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Soulwind released in one volume

This November, nearly three years since the series first concluded, Oni Press will be printing the entirety of Scott Morse’s SOULWIND as one book. Originally published as five graphic novels, THE COMPLETE SOULWIND is a 520-page epic, spanning time and space—both literally. The fantasy/science-fiction adventure has a legendary sword at its center—a sword capable of bending the fabric of our universe. What begins as the tale of a young boy who has been chosen to wield it ends up veering into territory that unravels the myths behind creation, the things we worship, and the nature of storytelling itself.

"SOULWIND, for many years, was my big project," Morse said. "This was the story that drove me, it was my main avenue of creation. It took some time to get it all out, but I think, in the end, all the effort was worth it. It’s always been intended to stand as one large piece of work, and I think when people have it under one cover, they’ll be able to see how the puzzle pieces fit together in ways they may not have noticed when they read them all separately."

This will be most evident in the art itself. Throughout the SOULWIND series, Morse tried on several different art styles, all of which return for specific sections of the finale.

"Scott has done a lot of work since SOULWIND," Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack said, "and built up quite a following. MAGIC PICKLE, ELEKTRA, SAM & TWITCH, ANCIENT JOE—but this still remains his biggest project, his largest story. When we call it an epic, we aren’t kidding."

"This going to be a fat book," Morse concluded. "You’re going to have to have a decent grip just to hold it in one hand. I think the only thing more substantial than the book itself is the story it contains. Hopefully, readers can dive all the way in and let their brain feed on the material."

THE COMPLETE SOULWIND trade paperback ships November 19, 2003, and retails for $29.95 US. Clocking in at 520 black-and-white pages and featuring a brand-new, painted cover, the book will be printed at digest size, 5.5" X 8".

Readers unfamiliar with SOULWIND who want to take it for a test drive can download a segment of the first chapter at

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