, Tadashi joins the crew of the space battleship Arcadia as it pursues their strange enemy in an attempt to rescue the promised land - Earth!

Based on the comic "Space Pirate Captain Herlock" by Leiji Matsumoto, creator of DAFT PUNK'S INTERSTELLA 5555 with character designs by Nobuteru Yuuki (GENESHAFT, HEAT GUY J, ESCAFLOWNE) and script by Sadayuki Murai (PERFECT BLUE, MILLENIUM ACTRESS) this is the first of four volumes of CAPTAIN HERLOCK on DVD.

Visit the Captain Herlock website at

Ultra-Stylish Sci-Fi Hits the Shelves - 9/02/2005
There's a sinister conspiracy brewing in a dazzling, futuristic world. and it could get ugly.

PARASITE DOLLS is an OVA series that boasts stylish, near-future, techno-noir urban settings reminiscent of BLADERUNNER and GHOST IN THE SHELL. Like these cinematic masterpieces, PARASITE DOLLS deals intelligently with the themes of human-like androids that develop intelligence, personalities and possibly souls of their own, and raises the complex moral/ethical dilemmas that result from their interaction in the real world.

Beauty is only skin deep, but when you can't see beneath the skin, how can you know what you're really dealing with? In a world where perfect androids called Boomers have infiltrated every aspect of society, it's the job of Branch to maintain peace between the people and the plastic. Unfortunately, not all Boomers are perfect, and when Boomers go bad, people die. The thin blue line that separates man from machine is about to disappear in PARASITE DOLLS.

Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (BUBBLEGUM CRISIS, FINAL FANTASY UNLIMITED) and Naoyuki Yoshinaga the Madman PARASITE DOLLS DVD contains all three episodes of the Original Video Animation (OVA).

Marvel Returns to the Age of Apocalypse - 9/02/2005
Fans and retailers prepare for the second coming of the Apocalypse! Marvel celebrates the 10th anniversary of the legendary AGE OF APOCALYPSE epic in March, with the first of four trade paperback collections, a brand new one-shot, and limited series.

Says Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel, "One of the things we are most proud of here, is our 'open door' relationship with the retailers and the fans. We listen...and let me tell you, day after day, there is no other story that we are asked to revisit more than AGE OF APOCALYPSE. Both for new material, and collecting the classic stuff. Currently the orders for X-MEN: THE COMPLETE AGE OF APOCALYPSE EPIC BOOK 1 TPB are phenomenal, unheard of for a classic trade, tracking right up there with Ultimate X-Men trade numbers...and this is only the first volume!" (Read More)

Madman Releases El Hazard Collection on DVD - 9/02/2005
Strap yourself in for an adventure of epic proportions! Our heroes are about to find themselves in an enchanted fantasy world. EL HAZARD is an irresistible story filled with laughs, romance and the battle between good and evil. This series will delight and entertain everyone.

The discovery of ancient ruins beneath a high school becomes the adventure of a lifetime when Makoto Mizuhara along with his friends and Jinnai, his worst enemy, are transported to the magical world of El Hazard. Once there, each of them must master strange new powers and even stranger surroundings. Beautiful women, insane rivalries and man-sized bugs are everyday features in this new world that promises adventure and excitement. The safety of El Hazard is threatened when power-hungry Jinnai tries to take control of an ultimate weapon. Makoto must put a stop to Jinnai's diabolical plans as well as find a way for everyone to return to their home world.

Directed by Hiroki Hayashi (TENCHI MUYO!, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS) with animation by AIC (AH! MY GODDESS, BLUE GENDER, PARASITE DOLLS) EL HAZARD is one fans have been waiting for. Madman Entertainment's EL HAZARD OVA COLLECTION contains the entire series on 3 DVDs.

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