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Courtney Crumrin visits the Twilight Kingdom this December

Oni Press is proud to announce December 10, 2003 as the on sale date for issue number one of the third Courtney Crumrin series, COURTNEY CRUMRIN IN THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM.

Ted Naifeh takes Courtney deeper into the society of warlocks and witches introduced to her by Uncle Aloysius. "The story begins when Courtney starts attending Saturday classes at Radley Hall along with other children of magical families," Naifeh explained. "They learn a little about the history of the coven, which stretches back to three immigrant witches. Courtney's classmates brag continually about how great and powerful their families are, and the little spells they've learned, unaware of Courtney's extensive experience and prowess. When one kid, eager to impress, performs a curse on his little brother, the victim begins to transform into a night thing. Only Courtney has the means to help the hapless boy, and so she reluctantly leads an expedition into goblin town to find the cure."

"With each series Ted continues to increase the size and scope of Courtney's world and at the same time raise the stakes," said Oni Press editor/publisher Joe Nozemack. "It's not enough to just keep unveiling new elements of the universe he's crafted, he also has to make sure there is a compelling story. Which, honestly, never seems like much of a problem."

"The Twilight Kingdom is the land of the night things, including goblin town and beyond," Naifeh explained. "Basically, it's the place where magical people and creatures go to be safe from mortals. As Courtney and her classmates go deeper underground on their quest, they will encounter both the wonders and the dangers of this special place, as well as experiencing how the realm is affected by the sorrows of its king. This alone would be enough of a threat for a young girl on a normal day, but Courtney also has to worry about residual backstabbing from back home. One of the coven's deputy marshals has it in for her, and he's going to follow her down into the underworld to make sure she never gets back out.."

"This may be book 3, but we're still only at the beginning of Courtney Crumin's adventures," Nozemack concluded. "Where we go from here is only limited by the scope of Ted's imagination—so there really are no limitations at all."

COURTNEY CRUMRIN IN THE TWILIGHT KINDOM is a four-issue miniseries, featuring 32 pages of black-and-white story and art. It will be on sale in comic book stores on December 10, 2003, and retails for $2.99.

Additionally, the second COURTNEY CRUMRIN trade paperback, COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE COVEN OF MYSTICS, is on sale this week. It features all four issues of the series.

Readers looking to sample Courtney Crumrin can read the very first issue at, where it's available as a downloadable pdf in the Free Comic section. The first two Courtney Crumrin trade paperback are still in print.

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