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Silver Surfer #2

They say, "good things come to those who wait", and Marvel will try to prove that axiom when SILVER SURFER #2 finally hits comic book racks on October 29th.

The new ongoing series by writers Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton debuted in July to very positive critical and fan response, but had to be put on hold while a new regular artist was found after the well-chronicled departure of original series artist Milx. And while that might have resulted in a long wait for issue #2, the 'Silver Lining' to this Silver Surfer story is it also resulted in the addition of critically acclaimed artist LAN MEDINA (Vertigo's FABLES) to the series' regular creative team...

"We needed to find just the right artist, someone who could continue the painterly look we'd established in the first issue," said series editor Tom Brevoort. "Lan Medina and his cohort [colorist] Brian Haberlin fit the bill perfectly, allowing us to get the series back on track looking as good - if not better - than ever!"

SILVER SURFER #2 continues the storyline focusing on the Silver Surfer's strange and alien nature, uncovering the mystery of his abduction of small children from all around the world.

"The writers craft a tale that's in keeping with alien-encounter stories, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Signs," wroter reviewer Don MacPherson of issue #1. "It brings a grounded tone to the world of the Silver Surfer and a sense of mystery, elements that really haven't been explored as such. In the past, the emphasis has always been on the Surfer's tragic past, his grace and his nobility of spirit. Here, he's strange and alien, even something to be feared."

Featuring a cover by JAE LEE, SILVER SURFER #2 - the 32-page second chapter in the inaugural story arc "COMMUNION" - goes on sale late October with a cover price of $2.25 US.

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