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Madman releases Saiyuki on DVD - 24/05/2005
Revisit the classic 'Monkey-Magic' legend remixed in this magical action series. Madman releases Saiyuki on DVD.

There was a time when demons and man lived together in harmony... until a band of rogue demonic forces sought to resurrect a diabolical monster. Dark spiritual energy began to cover the land and the demons decided that mankind was no longer friend, but food. Now it's up to a renegade priest, a monkey king, a lecherous water sprite and a sympathetic demon to stop the resurrection and return harmony to the dangerous land!

Directed by Hayato Date (NARUTO) and produced by TV Tokyo (NOIR), Dentsu and Studio Pierrot (FUSHIGI YUGI), SAIYUKI tells the time-proven story of a band of eccentric travellers bound for adventure in a land of magic and menace. The first of twelve volumes of SAIYUKI is available to add to your collection now.

Madman Releases Please Twins! on DVD - 23/05/2005
Boy meets girl meets girl?!

Madman releases Please Twins! on DVD.

Maiku grew up in an orphanage with only a childhood picture of himself and who he believes to be his twin sister. He finds the house in the photo and moves in, thinking he has finally found his home. Then one day, Miina and Karen show up on his doorstep, both claiming to be his sister.

Since there are only two kids in the picture, one of the girls must be a stranger - but how will Maiku figure out which one is telling the truth? And that's not the end of his problems. Will he be able to keep his mind on school and his programming job with two pretty girls living under the same roof with him?

The smash hit follow up series to PLEASE TEACHER! PLEASE TWINS! brings back the same brilliant production team that worked on the original series to do it all again in this bizarre comedy with a twist. This is the first of four volumes in the series - and a must in every fan's collection!

Madman Releases Lady Death: The Motion Picture on DVD - 19/05/2005
Only in death does she find the will to live...

A powerful story of innocence lost, savage betrayal and glorious rebirth, LADY DEATH begins in 15th Century Sweden. Hope, the beautiful daughter of a skilled mercenary (who is in actuality Lucifer), is accused of being the devil's consort following a hellish incident witnessed by local villagers.

During her trial by fire Lucifer visits his daughter. Unable to think clearly, she accepts her father's offer of life in Hell over a hideously painful death, the pact taking a diabolical twist as she discovers her true origins. Together with her trusted companions she is transformed into the powerful warrior Lady Death - and challenges the Lord of Lies for control of Hell itself.

The first animated feature produced by ADV Films' original content division. Lady Death has already won the acclaim of many fans by topping the best sellers list on

Working closely with the creator of the LADY DEATH comics, Brian Pulido, first time director and conceptual designer Andrew Orjuela was joined by renowned writer Carl Macek (ROBOTECH , VAMPIRE HUNTER D). Together the three craft a unique vision of epic scope, now yours to own on DVD!

Two Generations Unite For Last Hero Standing - 19/05/2005
June 8th is the street date for the second issue of LAST HERO STANDING -- a weekly five-part event that unites two generations of Marvel heroes!

Says penciler Pat Olliffe's, "The huge scale of Last Hero Standing has been the thing I've really enjoyed, and I know it'll be what the readers are going to enjoy as well. Getting the chance to draw all of these characters has been a blast!"

Tom DeFalco couldn't be more thrilled to pen the series, "After writing Spider-Girl for over seven years, it is a rare pleasure to visit some of my old friends in the real Marvel Universe like Captain America, Hawkeye, the Watcher, Vision and the Scarlet Witch. I grew up with these characters and they all helped to define the word 'Hero' for me. While Last Hero Standing is a stand-alone and accessible Hoo-Ha action story, I hope it will also remind old readers why they first fell in love with Marvel Comics and also start the love affair with some new readers."

With LAST HERO STANDING, the great heroes of the Marvel Universe are vanishing without a trace -- what has happened to Spider-Man, The Thing, Captain America, and the rest of the MU's heavy hitters? Spider-Girl and the Fantastic Five must join forces with today's superstars to uncover the answer...and the trail leads to a major Avengers villain! Does the presence of the Watcher signify the end of this age of heroes?

Legendary Neal Adams on Giant Size X-Men #3 - 19/05/2005
One of the most revered and influential artists in the history of sequential art once again illustrates for Marvel -- the one and only Neal Adams!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of 1975ís Giant-Size X-Men #1 and #2 comes GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #3 -- a colossal collection of the X-Menís greatest team-ups, featuring the X-Men tangling with the FF in FANTASTIC FOUR #28 (July 1964), the Mighty Avengers guest-starring in X-MEN #9 (January 1964) and along comes a Spider-Man in X-MEN #35 (August 1967)!

PLUS a brand-new untold tale of the All-New, All-Different X-Men written by ASTONISHING X-MEN scribe Joss Whedon teaming with the legend, NEAL ADAMS!

Marvel Taps Jonathan Lethem to Pen new Omega the Unknown Series - 17/05/2005
Omega the Unknown, the enigmatic super hero first introduced by Marvel Comics in the 1970s, will be re-introduced early next year in an updated series written by Jonathan Lethem, the critically praised author best known for his novels "The Fortress of Solitude" and "Motherless Brooklyn," which won a National Book Critics Circle Award.

The series will mark Jonathan Lethem's first comic book writing effort. The initial storyline will center on a teenage prodigy from Washington Heights, and his relationship with Omega, a mysterious and silent Super Hero from another world. The 10-issue series will launch in early 2006.

Lethem is working with artist Farel Dalrymple and colorist Paul Hornschemeier on the series.

"I'm an enormous fan of Jonathan's writing, especially his rich and emotional portrayal of Brooklyn," said Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. "While Omega the Unknown was a relatively obscure series from the 70s, Jonathan remembers it vividly from his youth, and I know that his new exploration of this hero will delight traditional comic fans and definitely appeal to a whole new audience of fans drawn to his imaginative and powerful storytelling."

Jonathan Lethem commented, "Omega the Unknown is a great character -- a kind of archetypal super hero who's also a blank slate. The original story had an uncanny power over my imagination, and seemed potentially to have the intrigue and complexity of a great novel. I've always been drawn to comics as a medium and this chance to work with Marvel -- and to revive this character and bring his story to fulfillment -- is a kind of a dream-come-true for me."

Monkeys, Mayhem and Mystery Come to Oni This July - 14/05/2005
Oni Press is pleased to announce the July debut of BANANA SUNDAY, a fun filled four-issue comic from Root Nibot and Colleen Coover (SMALL FAVORS).

Kirby Steinberg is having a bit of trouble fitting into her new school. It's hard enough being the new kid, but she's also the guardian of three monkeys who have all gained the power of speech, and will be attending school with her. When her new friend Nickels, a crack reporter for the school paper, decides there's something suspicious about the monkeys, the fun is just beginning. How do you keep track of three monkeys, make new friends and get good grades? Kirby shows us how in BANANA SUNDAY!

"Many of the ideas for Banana Sunday came about one day while I was at a zoo, watching an orangutan," Nibot commented. "I started thinking about how monkeys and humans would interact, if only monkeys could voice their ideas in ways we could understand. Boom, I wanted talking monkeys. And I wanted THREE monkeys because I needed an orangutan, as one was the catalyst for a lot of my thoughts. But I love gorillas, so I needed a gorilla. Also, I've had a bit of a fascination for spider-monkeys ever since one stole a pair of my sunglasses when I was a child. So, Chuck the Orangutan, Go-Go the gorilla, and Knobby, the spider-monkey. All of whom are monkeys, but represent different types of humanity." (Read More)

Capote in Kansas - 14/05/2005
Oni Press is pleased to announce the July release of CAPOTE IN KANSAS, an original graphic novel by Ande Parks and Chris Samnee. Like Parks' UNION STATION, this 128-page all-new story focuses on the effect that real life crime has on individuals' lives.

In 1959, Truman Capote traveled to Holcomb, Kansas to write a book about a pair of killers. The relationship that grew between he and the two men was something he never anticipated, and the result was arguably his most powerful work, IN COLD BLOOD. Heralded as groundbreaking, his "nonfiction novel" got inside the minds of the killers and the sad, disturbing reality of murder. But at what cost did his masterpiece come? In his own fictionalized account, Parks turns his eye to the story behind the story.

Parks explains," I felt this book offered a really interesting challenge. I needed to tell the story of the creation of a great piece of art without re-telling Capote's book. Believe me; Truman has already done the Clutter murder case and its aftermath. Rehashing the crime would be a waste of time.

"That's not to say that CAPOTE IN KANSAS doesn't touch upon the horror of the crimes, but this is not a crime book. It is a portrait of a great artist creating a great work of art, and a study of the sacrifices he had to make to do so. Truman himself said that he would never have stopped in Kansas if he had known what was in store for him there. IN COLD BLOOD cost him six years, along with, arguably, his artistic soul."

Oni Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones, commented, "CAPOTE IN KANSAS is a must read for any fan of Truman Capote's work, but you don't have to know anything about him to enjoy it. Ande's packed all the information you need inside these pages; just sit back and let him handle the introductions. "

Parks is joined by artist Chris Samnee. "As with UNION STATION, I was extremely fortunate to hook up with the perfect artist for CAPOTE IN KANSAS," Parks comments. "Chris is delivering really rich work that completely puts you in the setting without ever seeming stiff or dull. The finished product is something I am really proud of... the whole far exceeds my expectations as I wrote."

Jones adds, "We couldn't have found a better artist for this particular story. Chris really captures the atmosphere of these events, as well as the nuances of expression of each character. Combined with Ande's writing, you feel like you're right there with Truman as the events unfold."

Jones concludes, "Ande has yet again done what he does best, turned our view simultaneously to the individual results of crime and the universal themes they represent. Truman Capote would be proud."

Exploring themes of love, betrayal, and the sacrifices we make in pursuit of art and truth, CAPOTE IN KANSAS joins a growing library of OniGNs- original graphic novels with compelling stories and themes by veteran publisher Oni Press.

CAPOTE IN KANSAS is a 128-page trade paperback, featuring black-and-white story and art. It ships to comic book stores on mid-July, 2005 and retails for $11.95 US. The ISBN for the graphic novel is .

Dead Eyes Open at SLG - 6/05/2005
"Imagine if you died in your sleep tonight and woke up tomorrow not even knowing you were dead," said Matthew Shepherd, writer and co-creator of Dead Eyes Open, the new six-issue mini-series coming from SLG in July. "What would you do when you found out?" Shepherd continued. "And when other people discovered you were a living corpse? That's the premise of the comic, from the perspective of a loving father who comes back and wishes he hadn't."

Psychologist John Requin isn't your garden-variety undead, but there's really no way to get on with your life when you're technically dead. His patients are beginning to suspect something is wrong, his daughter won't let him near her, and now he and other "Returners" are being hunted down by vigilante groups. The world is in chaos, and the Returners need a spokesperson for their plight. Is John Requin that man? Or is the deal the U.S. government is offering him just an empty appeasement? The afterlife of millions depends on him.

Matthew Shepherd has teamed up with artist Roy Boney, Jr. to tell John Requin's story in the comic book mini-series Dead Eyes Open. Boney has gained what he describes as "a modestly sized, yet intensely loyal, audience" with his online comic Plugin Boy. In Dead Eyes Open, which is his, and Shepherd's, first published comic, he employs a dark, heavily inked style that portrays the decay of both the Returners and the society in which they live. (Read More)

A New Look for Nightmares and Fairytales - 6/05/2005
Delphine LaLaurie committed unspeakable atrocities within the walls of the house at 1140 Rue Royale in New Orleans. Her victims want revenge.

In June 2005, they will get their chance as Nightmares and Fairy Tales, SLG Publishing's best-selling ongoing series, embarks on a new saga of terror, haunting and retribution. Issue thirteen will launch the new six-issue story arc "1140 Rue Royale," written by Serena Valentino and drawn by Crab Scrambly, the artist on Everything Can Be Beaten and both writer and artist of The 13th of Never

The exact historical events of Marie Delphine LaLaurie's life and alleged crimes are uncertain, but her story is one of many that haunts New Orleans. In that account, Mme. LaLaurie was a beautiful socialite and popular hostess in New Orleans during the 1830s, but rumors that she abused her slaves cast a shadow on her reputation. Soon, evidence of her cruelty came to light, and Mme. LaLaurie fled New Orleans in disgrace. What history knows of Mme. LaLaurie ends here, but Serena Valentino has picked up the thread to pen "1140 Rue Royale," which speculates a future for Delphine LaLaurie and the ghosts of her victims, who still are said to still inhabit the house. As residents of New Orleans say -- "La maison est hante!" (Read More)

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