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Avengers #65 / Olivier Coipel Preview

Since August's issue #57, writer Geoff Johns has been injecting THE AVENGERS with a youthful, energetic approach to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and beginning with March's AVENGERS #65, the new writer will be joined by superstar-in-the-making Olivier Coipel as the series' regular penciler, completing the transformation.

Cutting his teeth at the Distinguished Competition the last few years, with The Avengers Coipel is ready to breakout as not only a kinetic, master storyteller, but as one of industry's premier character designers.

Read on to see four full colour preview pages of Coipel's work from AVENGERS #65.

"Olivier is going to knock everyone on the ground," says series writer Geoff Johns. "His work is stunning, and his characters - some with new designs - are brilliant. Especially the underdogs like Jack of Hearts and Warbird. It's kind of like Travis Charest meets Humberto Ramos, with a powerful and dynamic twist to it all."

AVENGERS #65 begins Johns and Coipel's first story arc together, "RED ZONE". This harrowing story of a terrorist attack on the United States leaves the team changed in its wake.

"RED ZONE is the worst bio-terrorist attack in American history," explained Johns. "It begins at Mount Rushmore and spreads out from there. As the U.S. Army rolls in to try and contain it they come into conflict with the Avengers, who attempt to take jurisdiction. Through all the madness, new alliances and relationships will form, and a few of the Avengers will be taking on new roles elsewhere - some willingly, others not. No one is safe in the RED ZONE."

AVENGERS #65, a great jumping-on point for new readers, goes on sale March 26th.

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