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Oni and Lewis Steal Home This September With Peng - 8/07/2005
Oni Press is pleased to announce the September release of PENG, a new one-shot comic from Corey Lewis “The Rey.” Lewis, who took the comic industry by surprise with his breakout hit SHARKNIFE, turns his unconventional eye to the world of professional kickball, with high octane results.

For Rocky Hallelujah and his friends, ADV Kickball is the meaning of life. It’s all they talk about, practice, and play. It’s not just a sport, it’s a way of life, and there’s no one better at it than Rocky Hallelujah. He’ll have to prove that, however, against three fierce teams at the ADV Kickball finals.

“Kickball, for those who don’t know, is played like baseball, but instead of a bat, you kick a large, inflated rubber ball with your foot,” Lewis explained. “In PENG, the game is Advanced kickball, which has more of a martial arts style, combined with sports rules and points and innings.”

Rocky Hallelujah heads up the Foot Knux, a team made up of diversely talented players, including Sassy Elmetto and Ven Morcada. They’re joined in the climactic playoffs by two rival teams, and the villainous team known as the Aroura Skeddos, fronted by the evil Jeeyuh Yeeauh. (Read More)

Meet the creators of AZERATH at Graphic Action! - 7/07/2005
The creators of the popular Australian comic book series, (Newcastle's own) AZERATH, will be appearing at an in-store signing and comic book launch at Graphic Action on Saturday July 16th.

All comic book fans are invited to come along and be a part of the launch of 'Love. Honour and Obedience.', the sixth issue in the ongoing fantasy-manga series created by Newcastle's own Daniel Lawson (writer) and Ryan Wilton (illustrator).

A light-hearted adventure story, Azerath can be likened to Lord of the Rings, but it has much more humour to go with its journey (something akin to the popular series of Discworld books written by Terry Pratchett). In the story, the band of bumbling adventurers, reluctantly led by a half-demon named Kailyn, is eternally trying to climb to the summit of Mount Azerath to defeat the Evil Queen who lives there. The Queen is the mistress of all she surveys, including the forest of Azerath and the many wild and varied minions within it. As the adventurers make tracks through the forest they are beset by everything from fanciful Wood Nymphs to the fierce Fieshalon Demons, and it is not uncommon for them to make new acquaintances of the most unexpected kinds to join in with them on their quest.
AZERATH is released quarterly by Sydney-based publisher Phosphorescent Comics, through their Creatorline imprint for creator-owned comic book properties.

So come in to the store this Saturday the 16th and be a part of the fun and have your copies of AZERATH signed by Daniel and Ryan and possibly be among the lucky ones to have a personalized sketch drawn for them by Ryan. The creators will be signing copies of AZERATH in the store from 12:30pm.

Alex Ross Returns to Earth X - 7/07/2005
Earth X is back, better than ever! To accompany the release of the deluxe hardcover edition of Earth X, Alex Ross has painted a breathtaking new cover for its release. Earth X, Jim Krueger and Alex Ross’s tale of a grim, future Marvel Universe where all ordinary humans are given superpowers, is being released for the first time in a full color, all-encompassing hardcover.

The new Earth X hardcover captures the entire Earth X experience by including the entire twelve issues of the Earth X regular series, the #0 and #X bookends, the #1/2 issue, and the Epilogue. It will also contain tons of extras, including Alex Ross sketches of the Earth X characters.

Associate Editor of Special Projects Mark Beazley says, “Marvel is striving to put together the best possible HC collection of Earth X, pulling together materials from the Graphitti HC, Marvel’s TPB, and the Sketchbooks. Plus the story is presented in full color for the first time in HC along with the Earth X 1/2.”

The 592 page Earth X Hardcover (originally solicited at 528) will be released on August 31st and is sure to be the definitive edition of Alex Ross’s great series that explored the depths and heights of the Marvel Universe, from the roots of its humble beginnings to the peak of its ultimate potential.

Last Hero Standing #1 Sells Out - 3/07/2005
Last Hero Standing #1 has sold out at Marvel and Diamond Comics, and writer Tom DeFalco could not be more thrilled. “Hoo-HA! Pat Olliffe and I had a blast while working on Last Hero Standing,” says DeFalco. “We both love the type of comics that are filled with action and angst in the mighty Marvel manner and it’s very gratifying to know that we’re not alone.”

Taking place in the universe seen in Spider-Girl every month Last Hero Standingfinds friends turning against friends as some of the world’s greatest heroes become unwitting pawns of the Norse God, Loki, and is a throwback to the storytelling of years past. “Titles like Last Hero and Spider-Girl are part of a proud and glorious storytelling tradition and we’re just thrilled to share our love,” says DeFalco.

Spider-Girl and the MC2 Universe have earned a devoted fan-base as evidenced by the outstanding sales. Director of Sales David Gabriel says, “The Spider-Girl digest collections have outperformed our wildest expectations, with the first volume going into its second printing, and the series selling extremely well in the direct market, bookstore market, mass market and at book fairs. So expect to see further MC2 collections both later this year and into 2006—and keep your eyes peeled for a special one-shot comic in October highlighting Spider-Girl and the entire Spider-Man family!”

The five issue limited series has also been garnering rave reviews as well as impressive sales. Ray Tate of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com says, “It's all cool and all ages goodness in Last Hero Standing. The continuity sings, and the characterization of a wide-ranging cast never falters.”

Special thanks to retailers and fans for making this series such a success and allowing us to continue to revisit the MC2 Universe. The remaining four issues have very limited quantities available so retailers are advised to get them while they can.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 - Crossover - 23/06/2005
Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 to be Offered in Two Covers to Celebrate New Team of Millar and Land

Marvel Comics is offering two covers of Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 to kick off the beginning of fan-favorites Mark Millar and Greg Land's run on the title. Millar promises jaw-dropping stories and art that will "inject the Fantastic into the Fantastic Four and make everything else look withered and impotent" starting with their very first issue on sale mid July.

The first story arc of Millar and Land's run, entitled Crossover, has the Ultimate Fantastic Four making contact with a very familiar universe. "Our first issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four kicks off the storyline everyone was begging us not to do," says Mark Millar. "People have been weeping at the notion of a dimensional crossover storyline since the Ultimate books first appeared. Well, sometimes it's fun to do the things readers least expect and the Crossover storyline is just insane."

The Crossover story arc will be epic, as according to Millar, "It's got Magneto, it's got Hulk, and it's got a fight at the dawn of time as the first mammal to crawl from the ocean is taken hostage." (Read More)

Polly and the Pirates - 23/06/2005
Oni Press is pleased to announce the debut of POLLY AND THE PIRATES, a new six issue comic by Eisner-nominated creator Ted Naifeh. In this all new series Naifeh returns to familiar ground, creating the adventures of a young girl who finds herself in surprising surroundings.

Polly has grown up in a prim and proper boarding school, far from any kind of adventure, and she likes it that way. But when she discovers that she's actually related to the Pirate Queen, she's got to find her inner-adventurer. Hijinks and high adventure await in the world of the pirates, can Polly rise to the occasion?

Fans of Naifeh's COURTNEY CRUMRIN will find a different, but equally lovable kind of hero in Polly. Naifeh explained, "One thing that led to the creation of Polly was the desire to take a character in the opposite direction of Courtney Crumrin. Unlike the alienated outsider with a love of trouble, Polly considers herself a good girl. She's a reluctant adventurer, preferring the comfort and security of her boarding school with its three square meals and cozy bed. Her personality lies somewhere in between Shirley Temple and Bilbo Baggins. And like Bilbo, there's enormous potential inside her, just waiting for an adventure to draw it out." (Read More)

The hottest action in House of M - 22/06/2005
Marvel's keeps the action hot this winter in the House of M which contniues this month with three new books. In Incredible Hulk 84, Bruce Banner finally has the peace he's long searched for, but that respite is disturbed by the forces of AIM and the all-new Scorpion (from Amazing Fantasy 7-12). Will the jade-skinned ruler of Australia talk or smash? What do you think? In Spider-Man: House of M 2, he's the world's greatest wrestler, beloved family man, and everyone's favorite mutant hero. Spider-Man's got a secret and someone out there wants to use that against him to destroy everything he loves. Find out how close Peter Parker's world is to utter collapse in Spider-Man: House of M 2.

Continuing the tradition of Marvel's Director's Cuts comes the House of M #1 Director's Cut. Packed with all of the DVD-style extras you've come to expect such as the full script, sketch-to-cover process with all three cover artists, interviews and more, the Director's Cut is a perfect way to open the door to the House of M!

Finally, for those of you who missed out on the beginnings of the House of M, see how it all began in House of M: Excalibur - Prelude TPB. The sold-out issues Excalibur 13 & 14 set the stage for this major event and are available once again in this collection. Also features the storyline "The Devil's Own," featuring the return of Angel. (Read More)

Rex Libris from SLG in August - 17/06/2005
Just as a tide of ignorance swells up and threatens to engulf the world, out of the ashes of the Great Library of Alexandria arises a hero, an educated fellow with fists of steel and a mind as sharp as a tack: public librarian Rex Libris. Follow the story of Rex, the tough-as-nails Head Librarian at Middleton Public Library, and his unending struggle against the forces of darkness. Wearing his distinctive, super-thick bottle glasses and armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, he strikes fear into recalcitrant borrowers, and can take on virtually any foe -- from loitering zombies to alien warlords who refuse to pay their late fees. Even the occasional infestation of rogue, public domain literary characters are dispatched with aplomb.

Rex Libris is a guardian of knowledge, defender of the Dewey Decimal System and the best hope for the future of civilization. His story is finally told in Rex Libris, the new comic book series by James Turner, author and illustrator of the philosophical tour-de-force graphic novel NIL: A Land Beyond Belief.

Rex, the unlikely combination of librarian and bounty hunter is a character whose potential for adventure is nearly limitless. Rex is 2000 years old and his boss is Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing, so the series will be full of Turner's takes on history and mythology. Forays into space and battles with magical beings will take the series into the territory of science fiction and fantasy. And, of course, Rex will find his way into the very foundation of the librarian's calling: literature itself.

"I want Rex to visit Utopia, mix it up in one of Shakespeare's plays, hang out with Gulliver and track down killers with Sherlock Holmes," said creator James Turner. "Basically, have fun with anything old and in the public domain that isn't copyrighted up the wazoo."

But don't let all the classic books fool you. Rex Libris is first and foremost an action comic. Jack Kirby's work (whom Turner calls "the best action comic book artist of all time") and Herge's Tintin were both influences in creating the look of Rex Libris. "I've wrung them flat through my graphic wringer," said Turner, whose distinctive, complex vector graphics in NIL drew much critical acclaim. "I want to experiment and have fun, and hopefully that sense of fun will come through to the reader in the final product."

SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman is confident that it will. "Smart just makes funny all that much funnier," she said. "James draws on such a huge warehouse of knowledge that Rex can find himself in almost any situation -- fighting demon samurai, hobnobbing with mythical creatures or scaling the sides of space ships. Handling so many possibilities takes a lot of with and skill, and, luckily, James more of both than anyone deserves to have."

Rex Libris is a black-and-white comic book, published quarterly. The first 32-page issue will be in stores in August 2005. It is available for pre-order now through Diamond Comics and other distributors. Visit SLG's website at to see a preview.

New Marvel Adventures Line - 10/06/2005
The new Marvel Comics imprint MARVEL ADVENTURES -- specifically designed for children 10 years of age and younger -- has earned the attention of mass media publications such as Newsweek and USA Today.

Featuring action-packed storylines easily accessible to the youngest of readers, the initial titles in the line include MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN, as well as the adventures of Marvel's first family in MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR...who will undoubtedly become favorites of kids when they debut on the big screen this summer.

"We are excited to open up the Marvel Universe to a younger audience who has come to know our super heroes outside of the comic book world," says Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics. "MARVEL ADVENTURES will provide a fun, action-packed universe that will certainly please our newest fans who love our movies and video games, but may be too young for our traditional comic book series."

Marvel Comics Publisher Dan Buckley adds, "The best way to get kids excited about reading is to give them something they want to read. The MARVEL ADVENTURES titles have been developed so that each book can be enjoyed by younger readers, even if they haven't seen Marvel's blockbuster movies. We hope that these series will inspire kids to read more books of all types of literature, not just comics."

MARVEL ADVENTURES titles will be crafted by some of the top children's writers and illustrators working today. Each title will be printed as a traditional comic retailing for $2.99 US, and then several consecutive issues of each title collected in digest format retailing for $6.99 US.

The first wave of MARVEL ADVENTURES titles are available now . More information on the new Marvel Adventures line can be found on

HOUSE OF M #1 sold out...Gatefold Variant by Olivier Coipel on the way! - 9/06/2005
With House of M #1 sold out right out of the gate, and re-orders pouring into Diamond, Marvel will give fans one more chance to get their hands on one of the hottest releases of the year with the House of M #1 Coipel Gatefold Limited Edition.

Scheduled to arrive in stores on June 29th, it features the full poster image created by artist Olivier Coipel in a stunning gatefold cover -- with the cover price remaining $2.99 US, the same cover price as the regular Ribic cover version.

Says Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel. "We told retailers and fans that there would be copies available on this issue, and we are going to live up to that. On behalf of Bendis and Coipel, thanks so much for already making this event such an astounding success."

Adds Marvel's EIC Joe Quesada, "We promised everyone that House of M was going to shake up the Marvel U in ways never seen before...well it looks like it's shaking up the world of comic fans as well. They're responding by making House of M the not to be missed comic of the year. Thanks to all of our fans and retail partners for making this the success it is, and there's still seven more issues to come!"

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