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An Important Message from Graphic Action - 3/05/2005
Unfortunately, due to problems with our hosting provider our ordering system was malfunctioning during the first few weeks of April and we do not have a record of the orders that were placed during this time. If you placed an order through our site between April 3 and April 23 we regretably did not receive it. No funds will have been deducted from your credit card for any orders that were placed during this time.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience this problem has caused. Our ordering system is back online now and functioning 100% so we would like to encourage you to place your orders again and we will fulfill them as soon as possible.

The Graphic Action Team

Wakanda invaded in BLACK PANTHER 4 - 27/04/2005
"Now that the back story has been set, the invasion of Wakanda is about to begin! Issues #4, #5 and #6 feature non-stop action delivered by the powerful pen of John Romita Jr.," enthuses writer Reginald Hudlin. "Since the debut of the new BLACK PANTHER series, I've gotten amazing support from retailers, top caliber artists, mainstream press, and most of all, the fans, who have taken a cult character and turned him into a top-selling book."

Indeed, both the comic book community and mainstream have trumpeted Hudlin's BLACK PANTHER series -- retailers are reporting sell outs from Los Angeles to London, and stories on the book have appeared in Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, USA Today and Vanity Fair.

In BLACK PANTHER #4, Klaw unfurls his carefully orchestrated siege on Wakanda and there's no place to hide. Cutting a swathe through Wakanda's ground forces: the Rhino and Batroc. Slicing through Wakanda's aerial defensives: the Black Knight. Striking a blow where no one would ever expect: The Radioactive Man. Wakanda's protector has never faced a challenge like this. Can the Black Panther persevere?

The issue is penciled by the always amazing John Romita, Jr., and features a cover by the Astonishing X-Men's John Cassaday!

Carey and Lee on ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR 19 - 27/04/2005
Scribe Mike Carey and fan favorite Jae Lee take control of Marvel's First Family in issues #19 and #20 of ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR -- in which he introduces a classic Fantastic Four villain in Ultimate form, and turns the Baxter Building into a virtual trap set to eliminate the fledgling adventurers...and what of the other denizens of the skyscraper, including Johnny and Sue's father, Dr. Storm?!

Jae Lee's gorgeous interior artwork is presented under a cover by Utimates illustrator Bryan Hitch!

Email Interruption - 12/04/2005
Just a quick note to our Mail Order customers.
Due to a currently unspecified server error, Graphic Action Comics haven't been able to upload new emails from our server since the 5th April! (The Good News - sending emails hasn't been a problem!)
We are seeking to rectify this problem ASAP - but at the moment - any orders placed on or after the 5th April haven't reached us.
If you wish to follow up and complete any orders placed around this period - phone us on 02 49 295717, and we can process them over the phone.
Graphic Action apologises for any inconvenience.

Black Widow takes aim at the mainstream in Entertainment Weekly - 31/03/2005
Acclaimed science-fiction novelist Richard K. Morgan's take on BLACK WIDOW has grabbed the attention of countless new fans, including pop-culture mega-magazine Entertainment Weekly. "Smarter, funnier, and sexier than it has any right to be..." are among the accolades of EW reviewer Marc Bernardin.

Writer Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon and Broken Angels) and comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz (ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN) bring to readers old ghosts and new revelations about the original Black Widow - Natasha Romanova - in this hardboiled noir tale. The deadliest agent in the Marvel Universe has finally gotten out of the spy game, and she's not asking for much, just a life of her own. When a sudden assassination attempt provides a harsh reality check, the former Soviet agent tracks a string of international killings that will lead her back to a Russia she can barely recognize.

Morgan's BLACK WIDOW series has been SO well received, that a sequel is set for spring, 2005.

Spidey has a "riot" in SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT! - 31/03/2005
Yes, Spider-Man is having a riot...the BAD kind.

The New Avengers riot hits in SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT! #1 -- the jailbreak of the century causes havoc in the Marvel U, as a flood of the most dangerous villains on the planet pour into the streets of New York City...and our favorite web-slinger finds himself caught between two warring cliques of escaped convicts!

Writer Tony Bedard says of the SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT! chaos, "It's the best of both worlds, in that I get to play with some of the greatest icons in comics, like Spidey and Captain America, while at the same time getting my 'geek on' with some of my favorite lesser-known villains, like the U-Foes and Crossfire. BREAKOUT delivers all-out action, no less than ten villains, a complex mystery, and some truly outstanding art by Marvel's Next Big Thing, Manuel Garcia."

SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT! goes on sale late April, is written by Tony Bedard, pencilled by Manual Garcia, and sports a cover by fan-favorite Mike Deodato.

Fans racing to stores for Runaways - 31/03/2005
Furthering its reputation as both a critical and commercial favorite, Brian K. Vaughan's RUNAWAYS kicks into high gear with issue #3. "I think Runaways #3 is our very best issue yet, and it's got a cover that readers have been talking about for MONTHS," says Vaughan. "Fans are crazy about these classic characters from New Warriors, Generation X, and Power Pack, and those heroes finally get a chance to suit up and throw down with our Runaways in this action-packed issue."

Part 3 of the RUNAWAYS arc "TRUE BELIEVERS" features the first public appearance of EXCELSIOR -- a team of six fan-favorite characters that once again don their classic costumes...but do these young heroes intend to help the Runaways, or destroy them? Also, more clues will be offered to which major Marvel Universe villain is the father of an all-new teenage runaway! Scheduled to go on sale late April, the issue is beautifully illustrated by Adrian Alphona, with a stunning cover by Jo Chen.

Fans who might have missed the original RUNAWAYS series can catch up with the multiple RUNAWAYS digest volumes. Since the new series relaunch, there has been phenomenal demand for all three of the digests printed thus far, with the first two volumes currently sold out at Diamond...

...Marvel thanks both fans and retailers for making the RUNAWAYS digests such successes, and reminds them that the first two will be returning to store shelves in late April!

Marvel Comics Announces Release of Dream Police - 29/03/2005
The wait is over. Mega-popular writer J. Michael Straczynski's DREAM POLICE, a 38-page one-shot, has found a home with Marvel Comics' ICON line and is being readied for release in June of 2005. Its main characters, Detectives Joe Thursday and Frank Stafford, are about to take center stage at long last.

"Good things come to those that wait," says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "And a new book by JMS is one heckuva good thing to wait for. But we shall tarry no more: it's here! Marvel's been bursting at the seams to share this story with the rest of the world and now we can. The only downside is that J. Michael's gonna get even more acclaim from this book and I'm going to have to finally learn how to spell his name!"

Dan Buckley, Marvel Publisher, is equally happy about the impending release of DREAM POLICE to Marvels creator-owned ICON line. "This is truly a unique and thrilling addition to our ICON titles. DREAM POLICE is highly cinematic and that's no surprise coming from one of the best screenwriters in the business. I can't wait to start hearing the reader reaction!"

But what is DREAM POLICE exactly? "Straight from the horse's mouth" is the best way to explain, and that means asking Straczynski himself to lay out the high points. "What I love most about the book is the tone -- very noir, very 'Dragnet' meets 'Men In Black' meets 'Maltese Falcon' -- set against a surreal and often very funny dreamscape. Joe's Theory #47 is that if everything is funny, nothing is funny; if everything is weird, nothing is weird. You need to have the contrast to throw both sides into stark relief. And that's what we have with Dream Police...very straightforward, hard-bitten beat police patrolling the dreamscape. See, sometimes things go wrong echo who is supposed to play a given part in someone's dream skips town, or a dream-molder starts sending people the wrong sorts of dreams because he's annoyed at the world...." (Read More)

Strange Eggs Anthology from SLG in May - 29/03/2005
"We longed for the days of good anthologies," says Chris Reilly, editor of Strange Eggs, a comics anthology that will be released in May 2005 by SLG Publishing, "the kind that didn't cost $29.00 for the sake of having a hardcover with gold leaf embossing."

The book's title hints at the shared premise of the stories within: Young twins Kip and Kelly are big-city kids who find themselves living with their father on a remote farm in rural Maine. They receive an unexpected cure for their newfound doldrums in the form of Roger Rogers, an egg delivery man who, in each story, presents the kids with a mysterious egg far more likely to yield an alien vagrant, a rampaging velociraptor or a sadistic living puppet than a simple chicken. Like a carnival barker, Reilly invites readers to see the attractions of Strange Eggs: "Exploding stomachs, hobos, hobo-aliens, beheadings, horses performing emergency surgery, and a pterodactyl!"

The planning behind the anthology was a bit more reasoned, however. "We had the Strange Eggs concept in place and there was a lot of talent at SLG, so why not bring the two together and create a cost effective, quality anthology showcasing some of our favorite creators?" said Reilly, who then brought on board colleagues Steve Ahlquist (Oz Squad) and Ben Towle (Farewell, Georgia). Together they assembled an exciting and diverse array of creators, both from within the SLG stable and without. Contributors include Crab Scrambly, Rodger Langridge, Jamie Smart, Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix, Darron Laessig, Derf, Jon Adams, Ben Towle, Tommy Kovac, Kerry Callen, Steve Ahlquist, Jorge Santillan, Chris Reilly, Jennifer Feinberg & Todd Meister, Joey Weiser, and Scott Saavedra. (Read More)

Easter Long Weekend Opening Hours - 24/03/2005
Easter is upon us - and so is a dosage of public holidays!
Graphic Action will be closed on Good Friday (25th March - sorry about the email) - but we will have our latest shipment arriving on Thursday afternoon- in time for the weekend!
Our Easter opening hours in full -
Good Friday (25th March) - CLOSED
Easter Saturday (26th March) - 10.30am - 5pm
Easter Sunday (27th March)- 10am - 3pm
Easter Monday (28th March)- 11am - 4pm

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