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SLG Publishing Announces 2006 Toy and Collectible Releases

In celebration of five years in the toy business, SLG Publishing announced an ambitious toy program for the first half of 2006 for its division Monkey Fun Toys. Products range from vinyl and plastic toys, plush toys and limited edition statues, most based SLG Publishing titles and characters.

March of 2006 will see the release of Mummy, a vinyl and plastic toy based on the Mummy character from the SLG comic book The Super Scary Monster Show featuring Little Gloomy. Not the disease-ridden, shambling bunch of bandages of most pop-culture depictions, the Mummy figure is playing his bass guitar and generally having fun. The Mummy comes complete with bass guitar, spooky bass amp and his own faux-stone platform. Designed by Little Gloomy artist Eric Jones and sculpted by Mitch Martinez, the Mummy is the perfect accompaniment to our popular Carl Cthulhu figure. Packaged in a four color window box. Suggested retail price will be $29.95 US.

April 2006 brings Voodoo Valerie, a sassy plush voodoo doll. Taken from the pages of the cult hit comic book series Outlook: Grim, Voodoo Valerie is designed by creator Black Olive and sports bobbed hair, a mini-skirt with a skull belt buckle, and striped stockings. Perfect for sticking with pins (not included), Valerie is tons of fun for everyone. SRP will be $19.95 US.

In June of 2006 the world will finally get what it has been begging for, a vinyl toy set of two of SLG Publishing's most beloved characters, Milk and Cheese. This toy set, designed by creator Evan Dorkin and sculpted by Mitch Martinez, brings the dairy duo to life in three dimensions. Milk and Cheese will measure about eight inches in height and will come with the weapons all of their fans have come to expect them to wield, including a plank of wood with a nail in it, a broken bottle and the Hammer Time sledgehammer. Packaged in a four color window box, SRP is to be announced.

Two items are scheduled for July 2006. First, from the hit comic book series Rex Libris by James Turner comes a six-and-a-half-inch Rex Libris statue featuring everyone's favorite ass-kicking librarian stomping on the severed hand of a demon who had one too many overdue books. The poly-resin statue will be limited to 750 units with an SRP of $25 US.

The second item in July, from the creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, is a tea mug straight from Hell. Sculpted by Thomas Kuntz based on a design by Jhonen Vasquez, the tea mug features the Z? logo as seen throughout the Johnny the Homicidal Manaic series and has highly-detailed poly-resin exterior and a food-safe plastic interior so you won't die if you drink from it. Packaged in a four color, windowless box. SRP to be announced.

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