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Ebay Store Now Open! - 21/11/2019
As one set of doors close, another open!

Graphic Action Comics Ebay Store

We've now moved to an eBay store to sell our comics and cool stuff accumulated over 24 years of trade!

We've only just started adding items, so follow us, and keep checking regularly to see what turns up.

We've got 100's of thousands of items stored away, and can't put them all up at once, so it will be a constantly shifting and changing range available! Check it out!

1995 - 2019 - Thank You - 1/02/2019
Thankyou for 24 years guys. It's been an honour and a pleasure to serve the greatest, and oldest physical storytelling medium.

We'll keep this page for a few months yet - and keep the FaceBook page going (Graphic Action Comics on FB if you haven't liked it yet) , and try to keep posting wonderful and interesting things, and random silliness! To quote a great Australian boxer "I love youse all"

End Of Days! - 25/01/2019
Just 6 more days til our last day of being open - 31st January.

We'll be closed on Saturday 26th January - But Open Sunday 27th (11am-3pm - and Monday 28th (12pm - 5pm), Then 11.30 - 5.30 Tuesday 29th, 12.30 - 5.30 Wednesday 30th, and 11 - 6 Thursday 31st. Be sure to come by and buy one last piece of the shop before THE END!

Thankyou for supporting Graphic Action Comics over the last 24 years!

Online Orders/Operations Update - 3/01/2019
Due to our month long instore sale - and winding down our bricks and mortar operation throughout this month (as detailed in our last post) - Online Orders will not be processed throughout January - and beyond - until further notification.

We're in the midst of an instore winding down sale - so if you have the chance - drop on by and scoop a bargain!

The warehouse represents every item received instore since 2001 and its release day price, and while a guide to every item we receive, and its release day price (of use most to our regular weekly customers) , does not reflect immediate availability - as stated in the warehouse tab.

Unfortunately, we are just a small regional Australian store, with a limited IT budget - who for 24 years, received weekly direct, consistent shipments - within 24 hours of US release (a record for regional Australia!), with a small, dedicated staff - who over 18 years of online operation, have endeavoured to fulfill every online order possible. We've never charged a customer until we've confirmed price and availability - and agreed to finalise the sale. But while we have tens of thousands of issues in store (hundreds and hundreds of boxes!) - locating anything beyond immediate inventory of the last month or so (thousands of issues) can be problematic! And without a Point Of Sale/Inventory system that communicates directly with the website - it's near impossible (without a dedicated IT team - well beyond our scale) - to manually register every sale online as it occurs instore.

Thankyou for understanding in this matter.
To the thousands of customers we've served online and instore over the last two decades.
Thank You. It's been a blast - 52 weeks a year!

2019 Announcement! - 31/12/2018
Twenty Four Years! 1,234 Weekly deliveries of comics direct from the USA the week of release! Over a million comics into Newie - new on release - over 2 decades!
We're proud of what we've built over this time, the people we've met, the stories we've shared, the moments we've had , and the people that have supported us through the good times, and the hard times.
That's why this next part is the hardest thing we've ever had to do.
Due to a number of factors, most beyond our control - we've decided that after 24 years - 2019 will be our last year of trading. January is most likely our last month of full time trading. Unfortunately - it's time.
But we ain't going out like that! In January - we'll be commencing the sale of the (nearly quarter of a) century - kicking off with 40% of all bagged back issues - and 30% off variants, issue sets/collections posters and action figures! Spot specials, deeper discounts, and one off items galore as we go through the month, changing weekly and daily! (Sale Instore Only - so try to drop by!)
We're going for the month, and over that period will be unearthing many thousands of rare back issues from over our 24 years - many that haven't seen the light of day in YEARS! And More! Rare DC Direct figures , sealed in cases for over a decade and MORE! Get in early before someone beats you to it!
If you've got items on hold, that we've loyally held for you - please come by and collect them. We'll be going all through January to give everyone a chance to come in and make some final purchases, and score some wicked rare stuff - so many people have supported us over these 24 years - we didn't want anyone to miss out, so that's why we're having a month long bonanza all through January!
We hope to see you - come on by - buy some loveliness - and let's cap off 24 years like we began - waaay back in 1995 - with a BOOM!

Christmas/New Years 2018/19 Trading Hours - 23/12/2018
Happy Festive/Christmas/Holiday Season to all! JUst letting you know when we're open -and when we're closed over the next week and a bit!

Monday 24th December 2018 - OPEN 11am - 5pm
Tuesday 25th December (CHRISTMAS DAY) - CLOSED
WEDNESDAY 26th December (Boxing Day) - CLOSED
THURSDAY 27th December - Open 10.30 am - 5.30pm
FRIDAY 28th December - Open 10.30am - 5.30pm
SATURDAY 29th December - Open - 10.30am - 5pm
SUNDAY 30th December -Open - 11am-3pm
MONDAY 31st December (New Years Eve) - Open 11am - 5pm
TUESDAY 1st January 2019 (New Years Day) - CLOSED
WEDNESDAY 2nd January 2019 - CLOSED

Then all back to normal hours for 2019! Happy Holiday time!

ANZAC Day 2018 - 25/04/2018
ANZAC Day Cheers to all that serve and all that have served their country.

We'll be closed for the day - but back in Action tomorrow!


2018 - The Eastering! - 27/03/2018
Happy chocolate, rabbits and rebirth weekend to you all!

Just letting you know we'll be closed on Good Friday, but open the rest of the weekend, with a shorter day on Monday!


EASTER SATURDAY 31st March - OPEN - 10.30am -5pm
EASTER SUNDAY 1st April - OPEN - 11am - 3pm
EASTER MONDAY 2nd April - OPEN - 11am -3pm


Australia Day 2018 - 26/01/2018
Happy Australia Day!

We'll be closed on the Day (Fri 26th Jan) -

But back open and back to regular hours on Saturday 27th January - with new comics for the week!

Christmas & New Years 2017/18 - 23/12/2017
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year - Happy Holidays and Hot Summer Nights from us here at Graphic Action Comics!

We'll be open most of the Holidays - and should still be receiving our weekly new comic deliveries - but we'll be closed on a few key dates -

CHRISTMAS EVE (Sunday 24th December) - OPEN 11am-3pm
CHRISTMAS DAY (Monday 25th December) - CLOSED
BOXING DAY (Tuesday 26th December) - CLOSED

NEW YEARS EVE (Sunday 31st December) - OPEN 11am-3pm
NEW YEARS DAY (Monday 1st January 2018) - CLOSED

All the other days will be regular trading hours! Enjoy your break - we'll make sure your new comics don't go on holiday while you are!

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