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Carlo Barberi joins New Mutants team

The theme of the "NEW MUTANTS" throughout its incarnations has always growth and change. Next month the current NEW MUTANTS ongoing series by writers Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis grows and changes by welcoming a brand new penciler beginning with the start of its new, second story arc.

Artist Carlo Barberi joins the regular creative team with NEW MUTANTS #7, part 1 of "THE TIES THAT BIND", which introduces a new member to the series cast and will later feature a death in their ranks and the surprise return of the original team!

"When a former anti-mutant demonstrator enrolls at Xavier's, his transition is...explosive," reads the issue's original solicitation. "Will the rest of the students and staff survive this imminent new danger within their own ranks?"

Apparently the answer is, "not everyone!"...

Read on to see four preview pages from NEW MUTANTS #7.

NEW MUTANTS #7 [SEP031529] - the 32-page opening chapter of the 6-part "THE TIES THAT BIND" story arc goes on sale November 5th with a cover price of $2.50 US and features a cover by Chris Bachalo. Readers, ask the friendly staff at Graphic Action to reserve you a copy.

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