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A sneak peek at 1602

Marvel have released a first look at a preview sequence from 1602 #1, a limited series written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, with covers by Scott McKowen.

Here is what a panel of comic book retailers had to say about 1602 #1 in Comic Buyer's Guide's advanced review:

"After three readings of this preview, its safe to say Gaiman does not disappoint. Nuances that the reader might miss on first reading keep surfacing, and it's a safe bet that there will be more as the series progresses. Elizabethan England was certainly not a place that I expected to find the Marvel Universe transported to, but the characters work well there. A tour de force of the highest order. A+"

"The ORIGIN art team has also delivered a beautiful package here. This series will truly be an event; don't miss it. A+"

Read on to see six, full-colour preview pages from the first issue of 1602.

Page 12
Page 13
Pages 14 & 15
Page 16

The 40-page 1602 #1 goes on sale mid-August with a cover price of $3.50 US.

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